PCOS Pregnancy Experiences (Pregnancy Stories)

In this post lots of PCOS pregnancy experiences and stories. Is is possible to get pregnant with PCOS? That is possible but not easy. There are some pregnancy experiences with PCOS.

So here’s my story! At 8pm on june 30th I checked into the hospital to get induced for high blood pressure and stress test not coming back the way Dr wanted. I was 38 weeks 6 days. I was dilated at a 1 and 70% thinned. At 9:45pm they put a pill up inside behind my cervix at 1:45 am they did the pill again. Started getting horrible contractions 30 seconds apart at 5am but cervix was only a 2 and 80%.. And then the pill again at 6:45 am. Contractions stayed the same. I got an epidural around 9am I believe it did not work they redid it around 10am still didn’t work redid it (and tried other ways twice after that so 4 times I had to redo it. ) So I was still dealing with the contractions and going nowhere. Then I finally dilated to a 3 and my Dr broke my water contractions got even worse after that (this was one of the times they tried getting the epidural again) and they said I wouldn’t deliver until 10pm because I wasn’t progressing. I got to 4cm dilated and after that happened I was at an 8 an hr later ( this is the last time they tried the epidural) they were gonna pit a spinal block in instead but ten minutes after being at an 8 I was at a 9 fully thinned out and They wanted me to push. And then the Dr said she was face up so I had to push while she was turning her around and that was no fun! So I ended up pushing for 1 hr and 9 minutes and she was here! Dr said if she didn’t turn her I would have been pushing for 5 hours to get her out so I’m glad that wasn’t the case! The nurse I had was very rude made me feel like complete garbage and worthless! She was horrible! Only person in the room that wasn’t about encouragement! I was crying at one point and she told me to stop crying, this is labor if I didn’t want to feel this pain I shouldnt of had sex and I need to be a woman…. She was very rude! I had a few complications during labor and after delivery but all is well! Baby girl is healthy! And even though what I wanted got ruined because my body rejected it, and it hurt like hell lol, I’m kinda happy I got to experience vaginal birth with no pain meds…I probably wouldnt do it again though lol. And I’m the first person in my family to deliver vaginally! So that was exciting!

  • Congrats Hun, she is adorable.
    As regards to the nurse – I would 100% put in a complaint with the hospital. I would try and have a witness to go along with what was said.
    She is working with women and men who had sex, and are having a baby – that should not be said at all.
    Good luck Mumma ❀️
  • Thank you!
  • Agreed. I would have told her to leave the room! Seriously.
  • Congrats on the little one. I would absolutely put in a complaint about that nurse though!!! That is absolutely uncalled for and unnecessary!!!! Labor hurts. There is nothing wrong with crying. Also, just because baby is face up doesn’t mean it would have taken that long to push her out. My first was face up and was born face up after less than 15 minutes of pushing.
  • I’m glad you and baby are ok! She’s gorgeous! ❀️
    As for that nurse, definitely file a complaint with the hospital. I curse like a sailor and the choice words I would have had for her would have been fairly extreme under those circumstances. My mother in law was a labor and delivery nurse and I’m sure she would have a few choice words for her as well which is one of the main reasons I want her present at the birth. Absolutely unacceptable.
  • That’s when people like you and I wish this was us in her shoes just to give that nurse a taste of how we are. I dare a nurse to treat me like that. Oh lord help her lol
  • Congratulations.
  • Congrats and definitely do put through a complaint, giving labor really hurts and everyone tolerates that pain differently, I didnt cry but my cousins did, absolutely nothing wrong with it! She shouldnt be a labour and delivery nurse if she cant sympathise with you and understand why you may be crying. Your girl is gorgeous!!
  • 1) congratulations and INCREDIBLE JOB!
    2) wtf is wrong with people?! She needs to be fired… and slapped in the face lol
  • Congratulations, she is beautiful! πŸ’–πŸ‘ΆπŸΌπŸ’– and well done you for doing it the natural way WITH no pain meds!
    Sorry you had such a cow of a nurse! I’d have been telling her to get out if she spoke to me like that! How rude! I would definitely speak to someone about it at the hospital because that’s just so wrong! X
  • I outright swore at my nurses twice & they were still completely supportive, encouraging & attentive. Definitely lay a complaint, someone treating you like that in such a moment is completely out of line.
  • Congrats and report that bitch they have no right to speak to you like that.

