PCOS & Endometriosis

So. I went to see my doctor today and i find out i have endometriosis so he tells me that I should consider having a hysterectomy… I’m only 26 HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE!

    • Get you a second opinion ladybug. I have Fibroids & that is all the first doctor wanted to do. Hugs & best wishes to you.
    • Sometimes there are other things they can do. I would get a second opinion.
    • I had one at 24…wish I would have gotten a second opinion but hindsight is 20/20… Always get a second and sometimes 3rd opinion when making huge decisions like this!
    • Ik I’ve read that allowing your PCOS to go untreated can cause endometriosis πŸ™
    • How could he tell you that? You can only diagnose Endo through surgery.
    • Hes been treating my PCOS since i was 16 and i recently had surgery to remove some of my cyst and he did a D&C and that’s when he said that the lining of my uterus was growing outside.
    • Oh ok makes sense. Did he remove it? I have stage 3 endo and my doctor removed all of the endo and a cysts that I had which gave me 6 months to try and conceive but it failed because my left tube is blocked.
    • He did but he couldn’t remove all of the cyst because they’re too many and he said one of my tubs were completely blocked so he flushed it.
    • Hmm i would get a second opinion most cysts go away on there own…
    • I have it too. I’m 28, the doctor refused to do one unless all options were exhausted first . I would get a second opinion. It’s still a serious surgery.
    • To be honest hysterectomy, albeit severe options wise, is truly the only way to get rid of endo. Yes there’s temporary options such as chemical menopause, surgical removal of fibroids etc but they’re merely temporary.
    • I had hysterectomy for uterine cancer and when they did the debulking part (basically gutting you and washing you out) they found endo on my lungs!!! By all means get a second opinion as that’s important but it really does depend on what’s going on internally and how bad the endo is xxxx
    • Ohh Hun horrid I’ve only discovered in the last 3 yrs I had that but I’ve been really ok.
    • If it’s not too bad (depending on the stage) you can have them go in and remove the endometriosis BUT it will come back and likely you will end up needing to have one.
    • Don’t do it!
    • Please get a 2nd opinion..my daughter was told something similar at 16 and she wouldn’t have children…now we have a beautiful grand baby 4yrs…she’s having more PCOS problems but thanking God for her Miracle…praying
    • Please get a 2nd opinion a hysterectomy doesn’t mean the endo will go away it can still keep coming back after a hysterectomy according to research done by myself and confirmed by my doctor.
    • I find out I have mild endometriosis, fibroid, and a polyp during a hysteroscopy/laparoscopy 6 months before my last IVF treatment. No dr ever checked me for it before. They suspected my sister had it because she managed to get pregnant on her own following 3 IVF treatments. Pregnancy can reverse endometriosis. I’d get a second opinion.
    • You should tell him he should consider getting a hysterectomy! πŸ˜’ Defiantly find a new doctor! ❀
    • I was diagnosed with pcos when I was 17.. told i wouldn’t be able to have kids and would have to have a hyst by time I was 26..I was diagnosed with endometriosis at 28.. I’m now almost 33 I have a 4 year old son and 24 weeks pregnant with a little girl…GET A SECOND OPINION!!!!
    • Gives me hope congratulations.

So despite pcos and a couple of large cysts I’ve always had a normal sex life. However yesterday I experienced extreme pain to where I couldn’t sit down, walk properly, use the bathroom or even just move in general without awful pain.. I’m wondering if it’s endometriosis and I’ve just never experienced major symptoms? Or can rupturing a cyst cause vaginal pain as well? (I’ve ruptured cysts before but it’s never hurt anywhere else but my lower belly)

  • I am not sure of your question… But i do know using Turmeric and detoxing hormones decreased my PCOS drastically , Hope you find the awnser your looking for though.
  • In my personal experience my PCOS has changed as I’ve gotten older. I went to the ER for pain I was having and it didn’t feel like the normal pain I have with PCOS, and I was checked out to find it was a cyst rupture, which I’ve had many times, but this pain was very different. PCOS changes in life. Hope this helps.
  • Thanks ladies. I’m overdue for my yearly so maybe this is my sign to just go in and get it over with. Gotta love PCOS, there’s always something new going wrong.

Hey ladies I had a laparoscopy done yesterday and they removed a egg sized cyst from my ovary and a small amount of endometriosis from my uterus I’m not in much pain just can’t seem to get this gas moving it has my shoulder in so much pain! Any advice on what to do for this shoulder gas pain?

  • Okay.. how do u know own if it’s gas pain?! My sil was telling me about it and totally though she was just messing with me… but now I’m like.. idk how to tell what it is if that makes sense.
  • CO2 that they fill your stomach with moves threw you body it can vary from your chest or shoulder from u sitting up after surgery.

All the time in fertility involved groups, I see post after post about friends getting pregnant. I think I’ve seen just about every scenario.

– “I fell pregnant and I just don’t know how to tell my best friend. She can’t have children and this will crush her.”
– “My best friend and I have both struggled with infertility for years. I’m now pregnant and she isn’t yet. How do I tell her? Should I wait? I’m afraid this will ruin us.”
– These are always the worst to me. “Well, looks like my friendship is over. My best friend can’t handle my pregnancy.”

Such posts always hit HARD for me. In high school, my best friend since kindergarten fell pregnant. Despite countless odds against her, she became the best mother I know. That was seven years ago and she’s been unable to conceive since, primarily due to endometriosis. Surgeries, meds, diet, you name it, nothing has worked. I’ve been with her every step of the way, a truly gut-wrenching journey.

When I was out-of-the-blue diagnosed with PCOS and infertility myself last year, we were both stunned. For years, she would make comments like, “Girl, thank God you won’t have to go through anything like this. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone.” Well, next thing we knew, there we were, accompanying one another at infertility appointments, crying, celebrating the “small” victories, on the phone for hours, researching together — the list goes on.

As much as we bonded through our pain, it wasn’t all “just that simple” or peachy. It took a LOT of honesty on both of our parts to get through it together…and it still does. What do I mean? Well, on her end, it became mostly guilt. “You may never have one child of your own, and here I am complaining that I don’t have more children.” From my side: “But I have PCOS and insulin resistance. My case is much more treatable than yours. What if I get pregnant and you don’t? What if I get pregnant first?” And that’s just scratching the surface.

