PCOS & Birth Control Pills

Do I HAVE to take birth control pills for my PCOS?

  • Not necessarily, I’ve been back on it again for 3 months and so far it’s just messed up my cycle even more. If you are do your research on the names, I’m switching mine tomorrow again!
  • There’s different medications you just have to see what works best for you. I was on birth control for 5 years but now I’m taking medroxyprogesterone.
  • No.
  • I just don’t wanna feel depressed anymore.
  • Have you tried using fitness for that? I do and it helps.
  • I’ve been working out 3-4 times a week.
  • For about a month now.
  • I always felt depressed when I took birth control. Since I don’t take it and take inositol I feel a lot better.
  • And I don’t wanna be medicated to not feel depressed.
  • You can try looking up natural remedies?
  • I absolutely refuse to take birth control it messes with my body and mind so much. From gaining weight to being depressed and everything in between.
  • This this this this. Acne, rage, bloating, more rage… It’s a bad time for some people.
  • Yup my body does not agree with the fake hormones.
  • Depo made me bleed continuously for nine months.
  • No. I have a copper IUD because I really don’t want babies. It’s non hormonal though. Doesn’t affect my PCOS at all.
  • The copper iud i had issues with too well one specific issue really, nothing serious but bothered me enough i had it taken out. Honestly if you don’t want kids the copper iud is probably your best bet it had the least side affects out every thing.
  • Mine totally pokes my husband lmao.
  • Yes that too but that is not why i had mine removed. For some women it makes them smell (down there) tmi i know but it is an actual side affect of the copper iud and i was so sick of having to wash 2 or 3 times a day just so i wouldn’t smell horrid.
  • Oh man yeah that sometimes has to do with the strings growing bacteria on them and causing mild bacterial vaginosis. I had my strings trimmed because of that. Stopped the smell.
  • I was only able to keep mine in for a year before my body rejected it. The most painful, month long “period” of my freaking life. Stupid non-stretched out uterus.
  • My first IUD migrated into my endocervical canal where it would periodically enter my partner’s urethra during sex. I had to have it removed and replaced.
  • Holy christ that sounds painful as hell! For both of you!!!! I had no idea mine had slipped through my cervix until three weeks into my period when I thought to check the strings and felt loops at the entrance… then reached back a little further and accidentally twanged the thing like a jaw harp.
  • It wasn’t actually painful for me. He hated it though.
  • No. I have PCOS and a blood disease so I can’t take BC at all.
  • No.
  • I’ve been taking that for 10 years… It’s my medication.
  • I can’t take birth control definitely not the pill or the depo shot and it messes with my body and liver big time!
  • No. Birth control messed up my body. Weight gain, mood problems, extremely heavy periods or no period. Now I use a small dose of progesterone cream. I now have a , lost 40lbs and generally feeling much better.
  • Mine has caused heavy too. Where do you get the cream and how do you use it?
  • It’s prescribed by my doctor. I know they have over the counter versions but you wouldn’t get proper dosage. I rub the dose (real tiny amount) either on my scalp, underarm, in or on vagina. You have to be careful not to put it anywhere where men and especially boys will come in contact with it. And be sure to wash hands with soap.
  • So how does it work if you rub it on your vagina? That mean you can’t have sex?
  • Not for a few hours afterwards. But you can have sex then use it. Or if you tend to have sex at night use it in the morning or vice versa. Or just put it somewhere else. That what I do.
  • I haven’t been able to have sex due to the heavy periods. But I need to look into the cream.
  • Yes. Do. It has helped me.
  • My doctor tells me that it’s great to help dissolve the cyst & regulate your period. since high testosterone is common it helps boost your hormone levels & help you have less unwanted hair & clear up acne.
  • And that’s a bunch of bs.. at least in my case.. periods still irregular and heavy when coming off the pill. Acne never went away.
  • I guess it just a personal thing bc it’s made a huge difference in my life.
  • it’s not going to regulate bc we have cyst blocking the regular

bc it assist our body to have them
I’m lucky if I have 1 period a year….
& birth control has give me 5.
5 short ones & super heavy
But 4 more then I’ve had before
& it has helped me with 70% of my acne
I’m not looking for 100% I’m looking for improvements

PCOS birth control pills
    • That´s how it has helped me some years back, but now i’ve tried different pills and every time it’s messing up my body into worse condition. Had to stop taking them 🙁 (I have also tried with IUD)
    • I haven’t taken the pill since I was 14.
    • No. When I went on it my hormone imbalance got worse so we had to do something else. But some people say it works well for them. I’ve healed through and herbs.

