PCOS & Bleeding

Does anyone after sexual intercourse? It doesn’t hurt when we are (but some when he goes in a bit too far). Ive had several transvaginal ultrasounds but they come back normal. I’m wondering if this is just another inconvenience caused by PCOS? Im scheduled for a pelvic exam the first week of August so Im looking to see what the doc should test for.

  • I do sometimes when it’s rough or deep. Just for a bit, nothing more than a half day.
  • I’m jw are u related to the Fredericksburg Tx Contreras ?
  • I experience bleeding after intercourse sometimes. It stops after a few hours.
  • I had that for 3years straight never went away till I lost weight n my are somewhat normal now. I believe it’s a pcos thing
  • It even happened every single time I would drink too it was crazy an sucked now that idk about..
  • Sometimes. My last pdoc said I had a friable cervix, which means it bleeds easily.
Pcos bleeding
Pcos bleeding

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