PCOS & Depression

Im so tired of my body. Im so tired of how people view me. Whether it be my anxiety, my depression or my pcos. Im constantly told “its all in your head.” Like duhh. Chemical imbalance IS in my head. And just now being told “you dont need to eat that and you know it.” “Put the fork down.” Im so tired of the way pcos affects me. My heart hurts. Im just tired.

PCOS depression
PCOS depression
  • You are not alone my sister.
  • I know it. But i feel alone. So very alone.
  • Go seek an endocrinologist .. Get to know your body and it’s hormones at a very deep, almost personal level. Don’t get disheartened by vain comments.
  • I seen an endocrinologist.. i asked about weight loss. He told me “if i locked you in a room for a month with nothing but water, would you lose weight?” My heart was broken.
  • That is a b.s. answer from a specialist. I would be seeking a new Endocrinologist for sure.
  • πŸ˜‘ Ahh yes, anxiety, depression, and pcos. The Trifecta. (Im dealing with the same) I hope this isn’t too out of line, but it sounds like the people around you are a problem.
  • I feel you. I’m done with my endocrinologist. I’m 39 and I am lost.
  • I’m in the same boat.
  • I moved my son, boyfriend and i into my dads house to take care of my brother who has cerebral palsy. Im surrounded by men who have no idea about my illnesses.
  • I can relate. People look at the exterior without knowing what’s going on inside.
  • Yes! Me to!
  • Most people are clueless and have no compassion since it’s not something they understand. Even my family & husband at times think it’s either my lack of self control or me just being moody.
  • I had a cookie today and my mum said I shouldn’t have that and I’m causing my own hormonal balance problems bla bla bla. I know that I just wanted a cookie! 😧 x
  • I think your beautiful stop worrying about what otherssay and think of you!!! Life it to Short for that !!! Enjoy your life … you dont need al That negative shit from other people they will never understand … because they dont know how it feels to be you!
  • My feelings exactly.
  • I’m tired of feeling exhausted all time. Everyone thinks im just lazy when in the fact i just feel so exhausted without doing anything.
  • I do too. Im always so tired and drained. And everyone just thinks im lazy.

I swear this depression is getting worse is there anything I can do

  • Exercise! Sunlight! Love! Healthy food!
  • Doing all of that and its still getting worse.
  • Well help me understand what you consider healthy food and I will try my best to help you you want to eliminate dairy and bread if you can to start that will help you feel a lot better also soy products are no good.
  • I’m not drinking pop. I eat very little bread and I hate milk.
  • No soda! That is a great start and I would try to eliminate bread especially white bread stay away from everything white honestly including flour and sugar those are not our friends sounds like you were doing great so far just keep your head up the results don’t come overnight but they do happen.
  • What worked for me was positive thoughts, prayer, and writing my feelings down. You may want to consult your doctor for additional help. Praying for you
  • Please speak with your doctor, they will be able to give to professional advice whether it be therapy/counselling, medication, etc. Sometimes depression goes a lot further than being able to just exercise or think positively.
  • There is absolutely nothing wrong with antidepressants. Speak to a doctor. I probably wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for a period of my life on Lexapro.
  • Why dont u try St-Johns wort?
  • Yes doctor.
  • I feel the same
  • Mental health is nothing to mess around with. Speak to a doctor. There is only so much you’ll be able to do on your own. If you’re already doing all that, it’s time to call in a professional.
  • Go to church and talk to your doctor.
  • Have your Vitamin D, Vitamin B12 and folate levels checked.

Anyone else have depression as part of their pcos… ? So low right now.