I consider myself lucky because I’m 11 weeks and haven’t gotten sick at all moments of nausea here and there but that’s it a lot of times I just don’t want to eat or forget to eat and when I do eat all I want is five year old.
Food lol PBandJ grilled cheese sandwiches mac and cheese fruit no veggies apple sauce yogurt etc. before I got pregnant I lost 30 pounds eating really well and now I just feeling like I’m screwing that all up but I know it’s better to eat then not to.Anyone else have a five year old diet? Lol

  • I seriously have been surviving off fruits and pasta. Today I was able to stomache homemade nachos. I lost about 40 lbs before this pregnancy. I am feeling the same way.
  • Me!! lol I lost 70 pounds before I got prego, now all I want to do is eat everything I didn’t eat before 😭😭
  • Omg I’m so glad I’m not alone lol πŸ˜‚ I felt so weird all I can handle is carbs and sugar which is the antithesis of what I need to be eating:$ trying to eat fruit instead of sugar (at least it’s natural sugar lol)
  • Chocolate and i dont even like chocolate 😭😭
  • Same!! I never eat chocolate haha until now.
  • I get so grossed out everytime I eat it. I asked my partner to get me chocolate and he was like whaaat you dont even like it. And he’s right. I can’t stomach it most of the time but I want it.
  • How interesting!! I said I wanted egg salad the other day which I HATE luckily
    I came to my senses before my hubs made it lol.
  • I’ve been wanting so many things. For example chicken tacos, my mouth was watering just thinking about them and as soon as I started boiling the chicken and could smell it I got so sick.
  • I was the same today with tuna. I wanted a tuna sandwich so so so bad and then as soon as I opened it I couldn’t handle it so I threw it away haha.
  • Chicken and eggs are the WORST for me.
  • My oldest wanted hard boiled eggs yesterday. I couldn’t get rid of the smell.
  • Eggs, peanut butter and bananas are all no no’s for me haha
  • Yuck :$
  • I have been craving pineapple and Mac n cheese!! But I have morning sickness…had it sense about 7w. I’m currently 11w2d!
  • Omg I’m Sorry! I have had such bad stomach issues the past I was positive I would get it but I was wrong so far!
  • I’m the same way. Last year I was 278 pounds and when I found out I was pregnant I was 212 but all I can stomach is Mac and cheese and pb and j too everything else sounds just nauseating. I try to eat as healthy as possible and I don’t throw up but the nausea is crazy I just can’t stomach them.
  • It makes me feel better to know I’m not alone lol even sometimes with the five year. Old food half way through I’m like 🀒 done
  • Im the exact same way haha before I could easily eat a bowl of Mac and cheese and a whole sandwich but now I’m lucky if I can eat half of either. I get full so easily now!!! But you definitely aren’t alone here.
  • And I’m 9 weeks.
  • My midwife likes to refer to the first part of pregnancy as the survival stage. Eat what you can, when you can. Baby is getting everything they need from you.
  • I love that! Makes me feel a lot better.
  • It made me feel so so much better when all i was eating was cereal and fruit.
  • My dr said I need to up my iron in my food intake so my husbands like oh there’s a lot of iron in cereal and I’m like HALLELUJAH I’ve missed cereal.
  • For me it’s pastas (spaghetti-ohs), bread, fruit, mash potatoes, water, juice, cereal, cottage cheese, salads, granola bars, pudding, jello, bagels with cream cheese, & tuna. That’s all I eat…. I haven’t had any sickness at all….I’m very lucky no symptoms.. other than a couple headaches these past couple days. 10wks 3days
  • Most days I can do cottage cheese too at least it’s protein lol.
  • I’m barely 5 weeks, and all I want is carbs! 😣
  • It doesn’t get better lol❀️ I’m eating frozen grapes right now so I don’t whip up some biscuits.
  • I was like this from like 4-7 weeks! Thank God that has passed!
  • This is sooo normal and typically goes away later. However my whole pregnancy I could only do meat with a starch. I decided to not stress too much and I was fine.
  • Oh how interesting I’m glad it’s normal! I was really beating myself up for eating like this when I worked so hard before!
  • I did too and then I said screw it. Unless I started putting on a ridiculous amt I was just going to enjoy my pregnancy

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Has anyone conceived naturally and successful had baby #2?

