PCOS Ketogenic Diet – PCOS Keto Diet

Anyone think the ketogenic diet is any good for pcos?

  • Yes, I got pregnant after 6 months of ketogenic diet. Just about to start again.
  • What were your main factors of that diet that helped you? Like certain recipes or rules!?
  • This probably goes in the weight loss group.
  • It’s pcos related and people should know and hear about it.
  •  But there’s a sister group to this one that’s specifically for weight loss…
  • This is about pcos and weightloss? And what happens if someone doesn’t know about keto because they are not apart of that group? This could really help them
  • This is a pcos & trying to convince group. Read the comments and you’ll see it helped people convince. 🙂
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  • Like I said. It’s related to pcos and trying to convince. This helped lots of people get pregnant, Sure it can go in another group. But it can also be mentioned here.
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  • She’s literally asking is keto is good for pcos
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  •  Defo! X
  •  Hi babes, do you do the ketosis diet? X
  • e I go on and off it. But carbs defo react negatively with me and keto is excellent for pcos. You gonna try it? X
  •  Yes! Made my period shorter and not as heavy. No more cramps either. But my favorite thing is that I’m 50 lbs down in 11 weeks and feeling so so much better 😭👏 No more hot flashes, no more acid reflux, my skin is glowing, dark spots gone or greatly reduced,no migraines in sight. Keto has made my life worth living after 2 years of PCOS misery.
  •  50lbs! Holy smokes- congrats!!! I’m only down about 20 but feeling SO much better 🙂
  •  Yes it’s the best!
  • Yes!!! It took away a lot of my symptoms I went from having one period a year to one each month, from never ovulating to finally ovulating on my own once but it got me pregnant, also I had a lot of acne on my face and it all cleared up. Annnnd I went from weighing 234 lbs to 160 lbs in 9 months.
  • Yes!!! I started a little under 3 months ago and finally ovulated- I’m convinced it was the keto. Also, its the only thing I’ve found that lets me lose weight.
  • Absolutely! But incredibly hard for me to stick to. I stopped because it made my liver enzymes worse than they were before.
  •  Oh this is fantastic to hear, anyone got any food lists they can recommend?
    Can’t believe I can eat full fat cream and cheese bad peanut butter 😍
  •  Yeah started it and drs put me on metaformin to help me with my periods and weight x
  • Yes, I got pregnant after 3 months of being on it.
  •  I went from 236 to 214 in a little under a month.
  • Both of my friends who did it under doctor supervision ended up hospitalized from complications and my brother sees a ton of Keto gone wrong patients as an OR nurse.
  •  Keto has brought me closer to my goal in being able to have a baby with pcos 🙂 if you don’t do it right, it can definitely cause problems! Always stay hydrated and do your research:) defiantly recommend it for pcos 🙂
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PCOS & Insulin Resistance

Any natural remedies for insulin resistance instead of metformin?

  • My doctor said eating healthy, cutting out carbs and exercising would help a lot. She kept stressing carbs.
  • Don’t eat carbs.
  • It’s impossible not to eat carbs as everything but meat has carbs.
    How long have you been on metformin?
    Inositol kinda works in the same way but it doesn’t work for everyone.
  • Meat and green veggies. That is all i eat.
  • I had to eat healthy and lose weight.

Does anyone else get really sick from taking metformin? If so what helps to calm that? I work with food and it’s so hard to take the metformin and smell that food I cook without getting sick 🙁 and I keep getting off the meds cuz I can’t handle it.

  • Are you taking extended release? It makes a difference. I had to avoid carbs to keep from having issues.
  • Me too! I took mine with protein of some sort in the morning. I usually had a carnation instant breakfast and whatever I had time for. That helped me a lot.
  • Are you just starting metformin?
  • Yeah it’s the extended release. And I take it before bed but I still wake up really sick
  • It will take some time for your body to adjust. How many mg did you start with.
  • 500
  • Take it before you begin eating your dinner so it can filter through dinner. I’m not a doctor, but it seems like your blood sugar might be dropping.
  • I’ve started and stopped a few times in the last year. But I’ve stayed on it for 2 months and the side effects never decreased.
  • Try taking it at dinner time. Yes extended release can be taken at bedtime but it’s still recommended to take with food.
  • Yeah I usually take it within half hr of eating dinner.
  • What’s your diet like?
  • Trying low carb but some days don’t go so well. I really don’t eat much though.
  • Is there anything I can eat to try to calm it? I don’t always eat supper so not sure what to do those nights.
  • Take b12 with it, and try really really hard to eat regularly. That’s a lot of the reason why you’re feeling so sick. Especially if you’re insulin resistant.
  • I’ve been on it for 3 weeks, the nausea has subsided but still have diarrhoea- I’m working up to 1500mg current on 1000mg… it’s important to start off low and then slowly work your way up to higher dosage.
  • I been taking it for 5 years and still have days im feeling sick and being sick. You just have to be careful what you eat and when you eat.
PCOS insulin resistance
PCOS insulin resistance

Y’all….metormin is bout to kill my ass. Literally. An good nausea/dia remedies y’all swear by?