  • Yes! Struggle with really bad depression and socialized anxiety disorder.
  • Yes, every day.
  • Yeah I deal with it every moment of every day. Some days are harder than others (like today).
  • I feel like I’m going mental… like I should be in some sort of hospital!πŸ˜• I’m so glad I’m not the only one.
  • If it wasn’t for the meds I take now for depression, I know I wouldn’t even be here. Most days I’m okay but there are moments in almost every day that I wonder why I keep going…but I figure anything is better than me sitting at home feeling sorry for myself.
  • If you have someone else you care for – if you think of them before you, sometimes that helpos.
  • I was on anti depressants about a year and a half ago and it made me worse in all honesty… my thoughts scare me sometimes but I quickly distract myself, it’s like I’m just ticking over till something good happens I guess… I don’t really know what I’m feeling half the time, just numb. I’m a home carer and work long hours so sometimes feels like I don’t have time to think about my self. All I ever do is go to work, home, sleep, and repeat.. and feel like I’m pushing everyone I love away from me. Sorry for the rant ladies.
  • Depression and anxiety. My anxiety is more crippling for me though.
  • You’re not alone Lexapro and Xannax are my friends.
  • You arent alone. I have anxiety and depression as well. No meds. And I push through it. I either surround myself with someone who constantly makes me laugh or watch funny shows to distract my mind. Gets very over whelming some times I’m so down i start panic mode from not wanting to be depressed anymore and I end up with an anxiety attack. You’ll get through it. Have to find different ways to distract yourself. Its easier said than done.
  • πŸ™‹πŸ» my anxiety is harder to control, but yes I have depression and anxiety! And my social anxiety is the worst! I literally stay at home 90% of the time (luckily I’m a stay at home mom)
  • Get your vitamin d levels checked out. I was the same way and now I’m doing better with my vitamin d prescription.
  • My Depression, OCD and anxiety are not directly related to my PCOS but I understand.
  • πŸ™πŸ»yes.
  • Yes, they tend to go hand in hand πŸ™
  • YES!!! Its so exhausting..no body understands why you are so emotional or why your emotions are constantly on surface….
  • Exactly! My boyfriend sometimes asks why can’t o just explain or why can’t I just have a good day 😩
  • Ya I find nyself so depressed and down but luckily my husband can help distract me. Most of the time tho I’m depressed over the pcos and ny weight and all. No meds. I just take metformin to help lose weight but now I just seem to gain. A lot of anciety over the pcos and social. But I stay home and keep to my family and it helps. Watching my son and his shows and dancing. But when it hurts to move or excersize I go back to being upset again bc I remind nyself. Or I gained and all I ate was tomatoes and strawberries. And your clothes sont fit again.
  • Yes.
  • Yes.
  • Yes everyday.
  • Depression yes, at times. But my anxiety is WAY worst!
  • I do. It put me down for like six months almost a year to recover from that nervous breakdown. Wouldn’t get out of bed. Found the right medication after trying quite a few which sucked more than vacuums. I take a pretty high dose but man am I ever happy! Lol motivated. Positive. Yeah. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
  • What are you taking?
  • Zoloft 225mg every night.
  • Thank you.
  • Np! Anytime!
  • My anxiety is the worst but it brings me down too.
  • Yes and anxiety and panic attacks.
  • I have panic stacks too but I don’t know if that’s got anything to do with my pcos.
  • Generalised anxiety disorder over here πŸ™
  • Yes it’s hard sometimes just sneaks up on me.
  • Most definitely. I was taking Zoloft but it does nothing for me. My anxiety is pretty bad too.
  • I think the two go together. There are three good treatments I know for depression; exercise outdoors, meds, and therapy.
    Hormones are also crucial so make sure to get frequent blood tests.
    We’re all in this together babe.
  • I did. Not so much now that my insulin and weight is under control.
  • I don’t take in anti depressants but if I think of someone I care (bf) i kept getting depressed bec. He’s busy with work abroad and we are on LDR, so I go out with friends or keep myself busy so as not to get depressed too much and also working out to keep myself focused.
  • Occasionally depression but more anxiety.
  • Big time!! πŸ™‹πŸΌ
  • It can be so difficult for me at times, but hope a change in my way of eating will help. I am going low carb high fat with the ketogenic way of eating.
  • Yes.
  • Yes very much so! Along with anxiety. It’s awful.
  • I m..:( still too much depressed:( nobody understand me. πŸ™
  • Same here. =( Especially now that my sister-in-law thinks she’s pregnant. I feel envious but Im genuinely happy for her. =)
  • Yes and anxiety. I’ve been using slow mag (magnesium) which seems to assist a lot with the anxiety.
  • Yes low mood anxiety and jus a general it sucks to be me feeling x
  • Yes…. I hate it.
  • I had the biggest meltdown yesterday. Besides my husband, folks are always to busy.
  • Defianetly! I’m so glad I’m not the only one, thank you for all replying! I feel better knowing I’m not the only one. Had such a rubbish few days but knowing that the feeling won’t last forever kind of keeps me going… sometimes I feel like my partner is the only one whose there for me but even then he sometimes doesn’t understand.
  • Yup…. That sums it all up.
  • I sometimes think about starting a meet up group…… However, I’m from Pa.
  • I would love to go to a meet up group. But I’m from Scotland, U.K.! C
  • Depression and anxiety attacks almost every night.
  • Too much depressed.
  • Yes, it’s like every weekend depression takes me down, then I do everything in my power to lift back up to make it through the work week. Its so exhausting. I just wish that I could get by without the down days.
  • I ve been on and off antidepressants since I was 13 that’s now 9 years ago πŸ™
  • Everyday
  • I feel like a lot of us are low right now :/
  • I Have 😭
  • Yes! 4 different meds to combat it while TTC.. not the greatest situation.
  • I’m so sorry. The meds aren’t making TTC harder?
  • No, they are helping. I request that I stay on meds that I can TTC on. My Obgyn has even stated “mommy s body and mind have to be happy and healthy before baby can be happy and healthy”
    I’m on 2 different antidepressants
    And a sleeping pill.
  • Oh okay I understand and I hope all your dreams come true
  • Thanks and yours too girly.
  • Aww thank you so much I appreciate it.
  • Yes and it doesn’t help that my husband is thousands of miles away. I’ve been hitting some extremely low lows lately and it seems to be getting worse.