Well, I’m now 11 weeks pregnant. When I tested the day before my husband’s birthday, I did it with her on the phone. Later, when he was home and we got the confirmation call, we made it a point to have her over and she was right there screaming and in tears with us. Her excitement was truly genuine and unreal. But, then set in the worry…the wondering…the sadness. I didn’t want to be pregnant without her. I didn’t want to overwhelm her. What if she didn’t want to hear about it? What if I said too much? What if I didn’t say enough? I wanted her to be involved, but would she prefer to keep her distance?

Since my conceiving, even though she has repeatedly reassured me that everything is fine, I’ve still never felt quite right about it. In no way has our friendship changed, but it’s still that “in the back of your mind” type thinking 24/7. But, today, finally all of that was put to rest. For my birthday, she gave me a letter, the most heartfelt, four-page letter you could imagine. She did much more, but I’ll spare you since this is already a novel enough! Anyway, typically, I wouldn’t share something so personal, but I feel its message is important. THIS is true friendship.

My best friend has endo. She has one child and is now facing secondary infertility. I have PCOS. I beat infertility. I am now expecting my first child. She shares my joy and sorrow, I share her joy and sorrow. At the end of the day, we want only the best for one another, as it should be. I know not all similar stories have such “happy endings,” but I hope my message is clear. Infertility destroys enough. When at all possible, don’t let it destroy your relationships, too. Overcome the bitterness and embrace every victory.

  • Wow, this actually put tears in my eyes. This is so beautiful. Cherish your friendship and that precious miracle baby. Congratulations.
  • This is exactly something I needed to read today. Thank you.
  • Just beautiful and just the way it should be. Thanks for sharing.
  • That is so beautiful. Everyone deserves to have a best friend like that. Thank you for sharing with us.

So I’ve recently been diagnosed with pcos and endometriosis I’m in so much pain right now I want to cry!! That being said I’m also haveing to get my uterus taken in out in a month to relieve some of said pain I’m only 26 years old how am I supposed to deal with all this at once…. also does anyone have any suggestions for the pain please I need help

  • Have you had d&c and checked for fibroids and polyps before you went to that step?
  • I did everything but I’m lucky I actually had my two beautiful daughters before I got diagnosed with pcos and I have been in pain for over 6 months and it has cost me two jobs the only way to solve the pain is a hysterectomy
  • Well yes then that’s understandable. I’m sorry you are going through that at still such a young age. I’m 25 myself and I’ve done these procedures to see if it helps with the long periods and frequent ones sometimes. I’ve had 1 cycle since surgery and that felt like one of the worst in my life. I was then questioning wtf did I do lol
  • That’s what we thought for myself! My specialist has put me on a mini pill which often has been known to help ease the symptoms. It took a while but I am now pain free for the past almost 5 months. Before then I felt hopeless. It was causing me to lose work and just double over in pain. Best of luck.
  • My history is similar to yours. I was diagnosed after already having 2 children. My PCOS diagnosis came at the same time they were trying to find the source of my excruciating pain. Turns out my pain was from a prolapsing uterus. I was 29 when they recommended a hysterectomy. I was devastated by both diagnosis because I had always planned on a big family. I went to a very kind specialist at Mayo Clinic for a second opinion on the PCOS & prolapse, he explained to me how lucky I was to have my boys and how much better I’d feel after the hysterectomy. Going through with a hysterectomy is a very hard decision. Even though my uterus was “trying to fall out”, my heart was still saying, “what if”. I can honestly say that as soon as the operation was over, I was very glad I had it. After healing, I was back to playing with my boys and being the mom they deserved instead of hunching over all the time or laying on the sofa.
  • Both Dr’s told me to keep my ovaries. I have wondered if that was the right advise.
  • Yes. Unless they are causing problems definitely yes. They produce hormones you need. Otherwise it’s lifelong hormone replacement therapy.
  • My hormones are c.r.a.z.y. I’ve had more than one Dr just sit there shaking their heads. Steady hormones through replacement sounds like a dream to me. Of course, I do realize I say that without actual experience.
  • I am also 26 diagnosed since I was 12 they also told me the best thing was to remove my ovaries I couldn’t do it I want kids. I have surgery about 1 every 9 months to remove the cyst.

PCOS & Periods

Anyone here diagnosed with PCOS but still have regular periods?