    • Mint gum for the nausea.
    • Cutting carbs is the only thing that helps me.
    • I took a probiotic with it and that REALLY helped!
    • Cutting carbs helps me a lot!
    • It legit kills me!
    • How much are you taking at one time? When I took too much – bad news… cut down – no probs.
    • You need to go slow at first, I was supposed to take 500mg once a day at first then twice a day and then 1000mg in the morning and 500mg in the evenings and then finally 1000mg mornings and evenings.
    • I have the 500 mg/day – dr told me to do 2000 mg/day … I decided to do 2-500 at one time – chills, fever, aches, diarrhea- I went back to 2-500 per day.
    • It took me almost a year to get up to 2000 a day. Start with smaller doses. Definitely eat half your meal, take it, then finish.
    • I was thinking about doing them through out the day – I chickened out after that one time … it took me 24 hrs to bounce back.
    • If you eat cleaner. You won’t have the side effects. Cut back on carbs..grease..etc and you’ll be fine.
    • Try chai tea with honey or ginger tea with honey.
    • Lower carbs and time for your body to adjust.
    • Take it with food and it will last for couple of weeks only.
    • You need to work up slowly. 500 a day for a week. Then 1000 a day for a week etc. it will suck! Preggie pops help the nausea and I like dollar generals gel capsule anti diarrheal’s. They work wonders.
    • Nauzeen tabs are a must. And limit your carbs and sugar for sure.
    • Gravol.
    • Peppermint tea.
    • Thank you so much ladies! I’ve started to cut back on carbs, which sucks because both me and my bf LOVE cooking and eating eheh. But yes, I will totally take y’alls recommendations!
    • If I eat bread at all, I end up in the bathroom. I’m learning what I can’t have on Metformin. You will too.
    • Sadly eating no carbs or sugar. I don’t know how long you’ve been on it but after a while your body will adjust and you’ll be able to tolerate sugar and carbs eventually, just not a lot.

PCOS & Insulin Resistance. I really need some help with trying to loss weight. HELP please.