PCOS Symptoms

Does anyone else have a lot of PCOS symptoms, like excessive hair, male pattern balding, irregular periods, insulin resistant, and weight gain? Reason I am asking is because I have recently learned that if you have an adrenal tumor, it can cause the same PCOS symptoms. So…now I am sitting here wondering if I have been misdiagnosed for the past 12 years. I am definitely going to make an appointment to be screened, I was just wondering if anyone else is familiar with this.

PCOS Symptoms
PCOS Symptoms
  • Β I had all of that I wondered if I was even a real woman it was heartbreaking it can get better with diet and exercise.
  • Yes, some of my symptoms have gotten better with diet and exercise. I have lost 60 lbs, but still have some of these symptoms.
  • Yes and mine have not completely gone away either but they have improved I’m so happy the anxiety is that a minimal now and the depression has lifted try your best to exercise every day and start really educating yourself on what you’re eating a lot of what we eat is so chemical filled that we arent getting the nutrients we need in our bodies and hormones are out of whack.
  • I do follow a strict diet and have also noticed an improvement. I was just wondering if anyone was familiar with these same symptoms being known for an adrenal tumor. They are seriously the exact same, so someone could easily be misdiagnosed.
  • The adrenals are tied in to our hormones! so if our hormones arent in sync it affects them too! hence all the cravings we get & anxiety etc… there is a book i read that helped me a lot i think u can get it on amazon called the woman code – alyssa vitti she breaks down the science of it it made a lot of sense.
  • Thanks.
  • I know I have pcos. I get cysts alot different places.

Ok, so I’ve learnt this evening some more of the symptoms that can happen in men with pcos! My dad has heart disease….he has angina and had a stent inserted due to having a heart attack, but he smokes about 40 a day and has done for many years! Early onset balding too… So I’m guessing I inherited it from him! His Nan, my great grandma had diabetes… So I’m guessing that passed down To my dad somehow in the form of pcos? Can someone in your family have diabetes which could then cause relatives down the line to have pcos? I dunno, it’s all very confusing! But I guess it has a link somewhere….his mother never suffered with it, nor did his aunts! Who knows! πŸ™„