    • For the most part, I do. My cycle lengths are anywhere from 28 days to 43 days being the longest.
    • I need to know as well because Iv been diagnosed with it and have regular periods.
    • I had very irregular periods in my 20s. In my 30s I lost a significant amount of weight. My periods have always been regular since then but heavy. I’m 41 now.
    • When I was younger they were really irregular. Not coming for months or once I had it for 2 months. Now it’s like clockwork.
    • Always been regular and have one son who is 15….i am still regular but found out I have not been ovulating for god only knows how long.
    • How did you find out?
    • Yea, what test did they use to determine that?
    • I was diagnosed in 2009, and before that I barely had periods ever 4 to 5 months. My husband and I started seeing a fertility doctor in 2009, he got me on meds for the pcos and we did all kinds of pills and injections for a baby. Sadly no luck on a baby but every since then I have a period almost every month. Occasionally I miss a month but it’s rare, only thing is my periods change threw out the months so its never around the same time every month.
    • This sounds like how my cycle used to be, I just went almost a year without one, then started yesterday, I’m on it now :-/ it’s light to medium-ish flow like this tampon hurts kinda because of my flow *!sorry if TMI but this whole thing with the periods has totally freaked me out, I wonder if it’ll stop again or normalize..?! I was bloated, sensitive(emotionally) and having stomach pains for 2 days before I started. I literally cried at the deli in walmart because my girlfriend ordered the meat wrong, when I tried to tell her how, she had a pike in her anxiety and I could hear frustration in her voice- thats wayy sensitive !
    • Yes mine comes like clock work.
    • I was diagnosed a week ago (although I’ve had suspicions for a few years) and my cycles are anywhere from 28-41 days and I have a period lasting 3-8 days. My mum who also has PCOS before her hysterectomy would get a few periods randomly a year and they would last a couple of hours.
    • I do. 28 days like clockwork.
    • I did until I got a birth control implant
    • Me.
    • Me, but I don’t ovulate and they are heavy.
    • Me too.
    • Mine are bad too.
    • How do you know you’re not ovulating?
    • I take opk’s every month. And I’ve gotten blood work done.
    • I’ve always been regular.
    • Following.
    • Yes i don’t ovulate too. I took metformin for almost one yearmy obgyn told me the ovulation becomes normal but still i’am not able to be pregnant.
    • Ovulation and periods are controlled by different hormones. In normal people they go hand-in-hand, but with us you can have periods and not ovulate and you can ovulate and not have periods.
    • Yes but i thought once i start metformin and start ovulation i will get pregnant.
    • But i didn’t I am taking it since last june and still nothing.
    • Metformin isn’t for ovulation. It’s for insulin resistance. Yes some women may get pregnant on it, but that just a possible side effect. Clomid and femera are to help aide in ovulation.
    • What dose?
    • Yes.
    • Yes me.
    • Team 28 days.
    • 28 day clockwork never really had cysts either was diagnosed by blood work
    • I was 28 to 30 days most of my life. Lately my cycle is longer but I still haven’t missed but I am recently type 2 diagnosed so that can play into it too.
    • Me! Regular cycle every 28-30 days.
    • I get my period every month but they are long like 10 or more days and have spotting in between periods sometimes too
    • Same.
    • R u on bc pills? I really dont want to take them but i may need to if my periods dont settle down.
    • I’ve met a few friends with regular periods and still have pcos.
    • Yep and I’m going through peri too.
    • I have always had regular periods. This is one of the reasons it took me so long Robb’s diagnosed. My GYN wouldn’t even consider it. I KNEW something was wrong. Endocrinologist diagnosed through blood work.
    • Mine have been regular since the birth of my last child almost four years ago. First time it’s been normal ever.
    • Yes.
    • Mine is fairly regular. It’s only late by a day or two when I’m stressed.
    • I have normal periods. Didn’t when I was diagnosed but after I had my 3rd kid it went normal. However the cramps are horrible and I clot bad sometimes.
    • Yes.
    • Yes, I too had a regular cycle that I could count on like clockwork even with PCOS. My actual menstruation was horrible though… terribly painful, extremely heavy, and numerous large clots. There was only one time my cycle got messed up and that was after the birth of my last child. I bled for close to a year with a few days break each month, as if the cycle was backwards lol. I speak in past tense because I recently underwent a total hysterectomy, including ovaries.
    • So do you feel better pcos wise after the hysterectomy?
    • I do.
    • Yes, mine. Almost always, 28 day cycle. Been ttc for 1 &1/2 yrs.
    • Yes. Mine is always the same day of the month, never changes
    • Me.
    • I did til December now idk wtf is going on I keep getting hot flashes even when everyone is freezing.
    • I have a regular cycle every 22 days and I ovulate every couple of months. But still not pregnant been trying 11 years know.
    • Me.
    • Yes.
    • Yes regular cycle still not pregnant.
    • I do with my Metformin.
    • On time every month!
    • 30 days like clockwork.
    • Yes i do.
    • Me. I have a 28 day cycle.
    • Yes, pretty much the only symptom I don’t have is irregular periods x
    • Same, I’ve got facial hair and weight gain πŸ˜₯xx
    • Yes i have regular period.
    • Yes, me too.
    • Without use of birth control I have a Regular cycle about 35 days but no ovulation. With the use of mini pill progesterone only birth control I spot 7-15 days of the month and my cycle doesn’t follow the pill weeks and I still don’t ovulate.
    • Same problem so what meds did u take.
    • I never took medicine to help me ovulate I am still on birth control now and I take metformin but it is not for ovulation or fertility.
    • I m a TTC so my doc said no meds just improve my diet nd control my wait.
    • Yes.
    • I do, and i always have.
    • I do.
    • Mine are but I usually don’t ovulate.
    • Me.
    • I do. I was blessed with the other symptoms though.
    • Me.
    • Yes. Regular but vary a couple days occasionally.
    • Yeah me they are very light but as regular as clockwork.
    • Yep had one every month for as long as I can remember minus when I waited after miscarriage but that wasn’t too long.
    • Me.. 30-32 days… I was diagnosed with PCOS (left) when I was planning for pregnancy and took a wellness checkup randomly. Currently put me on metformin & femilon(a contraceptive for pcos I believe). need to take a scanning after 3 months before trying to conceive. Any one with similar cases, let me know.
    • I do.
    • Me.
    • I have pcos, been having period after my daughter was born three months ago, November, December, January.
    • Somewhat and I have 2 kids as well! There are different variations of it. That’s why Doctors didn’t realize I had PCOS until this past year.
    • Yes.
    • Yes! I’ve always gotten mine, only completely skipped a handful of times. But it never consistently falls the same time of month.
    • Hey do you ladies with regular periods too find it difficult to lose weight?
    • Yes, I look at cake and gain weight. I’ve been eating low carb and calorie tracking which has helped tremendously. If you don’t want to do a restrictive diet cut out bread, pasta, fast food, soda, limit sugar and dairy little steps at a time.
    • Metformin and cutting out carbs and sugar are the only ways I’ve been able to do it.
    • MeπŸ™‹πŸΌ you can pm me.
    • Yes.. It has only been delayed, if I stopped on the pill..
    • I do.
    • Me but only while taking birth control pills!
    • Ja, me.
    • Yep I do as well.
    • Me.
    • I do but I have everywhere symptom that goes with it.
    • Yes, me..like clock work!
    • I used to. When I worked out 6 days a week. I just dont have the motivation or time any more. Gained a ton of weight and I am super Irregular ive been spotting since August.
    • I have” periods” with bleeding of lining but not ovulation everytime. My testosterone is fine, my progesterone is low. I also have iron deficient anemia and poor iron storage (genetic? ) when I get iron through an IV, and b12 shots, it makes everything work better.
    • Yes have one every month (unless a cyst happens),but light
    • Mine are usually always regular. Certain medications make them regular for me but when I stop them my period goes haywire. Not birth control either. Talking bout pain medication
    • Me.
    • My pcos is seemingly managed at the moment. I lost 55lbs this past year. Got my period every 29-32 days. I really don’t care if I ovulate b/c I dont want any more kids (I have 2…ages 17 and 11), and I refuse to take birth control. Lol I’m 37.
    • Me.
    • I did for years… Maybe 4 or 5 years got my period on time and it slowly started not being there.
    • Regular, heavy and lots of clots.
    • Mine is pretty regular but that wasn’t until I started using progessence plus… before my daughter they were not regular then I had her, breastfed got my period a year after she was born and started using the Progessence plus, now it’s almost down to the day…but its extremely hard for me to lose weight and i have dark hair everywhere, and when I do get my period it’s real heavy for 2 days.
    • Me.