  • Low carb high fat of some form works well for most of us.
  • IS there a specific name I can follow or examples?
  • Ketogenic diet, 20 pounds down in a month and such nice food that you don’t feel deprived.
  • Keto, Atkins. Paleo can be adapted to be low carb. If you search google or Pinterest for low carb recipes all sorts of results will pop up
  • Basically with low carb you try to avoid: Grains, so breads, pasta, rice, corn, etc. Fruits of all kinds. If you crave fruit berries are best in moderation. Root veggies, so potatoes, carrots, turnips, sweet potatoes. You eat lots of meat, above ground veggies, cheese, butter, olives, nuts, olive oil. Etc
  • Are root veggies good or no?
  • If your doing low carb, they are a no no. They tend to be higher on carbs
  • You should to have diet made with a nutritionist and go in for sports with a suitable pulse 🙂 I think so.
  • Sadly most nutritionist have all the old information where carbs are good and fat is bad. They also may not understand insulin resistance. For those of us who are insulin resistant it’s the opposite. Carbs are bad and fat is good.
  • Even after all I know, it is still hard to accept that fat is good since we have been trained for so long that fat is bad. It’s like being raised in a cult religion and being finally set free but being unable to unlearn the old ways. 😂
  • Lol that’s a good way to put that.
  • There are nutritionist who specialize in diets for PCOS. I’ve found a couple in my area.
  • I said most. Not all.
  • Yesssss. I find that they don’t even understand PCOS let alone Insulin Resistance. So I figured I would seek some additional help and support from people who truly understand.
  • Here’s a site filled with all kinds of information.
  • Have a look at the book “the period manual” it’s fantastic x
  • I have been on Keto since October and already lost 60lbs. I am insulin resistant, I have PCOS, & an under-active thyroid. Just make sure you do it right. Make sure you are educated. Make sure you take a daily vitamin. There’s a few awesome low carb groups on Facebook.
  • I love keto-adaption group
  • I’m not in that will. I will have to look it up. 🙂 my main is Low Carb and losing it.
  • I’m not to educated on this stuff but been looking into dieting as well! Did you cut out dairy too?
  • I did personally because it stalled me and I later found out I was allergic.
  • High fat high protien diet.
  • I heard doing low carb, high fat, & high protein “doesn’t work.” What have your results been Bonnie Ann because I’m very interested. On the weeks that I do higher protein, high fat, & low carbs, I lose more than I would doing moderate protein.
  • I drink soy milk with protien shake… they say soy is bad but i started my period for the first time in god knows how long! I also make half my plate cooked veggies! Cooked kale is my fav… i eat dark chocolate 70% or higher… for my sweet craving… i try to make better choices more protien… the first two werks i lost ten lbs but when i got my period…. i got off track… im sure u can understand lol… put on a new pair of pants… which i wear by waist measurement well im down two inches but during my period i gained back 4lbs! But still down two inches in my waist… protien ive noticed helps me feel fuller and curbs my carb craving… i believe u said u were insulin resistant which i am too… i found that the high protien helped me regulate!
  • Awesome. Thank you for your advice. I will stick to the higher protein and see how that goes. I love higher protein. I feel so much better.
  • I drink that $14 protien powder and soy milk… a lot of pcos girls say no no no to soy… but it has something that mimics estrogen which is why its bad for men… i drank ate well two weeks later it was like christmas! I had my period!
  • Keto diet.
  • Everyone is different. You don’t know until you start plugging into your own equation. If you don’t loose weight fast don’t stress out about it. It’s a process. Education is key. Read and read and try different things until you find what works. Don’t give up. It’s hard but not impossible! Low carb high fats seems to work for everyone. Nothing processed or prepackaged. Just start trying
  • If you’re hungry, eat. But be realistic. No junk. No chips, no candy, no crackers, no sweets. Eat meat, veggies. Cook with good fat like real butter and coconut oil.
  • Drink more water. Cut out soda. Baby steps. Exercise helps.
  • The keto diet is working amazingly for me as well.
  • I went to the doctor for this yesterday and she told me to literally only eat grass fed meats and vegetables. Also only drink water.
  • Nothing with sugar what so ever because it is poison to our bodies.
  • She told me to do that and you will see a huge difference.
  • I found this book really helpful, and since following it I’ve definitely felt better, had more energy, sleeping better, etc. I haven’t weighed in yet to see if I’ve lost any weight though, though I do feel less bloated.
  • I’m doing the 17 day diet and then I’m switching to keto! But I will be checking out the Insulin resistant book mentioned above!!!
  • Well basically if you can follow 160 gram carbohydrate diet you are a winner.
  • Just watch how much carbohydrate you are having for breakfast, snack, lunch, tea and dinner time.