  • Pcos and diabetes are two different things. Someone can be diabetic and not carry the pcos trait or have it. You Insulin issues like insulin resistance or diabetes are just one of many symptoms of pcos.
  • But yes. Having diabetes is a symptom and it’s possible she had pcos. And yes your dad can pass it on to you as well. And yes he can have the same messed up endocrine system (he just won’t have the female reproductive symptoms obviously)
  • Men have PCOS?
  • Yup it’s a endocrine disorder so it doesn’t discriminate.
  • What kind of med do they give men.
  • All depends on what symptoms they are trying to control. There is no one magic pill for pcos.
  • I don’t think my great nan suffered with any of the side effects from pcos tbh! I don’t think she had it all, so wondering where my dad got it from! I take after him in so many different ways, whereas my sisters take after my mum!
  • You could look at your aunts and uncles also. I rmeber my dad mentioning some great aunt of mine had the same symptoms I do, but I feel like my dad has a lot of the symptoms as well as my grandma.
  • Tbh none of them have anything like that either, nor do my cousins! I’ve always looked at family to figure out where it started but at a loss because my dad had to get it from somewhere if it’s only generic, which convinces me it could also be environmental too…

PCOS and Vaccines

Are we born with PCOS or can it be caused by vaccines? I’m in no way an activist, but this girl I follow claims she got PCOS because of an HPV vaccine…