  • Me! This baby was an absolute surprise. We weren’t trying. I’m now 26 weeks.
  • Congrats how long after your first did it take? I’m not currently trying but not preventing. I see quite a few ladies conceived naturally but not successful with baby #2
  • Well since we were preventing it took just over 3 years. But we were avoiding.
  • My oldest was also conceived naturally, took 6 months.
  • After I had my daughter I’m lucky to get it in twice a month sometimes it’s only once a month
  • Me πŸ™‚
  • I have conceived 4 children naturally. I’m pregnant with number 4 now it took us a little over a year and a half but it did happen
  • Me, 31 weeks now.. my other daughter just turned 2!
  • I have a 7 month old hoping for a another in the near future hopefully not too long from now.
  • Yes! Got my nexplanon out in Feb. Started a bootcamp, lost 20lbs, cut out carbs and we’re now 11w5d! πŸ™‚
  • And it’s baby #2. Daughter will be 3 in July πŸ™‚
  • That’s how I seem to get pregnant losing a few pounds, that’s how I got pregnant in 2015 but mc then I did it again in 2016 and had my daughter. Ima try and do low carb again but I’m a bf mom so it’s hard
  • Yep. First baby was clomid baby. This baby all natural
  • I conceived baby number 2 no problem apparently lol. My kids will be 11 months apart.
  • Twins!
  • I’ve conceived naturally for baby #3! I’m 9week1day and my youngest is 3. Drs refused to give me anything after having 3 miscarriages last year but it’s taken us a year to conceive #3
  • Congrats.
  • Thanks hun, I told my partner after this cycle I was starting birth control and bam I have a sticky baby!
  • Aww.
  • I did both time i was taking merformin for my insulin resistance.I wasnt tttc either time i got pregnant.
  • I did take metformin here and there but after pregnancy was told to stop hoping I doubt need it now. I would like for my babies to be 2-3 years apart. But how ever God see fit. Im having baby fever now tho 😣
  • Mine are 7 1/2 yrs apart.My olest is adopted at 3 1/2 He was 18 when Colin was born.my kids are 19,9 and 2 now.I was 36 and 43 when i had my last 2 bio babies
  • O my! And I’m feeling like I late on having one let alone two
  • Yup and 3 and 4 and 5 lol
  • They are 11 6,5,14 months and 4 months.
  • I did and had them 18months apart.
  • Me and now im on #3
  • Me! currently 28 Weeks! It took 10 years and fertility treatment to have my 2 year old son and the baby I’m currently carrying came all natural,18 months after.
  • We concieved naturally but sadly lost our first baby, we then had Clomid twins and now am currently 20weeks pregnant with a very surprise (all natural) baby no3
  • We struggled with #1 but #2 was a happy surprise
  • I struggled with baby #1 with a history of miscarriages.
  • I’ve conceived 5 completely naturally. 4 kiddos and currently 31 weeks with baby 5. There is space between them: 14, 12, 9, & 4. But no fertility treatments at all, and no metformin. It just happened.
  • Maca root powder!!
  • Yes even though I was also on metformin which only helps a little bit for me but it’s better than nothing
  • I had conceived 3 kids naturally 18, 5 and 3 months.
  • I’ve conceived twice naturally. I actually lost 20 lbs before getting pregnant with my first that I lost at 8 weeks 3 days and a month and a half later I found out I was 4 weeks pregnant with my rainbow little boy. 🌈
  • Awww, in 2015 I lost. 10 pounds and got pregnant and mc at 11 weeks, then 8 months later after losing weight again concived my miracle baby who is 7 months!
  • Β πŸ€—πŸ€—
  • Yes, 20 months apart. Both conceived naturally.
  • I conceived naturally but it did take some time. My daughter was 4 in April and although I conceived naturally I had the tubal test where they put a dye in and test it tubes, they said it was all fine and I had no problem. I think that flushed my tubes because I conceived right after that xxx I’m 12 weeks now xx
  • Me…it took four years of exersize, diet, pills but baby 1 came along then baby2 right after.
  • I’m on #3 and it was a complete surprise! I’m currently 16w and my youngest is almost 10m!
  • Yup. Both naturally after we were told IVF was our only option. They are 17 months apart.
  • My first one. I decided to call it quits when I turned 40. 5 years later…here I am pregnant. Will have my son at age 46.
  • #1 and #2 we needed treatments. #2 was actually much harder to conceive. But #3 happened naturally


Trigger warning (idk)