  • This 160 gram carbohydrate should be equal for the 5 times meal. You can find tables on google of how much gram each ingredients has. Basically forget white flour made pastries, breads, rolls and have whole meal bread/roll. Forget sugar(and sweets and chocolates) and have eritrit, xilit, sucralose, stevia as sweetener. Fruit wise, you can have fruits and vegetables but not for breakfast or dinner as they fasten. Try to have 2-2.5 liter water a day! You can have meats, especially white meat ( turkey and chicken) and lots of fish, seafood etc. Forget pastas, you can have pasta once a week and try to have durum pasta. Rice wise only basmati rice and brown rice good for us. Try to get Merckformin if you can’t lose weight, my dose is 2000mg / day. I follow rules and take merck since 3 months and lost 15kg already and 3 cloth size ( I was UK 20 and I’m 14 now) It’s really hard, but try. Ah and I don’t do any gym what so ever.
  • I went to a dietician a week ago and she told me to do low fat, hi fibre and low gi but nearly everyone on here is saying the complete opposite. I’m so confused now.
  • Low glisemic index and low fat would be hard to do. Low gi means the foods that are gonna spike your blood sugar the least. Well that leaves out all the grains. So you need to get your energy source from somewhere which is fat.
  • Unfortunate I have had the same issues. I saw two nhs dietitians and I was eating clean. They told me to stop and eat pasta potatoes.they don’t look into our condition they just treat it like diebetes.I was having chicken with salad for lunch she told me to have half of a small chicken breastfeeding and add some pasta.and for tea I was having salmon with veg.she told me to cut out half the veg and have potatoes with it.they only think of a valanced diet when that doesn’t work for everyone.try things.if they don’t work for you try something else. Good luck.
  • She actually gave me a heap of information on pcos and it had that a low fat diet is the best diet. I just have no clue and I have no idea what to eat.
  • I should really check my spelling and turn the predictive spelling off lol apologies
  • That’s okay I understood!
  • Me too.
  • Insulin resistance is not diabetes! We can still have fruits ( obviously not grape) and vegetables and meats etc. We just need to be careful how much and what type of carbohydrate we are having.
  • Smaller portion 5 times a day helps you not to starve.
  • Unfortunately insulin resistance is not so common then diabetes and dietician may tell you exactly the same information what they tell to the diabetic people however that could be wrong.
  • Have you seen endocrinologist? They know exactly what your problem is.
  • Insulin resistance is a diabetes precursor. Controlling the insulin resistance to the best of your ability will prolong the journey to diabetes. Fruit are a Nono.
  • You can have fruit just not for breakfast or dinner when your insulin works the worst. Obviously fruit doesn’t mean 1 whole melon. 1 apple or 1 orange or 1 clementine for snack and you need to take something slow with it. Your food intake needs to be organized and planned. Your insulin has no sense of time. You could eat a three am snack and your insulin will still work the same way at a 5pm dinner time. Im not arguing. You say what your doctor says I say what mine here in Hungary. Have a good day
  • Keto diet.
  • Gonna follow cuz I’ve just been losing it the unhealthy way. Coffee and water all day and only eating dinner.
  • Try paleo diet.
  • Keto.. lost 42 pounds in 3 months.
  • OK, so how can we do this when my daughter (who has PCOS) is anaphylactically allergic to beef, pork, lamb, dairy, egg, tree nuts, and gluten (that’s the only one that works here). HELP!!!
  • Chicken? Fish? Olive oil, avacodo, above ground veggies.
  • Yes, we do do chicken, fish, and turkey, but there are only so many ways to prepare it. She hates avocado, squash, not a fan of leafy veggies – I can’t think of others right now to try? 🙁 (she’s 14 – tough age!)
  • I would advise to speak to your doctor as I did the low carb high fat diet and before my bad cholesterol was normal and after it was high. Always speak to your doctor before anything as everyone is different.
  • I started KETO 4 days ago and I’ve Lost 4lbs I know I’m new to it and early days but it’s working and o feel great.
  • Your body is going through an adjustment period. Your bad cholesterol may go up but after a while it will level out and become normal.
  • Another question: I get the low carb for the insulin resistance, but why high fat? Even “healthy” fats like avocado and olives – don’t those eventually cause heart and cholesterol problems and/or pack on pounds?
  • No they don’t cause heart problems or cholesterol problems. They high carbs do that damage.
  • Fat and protein is broken down slower then carbs do so more is used for energy and less is stored as body fat.
  • Can you please explain this to me more? If it is broken down more slowly, wouldn’t it need to be stored until it can be used for energy (ie: stored as fat)?
  • Maybe he can explain that better then I can. But since it takes more time to be broken down into glucose more is used as fuel for the body. It’s like your body is on a lazy river. Blood sugar wise. When you eat carb heavy your more on a rollercoaster of blood sugar so you feel those highs and lows. Hence why you may want a nap after eating a carb heavy meal.