Anyone else on the birth control Mononessa to regulate their cycle? I hadn’t had a period in several months until I went on Mononessa (after trying a couple other things, such as Metformin) and for my first couple of cycles of the pill, I had periods, and now they’ve gone away again. Has anyone else had this problem and does anybody have advice about it?

  • Have you taken a pregnancy test. my first born was conceived mononessa.
  • I’ve never had sex, so I hope that’s not it. But thank you!
  • Hello Aisling! My daughter, B., 18, has been on Monnonessa for quite a while. Not sure if a yr. yet. She seems to have done fine on it. She is a virgin, also, & single, but her periods didn’t stop like that. I hope you just ask or go see your dr. about it.
  • Aisling, I decided to google & you should, besides asking your dr. about your lack of a period. “Monnonessa Birth Control Reviews” I read the link under Web MD, a reliable medical site. Here are a few comments I saw. Comment:I have been taking this pill since I was 18, I am currently 24. it works great. the only time I feel discomfort is if I miss a pill. it has increased my appetite and I do recommend taking the pill with food. I haven’t gained any excess weight and I have not gotten pregnant will on the pill.
  • I notice on this comment, that they say they are going to start taking yaz again. My daughter started out on that or another pill with a similar name Yazmin, I think. She did ok on it, also, but I had read there were some law suits on that. Her Endocrinologist said that it was the best for Pcos, if I remember correctly.
  • Comment: Until reading reviews it didn’t occur to me why i started feeling fat. But makes sense now always bloated and hungry. I’ve only taken this 1 1/2 months and have bled at least 5 times for more then 2 days at a time. Migraines have become worse at one point i had one for a whole week. I am switching back to yaz.
  • Comment: Although this birth control has been great to me for about 3 years… I recently got off of it because me and my husband decided to try for a baby. While being on the pill I had no acne, no weight gain, little to no cramping, lightened and shortened periods. The side effect I’m now experiencing is EXTREME weight gain, I’m talking 10lbs in a month! Obscene bloating and fatigue. I’m hoping this will soon go away and that my body will go back to normal. I have not changed my diet, in fact, I’ve been eating less. Nothing I do is helping me lose the extra weight gain. I just hope this is temporary.
  • Comment: I was put on this pill for irregular periods (my periods without the pill vary from every 2 months-6 months) and also for birth control. I was on it 8 months and my boyfriend noticed how bad it was on me mentally. Mononessa would make me overly sensitive ( anything slightly bad/sad would make me cry). After about 6 months it stopped regulating my periods, and I would start my period over a week early and would have bad cramping even before that. The bloating and other symptoms cause me to have a few pregnancy scares. This pill is very cheap though. I got mine at Walgreens for $12 with Medco insurance. I was just switched to Generess fe yesterday, so I hope that works out ok for me.
  • Comment: I had irregular periods so I finally decided to get on birth control to make myself regular. I will say when I started taking it, I was fine. When it came to the 2nd month, I started noticing that I started getting a lot of acne [when i have never had much my whole life at all- at the most like 2-3 zits]. My periods were really painful, constant migraine headaches that ibuprofen couldn’t even get rid of. I couldn’t even get comfortable and this is including laying down trying to relax. I am more tired now and struggle to get out of bed even after a 8-10 hour sleep patterns. Energy is low. For its purpose main purpose of regulating my periods and birthcontrol is effective for sure. However, I’d find that i would have 3-4 placebo pills left and I would get my period then [3-4 days earlier]. My mood swings are sometimes unbearable and sometimes I even catch myself overreacting… or i get depressed and sappy. I feel bloated most of the time, and I gained a few pounds, but less than 10 pounds.
  • I noticed you live in Okla. City. Well, I am your neighbor, in Tulsa. Ha!

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