PCOS vaccines
PCOS vaccines
  • I never had an hpv vaccine so I personally don’t buy it. Some experts believe that it may be partially to blame on genetics.
  • That’s what I thought. Her exact words were “I got infertility issues and PCOS from that vaccine”.
  • I never got the vaccine and i have PCOS.
  • I got the vaccine, but was diagnosed with PCOS before lol.
  • No.
  • I was diagnosed with pcos before ever getting the vaccine. PCOS is due to genetics.
  • It makes me question the activists out there. Saying anything they want to make you anti-vaccine. πŸ™„ I never got that particular vaccine either and I have it.
  • I never received the vaccine however I believe it is from using birth control however that is my opinion.
  • I was put on birth control bc i was diagnosis with PCOS.
  • I was just recently diagnosed but at a young age my doctor put me on bc to regulate my periods. I have no family history of it though.
  • Thats how i got diagnosed with PCOS. My irregular cycles and they put me on bc to help correct it.
  • I believe mind was due to being on the pill also! No problems what so ever till I started birth control.
  • I was like 14 or 15 when they started giving me bc, Provera, and d&c.
  • I was 15 when they put me on birth control because i was diagnosed with PCOS.
  • It is genetic we born with it.
  • It’s a load of bull crap. Pcos is a hormone imbalance. Does anti vaxx will say anything. Just heard one say there are aborted baby’s in the vaccins. Crazies.
  • There are fetal cells in vaccines.
  • Ugh the stupid is strong with that one lol. No no that’s super mean. But ya no PCOS is an endocrine disorder…vaccines go into your bloodstream through your muscles… So ya there’s that…
  • Bahaha! “The stupid is strong with that one…”. Love it! Im stealing! πŸ˜‚
  • I got the vaccine and then was diagnosed about three years later with PCOS.
  • I dont buy it. I believe it’s genetic!
  • It can skip a generation. My youngest aunt has and I am one of the oldest nieces and I have PCOS. And have had it for 4 years.
  • You’re born with it. Anyone who does even basic research into the disorder can find that out. If anyone is saying otherwise, check their agenda. You can’t get it from vaccines and you can’t get it from birth control (another myth I see a ton). It’s a hormone disorder.
  • We didn’t even begin vaccinating for HPV until recently. It wasn’t offered to me. Yet PCOS has always been around.
  • Actually there are studies to show it can be due to birth control. I don’t have any hormonal imbalances or excessive hair. I have cysts on my ovaries and irregular periods caused from years of birth control.
  • I would love to see those studies. I’m a studies nerd lol. I’ve always understood that BC could mask symptoms but I’ve never seen it to be a cause but I’m ready to be wrong if you’ve got the links!
  • I was diagnosed with pcos well before I got the hpv vaccine. It’s likely she is saying that bc no one diagnosed her until after.
  • I want to call her out on it so bad! But now I can’t find the post.
  • I had PCOS before I had the vaccine lol. Some symptoms were always there too. For most people there was most likely always some sort of symptom. Whether it be just the weight, just the extra hair, just the cysts, etc.
    It came to me when I was 16 and saw an episode of The Doctors where Dr Lisa said something about hair growth on your thighs being linked with high testosterone. I was thin at the time, regular periods. But later that year I slowly started to gain.
  • Pcos has been around for thousands of years.
    You are born with it but it often takes some sort of “trigger” to make it “active” Some common triggers are puberty, child birth, serious trauma, surgery.
  • I didnt have the vaccine but I swear I think effexor xr may have damaged my pituitary gland and caused pcos. Studies have suggested theories that pituitary gland damage during fetal development, genetics, or processed foods could all be possible factors.
  • PCOS is genetic and can’t be blamed on it. But I also don’t trust that vaccine.
  • I believe I’ve had it from birth coupled with sexual abuse which messed me up. I also have a huge bald spot that started when I was 13. So I believe it’s hereditary
  • I believe it can be genetic, but I also believe it can be caused by the foods we eat and the hormones and chemical pumped into them! There’s no history of pcos in my family at all….so for me, if it was genetic, I must be very unlucky because no one in my family has it!!
  • Never got that vaccine, have PCOS
  • Born with it.
  • That’s my theory for myself.
  • I saw a programme about the effects of chemicals in our food….it wasn’t proven research, more of the ladies opinions and what she had studied and she mentioned that certain chemicals in food can cause ovarian cysts…now I know cysts are just a symptom, but she also mentioned pcos amongst other things! I just found it interesting tbh! I just wish I could remember what the programme was called πŸ™„πŸ™„
  • Never had the vaccine and have PCOS.
  • I had pcos before the vaccine.
  • I never received that vaccine I have PCOS.
  • I never had the HPV vaccine and I have PCOS.
  • I never had the vaccine, I developed both PCOS and endometriosis after the emergency c-section birth of my only daughter.
  • I have pcos and nobody in my family has it and I was diagnosed after the vaccine..?!
  • I was diagnosed before birth control aND we’ll before the hpv vaccine existed.
  • I got the depo shot and was dx with PCOS 6 months later… No family history.
  • I was diagnosed after I had my paraguard taken out….I had no problem with conceiving BEFORE I had the birth control (I have 2 kids) we were trying for number 3 when I found out why it wasn’t happening.
  • Mine was from the depo shot.
  • Genetic. I was diagnosed 15 years ago. It’s been known since before anyone could get the hpv vaccine.
  • You can get infertility and ovarian cysts from vaccines. Not pcos.
  • “Correlation does not equal cause.”
    All I ever say to antivaxers. My son is on the spectrum and I’ve heard the vaccines and autism thing soo many times.
  • No she was born with it.
  • I was diagnosed at 14…. well before any hpv vaccine, which I’ve never had, and before I took birth control of any sort.
  • Diagnosed before birth control or this vaccine was even a thing. definitely born with it. what you put into your body may cause symptoms to show up more so. but again all symptoms are different not everyone is the same.
  • Would like to add that I had no issues getting pregnant with my two sons but have had symptoms for a long time. The body hair, irregular periods etc, just this year the symptoms have gotten much worse.
    Just because you didn’t have the issues before a certain shot or birth control doesn’t mean that you didn’t have pcos. The symptoms can vary in severity based on your hormones and weight and such. Depo shot (in my opinion) wouldn’t cause pcos in itself but rather screw with your hormones to aggregate it. But that’s just my opinion.
  • Yes.
  • I was diagnosed with PCOS in 1984. Never had birth control or hpv vaccine.
  • That girl, need not lie about that. PCOS is something you are born with.
  • The thing with vaccines is they can cause issues with the body that resemble different disorders. So a vaccine most likely didn’t cause the PCOS but it may very well have cause issues with her body that resemble pcos. Like I said earlier, cysts and infertility.
  • It’s not from a vaccine smh its genetics cause what about say if your mom or dad have pcos they didn’t have all the vaccines they do now back then.
  • PCOS is not vaccine related. It’s a genetic condition without a doubt!
  • I got pcos before I had hpv and I’ve never had the hpv shot.