  • Hmmm…I recently went full-on vegan to try to support my daughter (a BIG switch from the meat-cheese eating lifestyle I’d had for years). In the process, I also cut out simple sugars and refine carbs, but went full-on with complex carbs from whole foods/plant-based meals. On my previous diet, I felt a roller coaster of blood sugars but on this vegan diet, I feel great! Even though I’m consuming a lot of carbs, they are complex carbs (not simple refined carbs) – is there a difference between the 2 for PCOS? Why does a PCOS diet lump the 2 together (ie: like sweet potatoes, onion, beets, etc as just as bad as bread, pasta, etc)?
  • To the body carbohydrates are carbohydrates.
  • Sorry to keep bugging with questions: what are some above-ground vegetables that are considered OK besides squash and leafy greens. I’m assuming beans, peas, corn, maybe tomatoes – those are all bad??
  • OK, I found some on this list (but radishes and onions are below ground – lol!)
  • Green beans are ok. Corn is a grain so that’s a no no. Tomatoes you have to be careful with as they can be carb heavy. Cucumbers, broccoli, cauliflower.
  • Yeah, I saw that on the list: several kinds of squash (cucumbers and Zucchini) = she doesn’t like squash – ugh!!!
  • You could look up the Atkins induction phase approved food list and go based off that.
  • U have to do what fits ur lifestyle best but I’m on profile by sandford. And I’ve lost almost 20 pds in less than a month! I have PCOS, insulin resistance and hypothyroidism. It’s an awesome program. It sounds expense but after you take away eating out and all the extras it’s about the same amount of money. Plus if u get ppl to sign up u BOTH get free food. I’m telling u this program is awesome 👏
  • Is this available in Australia?
  • I went to my.gp yesterday about the same thing and he told me to go carb free and eat plenty of protein and fat and excersize.
  • Me as well.
  • First rule: cut down/Away ALL carbs! Always carry carrot or cucumber Sticks in your purse/bag for when that Little sugar-demon appears.
  • Carrots are high in carbs like many other root veggies.
  • Yeah but these carbs are Better Than the ones in yoghurt or other snacks- i’m studying nutrition and health so i I Know what i’m talking About.
  • Yes, this is what I want to know. From my post above: Hmmm…I recently went full-on vegan to try to support my daughter (a BIG switch from the meat-cheese eating lifestyle I’d had for years). In the process, I also cut out simple sugars and refine carbs, but went full-on with complex carbs from whole foods/plant-based meals. On my previous diet, I felt a roller coaster of blood sugars but on this vegan diet, I feel great! Even though I’m consuming a lot of carbs, they are complex carbs (not simple refined carbs) – is there a difference between the 2 for PCOS? Why does a PCOS diet lump the 2 together (ie: like sweet potatoes, onion, beets, etc as just as bad as bread, pasta, etc)?
  • Beets and onions are okay cause they have a high level of minerals and essentiel vitamins… stay Away from all kinds of potatoes! Use lots of beans(kidney, chikpeas and so on in stead of potatoes- These Will help maintaning a good bloodsugar-level… I recommend making vegetable-spaghetti instead of wholegrain- you can buy a slicing-tool for making vege-spaghetti… 😄 I dont Know whether there is a difference between the 2 types og carbs especially for pcos- just that you should try your Best to consume complex carbs if any.
  • Thank you! This is more in line with how we have been eating. I was concerned because Atkins (recommended above) discourages beans, seeds, and legumes (at least initially). Without those, we would have very few sources of protein to choose from. I would think complex carbs are better, in general, than simple ones. I’m curious about your statement to stay away from all kinds of potatoes as I’ve heard that sweet potatoes are better than white potatoes? I think I need a personal nutritionist -lol!
  • I recommend to stay Away from all potatoes because of the natural High level of starch- which in the body is transformed to simple carbs! 😣 if you want potatoes of Any kind in your daily foodintake then cook them and Eat them after they have cooled completely- this Will “turn-off” the starch’ bad carb effect.
  • I follow a plant based diet. While most people say high fat low carb mine is typically the opposite. While I did eat meat the diet that helped the most was Whole30 or following a Paleo diet. I can not stress how important some form of physical activity while eating better is. You have to move. You have to move. YOU HAVE TO MOVE. You also have to love your body, flaws and all. Write down your expectations. Set attainable short term goals to keep you going. And remember you aren’t everyone else. It might take you a year to lose 10 pounds it might take you 2 weeks but stick with it. It’s for your health. Also, drink water. Lots and lots of water. 3 liters if you can. I’m a long way from my destination and it took me more than a decade to get this mentality down. You got this!
  • I’ve been successful with a ketogenic diet. It’s the only thing that worked for me. I’m able to stay off metformin and control my blood sugar with it. I eat less than 20g of carbs per day. Which is literally NO carbs. I eat non-carby veggies (leafy greens, mostly) and meat. I eat dairy, but I don’t seem to have any issues with it.
  • For me, Paleo is the best. It really works! It helps with hair and skin issues.
  • How do you do keto diet?