I have a doctor’s appointment in the morning but I wanted to see if anyone has gone through the same thing and give me an idea of what might be happening. I have been on my period for 2 weeks straight today. Not crazy heavy but not light either. I have never had a period last longer than 7 days.
Back story: Diagnosed with PCOS at 17 after irregular and almost non-existent periods. I had one once maybe twice a year. They lasted between 2-4 days and were very light. I started the NuvaRing over 2 years ago and my periods have been consistent and normal ever since. Normal flow lasting between 4-6 days. Until now. I started on my normal schedule, it started slowing as usual, then kicked back up and hasn’t quit since.
Thanks for any insight.

    • My ended up doing the same this after my miscarriage. The doctor told me I was fine as long as it wasn’t heavy bleed.
    • Reason why I got on BC.
    • I am on birth control. Lol
    • Lmao wrong posy sorry.
    • Lol. That’s okay. It happens.
    • Update: I went to the doctor and she’s referring me to someone else to get a transvaginal ultrasound on Wednesday. I just don’t know if I can wait that long. I am still bleeding and now I’m crying constantly. I can’t stop. I feel so alone.

So I have forced period. Im on it and its heavy. Im also throwing up, shaky and cant eat. My blood pressure is sky high. Is this normal?

  • I read an article last week that stated during a period a woman’s BP goes much higher than normal. But if it’s sky high, I would speak to a medical professional about it, as soon as you can. What is your BP currently at? X
  • 188/96. Its lower than it was. It keeps bouncing back and fourth?
  • That really is incredibly high. Try to stay as relaxed and calm as possible…and if it won’t go down in the next half hour, I’d speak to a Dr urgently. Especially as you’re feeling ill. X
  • That top number is high, bottom number is ok but still a bit high. I’d maybe try and get an appointment with a doctor. In the U.K. we have a number we can call who give advice / can arrange out of hours appointments (NHS Direct), not sure if you have anything similar but is phone them if I were you. Your blood pressure isn’t abnormal for me, but I have very high blood pressure all the time. If it’s unusual for you I’d definitely get seen xx
  • Get it checked out you could be losing too much blood
  • What’s a forced period
  • Its a forced period with pills. Your body cant do it on its own so you have to have pills.
  • I had an experience with heavy prolonged bleeding which drove my BP high and I felt horrible. I’d make an appointment ASAP with your doctor.
  • With pcos it is 😧 Still if it gets really bad don’t hesitate to call an ambulance or go to hospital.

Not really PCOS related: Especially for wavy/curly haired girls, what’s the longest period you stood without brushing/detangling your hair?

  • Also: I’ve been said it’s gross to wash them less than once a week, I’ve always been doing it: after washing my hair they stay clean for, like 10 days. It’s super dry.
  • Do you use leave in conditioner? Over washing can cause breakage, but underwashing can clog your pores and cause dandruff from a build up of oil. I wash mine every 3-4 days, or if I do a really intense work out that makes me sweat a lot. You could probably skip shampoo sometimes.
  • I have dandruff πŸ™ and use co-washing. I don’t love leave in conditioner… maybe I use it wrong, I should use it only on the end and not on top of my head…It makes my hair oily.
  • I have short hair now, but even when I had long hair I never brushed it and only detangled it in the shower when I was conditioning it. I haven’t owned a brush in like ten years.
  • Every week or less?
  • Btw I like your hair a lot! *.*
  • Well I wash my hair about every three or four days. My pcos has caused some hair loss so my hair is not nearly as thick as it once was. I detangled it with my fingers or a very wide toothed comb every time I conditioned it.
  • Thank you! ❀
  • I usually wash mine anywhere between 5 – 8 days
  • Six months….:D but my hair is not that curl as yours
  • Six months!!! Did you have to cut them!? Cause I think I would have to if I did this to mine…too many tangles o.O
  • I have too short hair now….and it’s too thin…I don’t used to brush my hair even I had too bulky hair….surprisingly I never get tangles ….even today I brush my hair only when I reach parlour for hair cut πŸ˜€ lucky me…
  • My hair is really thick and wavy and long I just usually throw it up mostly every day instead of brushing it. When I do decide to brush it in like 2 weeks it’s terrible! I can also go 2 weeks without washing it but even when I do that I let it air dry down then throw it right back up in a messy bun! I’ve threaten to get it chopped off but hubby won’t allow that lol!
  • I brush it in the shower, so everyday. It’s not the best but I feel clean when I do 😊
  • Do you use shampoo everyday?
  • Yes I do. I use head&shoulders and then a conditioner from dove β˜€οΈ
  • Your hair looks amazing but don’t you get split ends washing them everyday? Sorry for the too many questions.
  • No I don’t think so. I put either coconut oil or argan oil in it after I wash it πŸ™‚
  • Thanks. I don’t consider washing them everyday but more often than this for sure. Hairdresser told me it’s normal to get dandruff washing hair every 2 weeks and this made me feel like crap “-.-
  • I wash at least once a week, sometimes twice if it’s been hot.
    But I only brush it when it’s being dried, if I let it dry naturally then I just run my fingers through it. My hair is to the bottom of my back when straightened and Tina Turner frizzy when brushed and not straightened so I know exactly what you’re going through.
  • I try to get away with 4 days, but it’s been more like 3 since summer. I mostly wear it in a bun so usually only brush after showering. But they say you should brush often bc it distributes the oils in your hair instead of them just sitting at your scalp.
  • I should brush daily bc it’s usually a rats nest from sleeping and what not. But you can’t tell by looking at it 😷
  • How about going to sleep with a braid? I found it useful.
  • And I love using hair masks and deep conditioning but I only apply to the bottom half of my hair cause I get oily quick as it is 😭
  • I’m incapable of doing braids for whatever reason 😭 they’re always super uncomfortable to me like I can’t make them lay against my head 😭
  • I know they’re not very comfortable. You could also cover your hair with a silky scarf before going to sleep but maybe it’s too hot on summer.
  • Otherwise there’s also the chignon, although for me personally it’s impossible to go to sleep with it. Having so many hair it’s like something huge between my head and the pillow. So very uncomfortable.
  • Curly hair! I Never brush it. If it’s really soaking wet I can get a comb through it sometimes but I don’t usually bother and just let nature take it’s course. Only condition your ends – don’t go anywhere near your scalp. My scalp gets oily quickly so I wash my hair twice a week. Hairdressers daughter and she taught me all that.
  • So everytime you wash them you get a wide tooth comb through it?
  • (Sorry for my english. I am Romanian and live in Italy so…:D)
  • No, not even close. Like maybe once every 2 weeks or once a month I don’t towel dry it after the shower so it’s completely soaking dripping wet then I try to just comb the ends with a wide tooth comb.
  • Your English is excellent.
  • So envious. After 2 weeks of not combing/brushing (I do it only when they are wet too) mine looks just terrible.
  • Your curls look a little tighter than mine. I’m seeing my mom today so I’ll ask what she thinks. She’s a hairdresser.
  • Thanks a lot!

PCOS & Metformin

I want to start keto but my Dr advice me not and I’m on metformin and Bromocriptine but am IR and I have black neck and black laps even my armpit can any one help with any other fertility drug, also what vitamins and supplement can I used. Am bloating even as I’m try on low carbs and veg please I really need an encouragement from you all sisters.

  • Multivitamin to begin with. Took women formula from gnc then switched to another brand. I dont think i can live without it as it has been such a tremendous help in my overall being.
    Not all carbs and veggies are made equal. For example, cabbage. I can take cabbage as much and not feeling gassy or bloated. But my brother, if he ate too much cabbage, he will feel bloated. It may hv to do with blood type? I checked it out once the diet by blood type and for him, being a type O, cabbage n cauliflower does not go well with his body while i am a type A, any veggies are okay with me.
    Whereas for carbs, i been replacing my rice (being an asian, rice is just a daily staple) with sweet potatoes or casava roots. Usually i would just steamed them and eat it together with some protein n veggies during lunch time. U mite wanna research for carbs that are low in GI.
    I start my day with 5-6 egg whites scrambled with very lil oil with side veggies or soup. Low carb lunch and protein shake for dinner.
    Did the dr gv u reason why u cant do keto tho? Coz many ladies in this group reported success with it. Not that i am encouraging u to do it, but just plain curious on why.
  • No he did not tell me the reason not to do keto.
  • Thanks so much I will try the sweet potatoes but I though is very high in carbs.
  • The blood type diet has been debunked.
  • I dont exactly follow it per se, but i found some stuff works for me n my brother.
  • Yes, hi in carb so i eat very lil of it . Prolly around 3-4oz max a day. It may be sweet but for some reason got low gi.
  • Try keto.
  • But my Dr says if am ttc I should not that its has its own side effect.
  • It might make you sick for the first few days (to a week) as your body adjusts… and you may not be able to stay on it WHILE pregnant. But it very well might be that extra push you need to be ABLE to conceive.
  • Keto is healthy. Complete.
  • Please can you help explain more about the keto for PCOS.
  • Keto is extreme low carb. (20g or less per day). Lots of meats and veggies (minus carby ‘veggies’ like potatoes).
  • Most of us are insulin resistant. Meaning we have a hard time appropriately dealing with carbs in our diet. It causes us to over produce insulin. Excess insulin causes the dark spots you mentioned (acanthosis nigricans). It also can cause excess testosterone. The excess testosterone can throw other hormones off kilter and halt ovulation. No ovulation, no baby.
  • You said you are already low carb, but you might not be low ENOUGH for your body.
  • It’s worth a try.
  • Wendy what did you do for sugar cravings. I’m currently in keto.
  • Fat bombs are great. I’ve made choc mug ‘cake’ before. It’s made with eggs and no flour. It’s interesting but gets the job done.I’m not perfect. I totally had ice cream yesterday at my parents. And that’s ok. I cut out all potatoes and pastas and lost a tremendous amount of weight! I was 185 pounds and got down to 143! But I was also detailing cars in 110+ degree weather so I sweated my butt off and drank tons of Powerade and Gatorade. But idk if you are religious or not my husband and I fasted from those foods for a few months and then 2 months later I was pregnant!
  • I cut out all pasta, bread, potatoes, rice, sugars, anything in a box, I eat high protein and I drink a gallon of water a day. I also work out 2 hours a day. I have lost about 35 pounds. You can do this!!! Keep yours of motivated by doing it for you!!! Not anyone else. Love yourself and remember it’s not going to happen over night! It’s hard work but well worth it!
  • What did u do for sugar cravings?
  • I still have fruit if I want something sweet just not a lot with cool whip Cool whip only has 2 carbs per 2 tablespoons. Also I don’t know why but ever since I started eating super healthy and stuff if I even try to eat something that’s bad like I had a starburst my son gave me it taste gross. Kinda like my taste buds changed. In the beginning it was hard. Now it’s easy cause all the bad stuff is gross tasting and makes me sick if I eat it.
  • I have cut out all pasta, rice, bread even sugar but drink milk a little and honey.
  • I use a yoga ball for winter exercise and walk when it is nice enough, Btw 37 weeks pregnant with a boy.
  • And dont forget to do some kind of exercise. I am doing t-tapp exercise by teresa tapp. Some moves are available on youtube and hoe down is one of the best to bust the sugar level.
  • Angelyn I don’t really know the type of exercise but I do walk some miles every other day.
  • Any kind of exercise is always better than nothing.
  • I used vitex and it helped me to regulate my hormones. After about a year on it I had my blood tested and my pcos had improved which helped in weight loss.
  • Whats is this medication?
  • It stimulates the pituitary gland to help regulate hormones.
  • Do low carb then if not keto, I don’t count carbs just keep them low and I have lost 50 pounds. And preggers with a surprise after my birthday.
  • Look, I switched to eating more whole grains and, using vitamins with my metformin. I just started the cinnamon tablets and, I actually think they are working. But, the reality is that yes, keto is fast to lose weight and kudos to those who can. I was also advised against keto (I tried it too… I ended up passing out after 3 days). Whole grains works for me. I have lost 10 lbs in 2 months. It’s not as fast but, I have been told it is easier to maintain. I cut my carbs and I make sure I take in complex carbs. I have a soda on my cheat day… it’s not fast but my mother swears it is easier to maintain than any other diet. She says the biggest drawback is that it’s slow. If you do keto successfully, kudos to you. Eating brown rice, 100% whole wheat bread, and having those in moderation, while adding in more fruits and veggies, you will make progress. Metformin didn’t help me lose lots of weight like I saw from others but, I am being much more careful about how I eat now. I wish you the best of luck!
  • I will surely try that.
  • Can go for taurine capsules as supplement.. once daily. Have green tea. Consume fiber foods.do work outs.. can expect positive outcome.
  • Metformin will help with the black ring around the neck.
  • Are you sure but i have been takibgnit for three months now.
  • Metformin does not work for everyone and i come to believe that each of us, tho we may be labeled as someone with pcos .. yet very unique (as one thing may or may not work with our body).
  • Ultimately (what really worked for me, sans medication incl the metformin), total lifestyle change. No more processed food.. diary.. soy.. starches (bread n pasta).. carbs (white rice).. sugar (white/brown/anything).. soda ..
  • Only eat simple unprocessed food.. organic (as much as i can).. portion control.. Plus supplements (this help me a ton coz it balance the craving in my body) Low impact exercise and i splurge time to time whenever an occasion rises.. but moderately.. just did not eat like there is no tomorrow.
  • From all these changes, i got, regular period, better mental health, less sluggish, clearer brown marking (some disappear) , no more skin tags around neck area and losing some weight as bonus. I still hv to deal with facial hair (which i plugged religiously) and that about it.
  • Maybe take some probiotics to decrease the bloating.
  • Don’t even forget that.. 😊 we’re always here for you..
  • Thanks.
  • Try Ovasitol or OvaBoost, they both contain Myo Inositol which works wonder for pcos, I have the same issues with bloating and the darkening of skin, I feel for ya!
  • Ovasitol is not shipped to Nigeria and I don’t know how to get.
  • Have at least 8 glasses of water a day that really helped me with the bolting…also no fizzy drinks coke diet coke too.
  • Cinnamon
    Flaxseed oil
    Fish oil
    Inositol (part of the b vit family)
    A good probiotic
    And vitex.
PCOS Metformin
PCOS Metformin