PCOS & Low Carb Diet

Is anyone here doing a low carb diet? I am middle of week 2 and I have been doing a low to moderate carb diet. My period came with it and its been 10 days and a lot heavier than normal that I worry when I am out. On Sunday, i started feeling very fatigued now am down with a bad cold. I’m curious, might any of this be associated to the change in diet? I kept it moderate to low did not cut out carbs completely.

PCOS low carb diet
PCOS low carb diet
  • Welcome to the group make sure to check out the pinned post for the rules. You could be anemic and that’s why your feeling a tad more fatigued. It’s also impossible to cut out carbs completely as everything but meat pretty much has carbs in it. Has it been a while since your last period?
  • Thank you. My last period was November but before november i didnt have one prior for about 3 or 4 months.

I am trying so hard to stick to a relatively low-carb diet but I can’t seem to fight the cravings – especially at night! I just crossed 200 pounds and my acanthosis nigricans is worse than ever and looks to be spreading, so I am determined to make this my turn around point, but it’s very difficult. This is all not helped by the fact that I’m crazy busy, with a full-time job, full-time grad student and in a theatre production. Any strategies to share for weight management on a busy lifestyle? Or for killing those intense carb and sugar cravings? I am seeing an endocrinologist in two weeks to ask her about metformin. As a result I’ve also stopped my birth control now so it won’t mess with any blood/hormone test results and also because it was making me constantly bloated, but I can’t tell if it’s helping or hurting re: the weight.

  • I totally meal prep that way all my meals for the entire week are done. I use frozen grapes for sweet cravings and pretzels for carb craving.
  • Well, I’m currently not doing low carb as I cant afford it, but when I could a chocolate protein shake with coconut milk used to help when I was desperate. Sometimes I would blend in frozen cherries or strawberies.
  • I don’t give them up, I’ve found recipes for chocolate fat bombs, keto chocolate pancakes etc. All of them are very low in carbs and in small doses for the trick.
  • Share the recipes?? What’s the choc fat bomb??
  • What heather asked!
  • I found it, I’m trying you find the nutrition part. Think I need to be on my computer not phone. Will post tomorrow.
  • Ty!
  • These are the five ingredients for my Fat Bombs, which you stir together well:
    3/4 cup melted coconut oil
    9.5 Tbs. (150g) almond butter
    60 drops (about 3/8 tsp.) liquid Stevia
    3 Tbs. cocoa
    9 Tbs. melted salted butter
    Pour a scant 2 Tbs. into each of 24 candy or mini muffin molds. I use a silicone candy mold that I bought at Michael’s Crafts. If you prefer, you can use those little paper mini muffin cups, lined up on a cookie sheet.
    I place my candy mold on a small cookie sheet first, and then fill it, then put it in the freezer. If you try to put it in the freezer without first putting it on a cookie sheet, you’ll be sorry.
  • Freeze for at least 30 minutes, then pop out the Fat Bombs and store them in a bag or other container in the freezer. You can keep them in the fridge, but as soon as you hold one with your hot little fingers, it will melt really fast. Frozen, it melts slower.
    Nutritional info for one Fat Bomb:
    145 calories
    14.7g fat (91.2%)
    1.53g protein (4.2%)
    1.67g carbs (4.6%)
  • I’ve started to substitute any recipes that need sugar with Monk Fruit sweetener which has no carbs and is supposedly low GI as well. I’ve found I prefer this over the taste of stevia. I’ve replaced regular flour usage with almond and coconut flour. Still getting used to baking low carb!

So… I’m trying to start back into low carb/Atkins/some form of keto.
But my biggest issue is breakfast. I’m not the biggest fan of eggs. Or bacon. I mean, I don’t despise them but MEH. I mean, I can eat them 2 times a week or so but it’s more of something I have to force myself to do.
Anyone have any recommendations for breakfast that don’t include eggs? Cookbook recs? Website recs? Facebook group recs? For recipes.

  • I eat 100g of greak yoghurt 10% fat. 25g Almonds and 30g of fruit/berry.
  • http://thenourishedcaveman.com/30-best-keto-breakfast…/ here’s a link to 30 different recipies. some have eggs and some don’t.
  • I also saw this really lovely cheese danish recipe. haven’t tried it yet but i’m definetly going to when i get the chance https://lowcarbyum.com/cloud-bread-cheese-danish-egg-fast/
  • If you’re going to delve into keto, don’t think of it as breakfast, think of it as your first meal. After doing some research I have found that some of the healthiest people eat what we would consider dinner leftovers for breakfast. I guess think chicken and hamburger patties and veg… cheese sticks are good in the morning with sausage links. Just a few ideas
  • Thanks! 😊
    Teşekkürler! 😊
  • I make a chocolate protein shake (premier protein, low carb and cal) with a half banana and a tablespoon of cashew butter. It’s fast, so good and keeps me full for hours.
  • You ladies are mentioning dairy, PCOS ladies are supposed to stay away from dairy because of the hormones.
  • Have a low carb piece of toast. Costco sells these low carb rice cakes. A co-worker gave me one to try and it was actually pretty good, i was shocked. Sausage, ham, bacon. Look in the frozen section for breakfast items. I heard Jimmy Dean makes something.