To the ladies taking over the counter vitamins and meds to control their pcos.. what do you use? I’ve been taking metformin since last April and I feel it hasn’t done anything for me so I’d like to stop. I’d like to know what kind of stuff I can take together.. I currently take a prenatal and I’ve been using vitex for 4 weeks now. I’d like to try progesterone or insitol of some sort. Any recommendations and is it safe to use all together?

  • I’m currently taking inositol and vitex.
  • You may not notice any changes outwardly with metformin as it works at a cellular level. Has your insulin levels or A1c levels improved? If so then metformin is doing its job. Uncontrolled insulin resistance will eventually lead to diabetes and that has its own list of issues. As far as vitamins go they will only help if your lacking them. I would suggest having your dr check your levels.
  • I read the book 8 Steps to Reverse Your PCOS which was all about reversing PCOS naturally where possible. It’s a great resource to learn more about supplements. I take quite a few but the ones that I think make the most difference are berberine, zinc and a probiotic.
  • I’ve been using this. I want to find something to go along with it.

So I’m making the switch to low fat , dairy free and gluten free food as best as I can, I’m adding soy protein powder to boost my protein intake, . I have a bad back so exercise at the moment is very very limited but at the same time I have to loose weight and exercise to improve everything about this aweful condition .
I came off the metformin because I was tired of not bieng able to go to far without a bathroom attack πŸ˜• I know I don’t have as bad symptoms as a lot of others, but I’m at the biggest I’ve ever been and feel so grotesque I don’t want to leave the house… so getting back on track…did anyone else try this type of diet and actually see results? TIA X

    • Healthy fats aren’t your bad guy. Large amounts of carbs are. If your cutting gluten then your not gonna have much of a energy source and your body may store everything it takes in.
    • Il be eating protein such as grilled chicken, fish, quinoa and nuts and vegetables aswell, I just need something that’s going to help because I lose it so slowly x
    • I’ve been doing Keto- Low carb/high fat/med protein since Jan 2nd. I have lost 10lbs and I know inches though I haven’t measured. I feel better than I have in years. Still a long way to go but I know I’ll get there with Keto.
    • Kelly that’s really good going well done! May I ask what fats your eating? Isit like olive oil etc? X
    • Unsalted butter, coconut oil, avocado, olive oil etc
    • Yes! Keto! Me too!
    • Me three only thing that’s worked and I’ve tried everything!!
    • Yes me four! Lost 18 pounds in 3 weeks! And the food is so tasty, you eat feeling full and don’t get hungry, love it.
    • Can I ask what this is? And how to do it please xxx
    • Google Ketogenic diet. You should be able to find a lot of good info.
    • Thanks ladies your so good I’m excited to try it x
    • As far as exercise, maybe exercises would be a starting point?
    • Manna I never thought of trying exercise from a sitting position πŸ™ˆ Thankyou so so much for this x
    • No problem! Its a big challenge for me too. Im recently out of my wheelchair, but still not walking fully on my own… ive gained alot of weight in the last few months so ive been trying to find things that work for me.
    • I know I’m not at a point that I need help much anymore, but I’m so wary of hurting myself again. But these are fantastic , I way more now than I did full term nearly 5 years ago. I can’t stand to look at my body from the neck down I just burst into tears x
    • I don’t know if you use it or not but I found Pinterest to be really helpful with finding exercises that accommodate my situation.
    • Ive never tried keto diet, but I am trying to go more plant-based and natural. And I found a lot of useful information on Pinterest as far as nutritional information and dieting also.
    • I’m in Pinterest this very second looking up recipes lol..I recently moved to stevia sweetener because it’s more natural , I’m getting conscious that my body is dealing with so much inside that i need to release the pressure by taking out as many processed things as I can x
    • Take a multivitamin just to make sure your getting enough otherwise you could end up tired and lethargic or even ill. Cook with coconut oil. Try swimming if you have a bad back it is brilliant exercise even if you just walked up and down the pool the resistance will work your muscles out x
    • I’m literallly making a shopping list while talking to you all your fab Thankyou so much x
    • Have you tried swimming?? Very low impact
    • I used to but the physio held me off until I was abit stronger, which I am now x so definitely on the to do list x
    • Everyone had great advice πŸ’œ I’m proud of you for taking initiative of your health! I am now off my Metformin due to lifestyle changes. Good luck with this journey
    • It’s nice knowing I have a place where people understand , I’ve dieted in the past and the weight wasn’t shifting and people would say ..well you must be cheating it’s impossible to not lose weight doing a b or c…but I wasn’t cheating πŸ˜•…so I’m feeling confident when others have said this type of healthy eating working for them x
    • Totally! I found what works for me too. People are different and others just don’t understand that.
    • Be careful with soy products if you have a thyroid issue. That was one of the first things I was told to cut from my daughter’s diet when we found out her thyroid wasn’t functioning properly.
    • Also please consider a different protein source than soy. Try Vega! Its vegan,low carb,low sugar etc. I love it!
    • Vega? I’ve never heard of that will look for it.
    • Whey isolate is better for pcos because soy can raise estrogen levels.
    • Also- I had to try several different brands of metformin. Ask the pharmacist. Sometimes just a little bit different formulation makes a big difference
    • I didn’t know this about metformin! Thanks.
    • Someone told me earlier that when she took metformin with a probiotic, it stopped her diarrhea. I think you should give it a second try with a probiotic if you can’t work out. I’m going to try it myself. I will let everyone know if it works. But, mostly, the metformin doesn’t always give me diarrhea. Just sometimes. Your body might process it differently as pcos is different for everyone.
    • I ve read several articles that soy is not good. Especially for people with pcos.
    • I have read that soy makes it difficult for conceive either now or further down the line. Maybe you want to look into that.
    • Women Health (Astro Research on PCOS ,cyst ,Harmonal & Problem in Concive )
    • In my experience the bathroom trips became less frequent the longer I was on metformin. It also depended on what I was eating. If your eating all crap thats going to happen. I make sure to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Try to stay away from fried and other fatty foods and refined sugars (candy, cake, soda is the worst).
    • I’m definatly going to give the metformin a go, I think I just get so stubborn and want my body to work how it’s meant to that I don’t see reason, I switched to almond milk today and getting another protein at the weekend x

I don’t know if i should ask here or not, but i recently started back up on Metformin (as i also was diagnosed with diabetes type 2) I am left feeling dizzy, heart pounding (enough that you can visibly see my chest bouncing, it has me quite unnerved), headaches etc.

Had anyone else here gotten dizzy and heart pounding symptoms from the metformin?

Last time i was on them, they didnt do this, but i know medicin makes us react diffrent, so i figured i’d ask before i started freaking out too much.

(my heart isnt racing, its between 70-90 bpm which is okay-ish according to my doc)

    • You started on a too high of a dosage… Same thing happened to me.
    • It’s a low dose, 1 pill a day, dont even think they come in smaller doseages than the ones i got? 500mg a day
    • What are you on? I was able to get 250 and cut them in half.
    • Just Metformin 500 mg
    • I’m following doctors orders by taking just 1 a day for now, eventually, because of my diabetes, i need to take three times as much, two in the morning, twice at evening. But so far, its only 1 a day. It’s just really uncomfortable, the pounding heart is the worst, the rest i can deal with.
    • Let the doctor know. If your body can’t take that amount it can do more damage then good. I ended up in getting a heart test because they did that to me.
    • I use to get headaches a tad bit higher heart rate on metformin but i kept trying to let it work then finally enough was enough and the doctor pulled me off my body couldnt handle it at all so im on victoza now.
    • But my heart rate isnt high, and my heart isnt racing, just pounding very very hard, an that combined with feeling dizzy just makes me very uncomfortable. might not even be related to metformin, but idk. I’ve been to a doctors about it already and my heart seems fine, no issues there, bloodwork done also seems fine. o.e i wish there was an app or something that would tell me if what i felt was good or bad lol. at this point anxiety has also reared its ugly head. :<
    • If i get to worked up i scare myself into a panic attack maybe turn on some classical music and relax a bit how long u been on metformin
    • Less than a week.
    • Have you tested your blood pressure while you’re feeling like this? Pounding heart and headaches could be indicative of it being very high.
    • Blood preassure is fine as well.
    • That’s really good. If your BP is ok try not to get too anxious that it’s anything serious. I know that’s much easier said than done! Ps I noticed from your profile you’re Danish? I’m in Aarhus. X

Has anyone taken metformin through out their pregnancy?

    • I took it until my second trimester. Then I was told I could stop.
    • My OB told me to stop after 12 weeks.
    • I’ve been taking it the whole way so far. I’ll be 12 weeks Friday. Not sure yet after that.
    • My ob had me stop around 12 weeks
    • No.
    • Yes the hole time. With both pregnancys.
    • Me too.
    • What dosage?
    • 500mg twice a day. But the l got GD and by the end of my pregnancy l was at 2000mg twice a day.
    • Whole time
    • I’m about to start Clomid but my gyn has already told me I’ll be on it the whole time
    • Whole time with all my 3 pregnancies.
    • Did metformin have any side effect on you or baby.
    • I was told to stop when I was about 7 weeks I think.
    • I have stopped after the first tri with both but if successful in conceiving a third time, I will ask if I can stay on. I gained soooo much weight while off of it both during pregnancy but more so while breastfeeding and off it
    • My doctor told me to stop at 20 weeks… Anxious to see if I pass my glucose test in a few weeks without it.
    • Metformin only for diabetes type 1.
    • Not only buy it is most commonly known for diabetes.
    • Lots of people with pcos have insulin resistance which is pre-prediabetes. With insulin resistance your body doesn’t use the insulin made by your pancreas properly. So your pancreas keeps making insulin to bring your sugar levels down which causes excess hormones. Metformin helps your body use insulin the way it’s supposed to cutting down on the amount of sugars in your body and helping to balance out the hormones.
    • I did until they had to put me on insulin for the last 3 months due to my sugar levels being too high.
    • Yep. Whole time.
    • I did.
    • Yes everything was fine it’s safe to use in pregnancy xx
    • Yes. Helps prevent miscarriage for PCOS women.
    • I don’t think that’s actually true, I’ve been on metformin for years and have had 5 losses around the same time in my pregnancies
    • Sorry for your losses.
    • The whole time and my baby is doing great.

I’m starting metformin! They said I’ll feel sick for a week but the positive side effects…I can’t complain with those! I need more energy. I want to be thin again.

  • Make sure you dont take it with any carbs…
  • What happens if I do?
  • Major stomach trouble as it doesn’t absorb well with carbs.
  • Don’t go anywhere that you won’t be close to restroom 🚽 that you feel comfortable really going in,runs isn’t the word you literally feel like you took like 5 laxatives at 1st & the smell of it isn’t pleasant at all,that was my initial experience at least…
  • Have you been tested for insulin issues. If not I wouldn’t take it. Taking it and not needing it can lead to stroke or lactic acidosis which are both potentially fatal. It’s NOT guaranteed to help you lose weight even if you get the insulin under control.
  • I was on it for years and it didn’t help me at all, made me constantly sick. Worst experience ever. I hope it works for you though.
  • I didn’t have any physical side effects are all… however I don’t eat any carbs at all..maybe that’s why..
  • Sadly my liver and kidney levels aren’t good enough to take it.. i get tested in another month.

Does anyone do keto diet while taking metformin strictly for PCOS, not diabetes? My friend has done the keto diet for years and says that I’m probably just experiencing what they call the “Atkins Flu” but I keep on getting that low blood sugar shaky feeling, just wondering if this is a side effect of the metformin and keto mixing or ?

  • I wonder the same, I’m on metformin for pcos only, i am not insulin resistant and don’t have high blood sugar levels ever!
  • All the times I’ve trying going low carb I get sick and shaky To the point that I end up eating carbs again. I’ve yet to conquer this. Grrr. Its so frustrating.
  • I’m on metformin for PCOS, slight insulin resistance, blood sugar & pressure is great, and am doing keto. I honestly think you might need to eat more girl! Like even a cup of baby spinach or brocolli added on to make sure you’re full & what I do is I take my metformin mid-meal to make sure I don’t get any side effects.
  • I don’t snack, just 3 main meals, but I will admit that I have a little bit of fruit with each meal (a few raspberries, a slice of pear/apple) to keep me sane.
  • Ok, just started yesterday, I probably should have brought more snacks to work. I had a few teaspoons of pb and that helped me not go into full blown low blood sugar feeling. Today I had a boiled egg, a thing that I found a recipe for called Eggies ( 8 eggs scrambled, cheese, bell peppers bacon and you bake them in the oven in a muffin tin) a whole can of tuna with avocado and sour cream and then about 2 hours after that I got that horrible feeling ate the pb and just ate some cheese just now. I’m hoping it’ll get better. I just didn’t know if the metformin wasn’t a good idea to mix with the keto but sounds like you are going it successfully so I’m just going to keep on pushing through and go get me some nuts to snack on too.
  • That sounds like a blood sugar drop! Snacking is actually not the best for PCOS, because it makes your blood sugar freak out constantly. I feel soo much better if I have 3 large meals each day, take my metformin at each meal, and let me body remain balanced in between (only drink water or herbal tea in between meals) & then your allowing your body to fast in between meals!
  • Ok thank you!!! I know that I want to cut out the sugar and bread from my diet but I don’t know how to do it I’m just trying to start somewhere and I’m better with a plan or directions to follow πŸ™‚ I’m not a big soda drinker so the tons of water for me is not a problem I’m generally consuming at least 100 oz a day if not more. I was wondering about herbal teas because I like those as well. I will try to eat more food at my meals and if I’m not weighing it down with carbs then
  • It shouldn’t be TOO hard to do… maybe? lol
  • I’m a serial snacker (used to be) and it’s working so well for me! I just eat more veg, brocolli, spinach, kale with my meals and hot herbal tea keeps me satisfied inbetween!
  • i am a sweet-a-holic! I have cut back on that a lot but since then I’ve been craving bread, pasta, pizza is the worse and doesn’t help that Pizza Hut here has a 5.00 buffet on Tuesday nights!!!! Since I’m also TTC I figured no time like the present to get going on this!!! Thank you for your help!
  • What is ttc? You could make a pizza omelette for dinner with cheese and pepperoni!
  • I would personally ask this question in the keto group. There are many women in the keto group Im in that have pcos and know a loooot about keto.
  • Cool!!! Can you add me? I’m not a member of any groups like that.
  • I’m on metformin and I get soooo crazy sick on keto…anxiety, shakes, etc. i tried everything and I just can’t do it. I made it 2 weeks but I felt like death so I added more green veggies and might add berries. Why does it happen!?!?
  • Oh no!!! I’m hoping that my body will adjust. I was feeling like poo earlier and I just got finished eating my baked chicken drumstick with a big serving of salad and I feel back to normal (besides wanting something sweet!) so maybe that’s the key? Idk?
  • Please check with your drs on this. I did a low carb diet years back with good results but made sure to eat high enough carbs to not be doing the keto diet because I was told it is unsafe… Maybe I was told that because I was on metformin at the time, I’m not sure, but please check with your drs
  • I upped my carbs. I think it might be bc of my metformin..I like metformin though, and I’m not ready to stop it so I’ll eat more veggies 😊

So today i went to see the doctor and he prescribed me Metformin 500 mg twice daily. It is to help lose weight. My question is does it help at all with ovulation? Or what are other things it helps with?

  • Depends on your body. It might help with ovulation it might not. I was prescribed met for my insulin resistance not just to help me lose weight even though it has help with weight lose.
  • It helps some people lose weight, it helps some people ovulate. But it definitely helps with insulin resistance.
  • How long were you on met before it started changing your appetite and weight loss?
  • I just started today.
  • Ah. I have been on it for almost a month. I guess I haven’t noticed a difference yet. Maybe soon I will though!
  • Maybe it just takes some time. Do you expierence stomach pains by any chance?
  • Yes sometimes. Not much. I am on the extended release!
  • I lost 11lbs on it but found it worked better for me when I was on 2000mg a day was on 5 months and I finally ovulated and now 23 weeks and 4 days pregnant with a little girl I didn’t ovulate before it deffo helped me
  • Congratulations
  • It’s for insulin.. nothing else.. but if you get your insulin under control it MIGHT help other issues. It’s not helped anything but my sugar so..
  • It doesn’t necessarily help with weight loss,I have been on it for 10+ years and have been overweight the majority of those years. I have always ovulated with PCOS so not sure if it helps with that or not, it’s mainly used for insulin resistance. I know for me losing weight by healthy eating/exercise helped me the most. I lost 90# with diet and exercise and was able to reverse pre-diabetes, high blood pressure among other things.
  • That’s awesome Heather. What did you do to lose the weight?
  • How do you get passed being on metformin 2000 mg and the side effects? I am fine on 1500 mg, but 2000 is hard πŸ™
  • I was on 2000mg a day and yes hard but I got thro it I just kept hoping for a baby and I was talking to some one on a group they were all saying once u get to 2000mg a day they have fallen pregnant to I persevered with it
  • Thank you, it gives me hope, πŸ™‚ my main side effect is the frequent trips to the wc would the slow release be as effective as the normal one?
  • Well it worked as I’m 23 weeks pregnant with a girl but yes I did need to go loo alot but after a while I was ok and the tummy cramps went after a while it’s just waiting for your body to get use to it then it’s ok.
  • Brilliant πŸ™‚ thank you so much πŸ™‚
  • It helps. PCOS is like a domino effect on your body. If you start fixing the root of the issue (insulin resistance) everything else will fall back into place. Metformin definitely helped me lost weight and get a regular cycle. My son is two and we are trying again πŸ™‚
  • Unless you have insulin resistance it won’t do much for you. It’s really scary that doctors think metformin is for weight loss or help with pcos. The only way it will help with either of those things is if your issue is your insulin levels. My doctor tried to put me on metformin even though I’m not insulin resistant. I tried it bc I was desperate. It never made a difference.
  • It’s how I got pregnant twice.
  • My a1c is down. 3 and I’m ovulating again (read crazy periods) but no noticeable weight loss.