Since we all are dealing with pregnancy/infertility ect, I thought I would share this. After i was married It took me five years of trying to get pregnant, I had Three miscarriages until they diagnosed me with PCOS, and two clotting factors… then I got my PCOS under control and had a baby, a boy, then unexpectedly another, a girl, fast forward a few years and DH and i started ttc again, I fell pregnant, at 9 weeks i woke up one night with blood in my underwear and on my legs, passing small clots, i freaked and at 4am took both kids and headed to the ER thinking that i was having a Miscarriage. I didnt, i had a SCH or a Subchorionic Hemorage/Bleed. It sucks, they said basically sometimes this develops in pregnancy and that i would basically bleed for a while until it resolved. The baby looked fine. I am 11 weeks today and our little bean is still kicking. And i am still bleeding but its getting better. Sometimes bleeding happens in pregnancy, and IF it does ALWAYS get it checked out, and remain calm, just because there are clots and blood doesn’t always mean Miscarriage. Anyway I thought this story might give someone a little hope.

My mom bled all thru her pregnancy with my sister too. I’m glad you were able to get your PCOS under control. I was ttc for a year with no luck and had suffered one miscarriage the year before ttc. Yet they diagnosed me with PCOS. How did you manage to get it under control? Diet?
I’m 34w pregnant now with my rainbow and letrozole baby. We would like another and I’m hoping that one we can conceive naturally.

  • Yea a really Intense diet. No sugar no grain no processed foods, no condiments. Basically if it doesn’t have a mother or come from the ground i don’t eat it, it sucks but i dropped ALL my weight FAST and got pregnant naturally within 3 months. I allow myself one item a day not on the list in a small portion size and once a week i am allowed an additional treat as a reward fro not cheating, it really helped me and i was able to stay focused by saying “do i want a baby or this food,” this worked for me and After over five years of trying diet and working out i couldn’t lose a thing because they all wanted me to eat carbs and sugary stuff which didn’t allow me to lose the weight that way so it was super worth it to do. I also use several essential oils and blends to help regulate my hormones, for cysts/pain, and to help with my cycle.
  • As a note when pregnant and breastfeeding you cannot follow this diet. So i go off of it during those times and then re-introduce it as soon as i am done nursing/being pregnant.
  • Why can’t you follow it while pregnant or breastfeeding? It sounds really healthy!
  • I really think you should clarify that while that may be the case
    (I have gushed blood unexplained 7 times and four of them being literally gushing but they can’t explain it and this has happened from 28-35 weeks and baby is fine so far but rd terrifying)
    I think you need to edit your post to say that while in your case it meant nothing and lots of cases it doesn’t mean miscarriage that if you do see fresh red blood you should always go immediately and get checked.
    People may take your post to mean there isn’t a need unless it happens more often
  • In my OP i stated that “sometimes bleeding happens in pregnancy and if it does ALWAYS get it checked out” so i think that covers your comment. But thanks.
  • Unfortunately my SCH pushed my baby out @ 13w. It was the size of a baseball (ball). When the nurse pushed it with her finger to verify it was a clot or tissue, it broke into 2 pieces. I bled for about 2 weeks before my mc. Bright red with clots. SCH’s can cause mc. Be diligent of any blood.
  • Zoris sch is actually the name for bleeding without a miscarriage.
    Bleeding can be caused by the miscarriage but it’s an abruption if it causes the miscarriage.
    I doubt that even makes sense lol.
    I’m so sorry for your loss must have been horrible I have been through three myself and it’s just the worst pain you can imagine.
    I’m so glad to be preggo with my rainbow!
    Actually the location of an SCH has a lot to do with the outcome. Not only that, but my baby implanted low. Closed to the cervix. So when the SCH tried to bleed out, it pushed out the baby.

PCOS & Periods

Anyone here diagnosed with PCOS but still have regular periods?

    • For the most part, I do. My cycle lengths are anywhere from 28 days to 43 days being the longest.
    • I need to know as well because Iv been diagnosed with it and have regular periods.
    • I had very irregular periods in my 20s. In my 30s I lost a significant amount of weight. My periods have always been regular since then but heavy. I’m 41 now.
    • When I was younger they were really irregular. Not coming for months or once I had it for 2 months. Now it’s like clockwork.
    • Always been regular and have one son who is 15….i am still regular but found out I have not been ovulating for god only knows how long.
    • How did you find out?
    • Yea, what test did they use to determine that?
    • I was diagnosed in 2009, and before that I barely had periods ever 4 to 5 months. My husband and I started seeing a fertility doctor in 2009, he got me on meds for the pcos and we did all kinds of pills and injections for a baby. Sadly no luck on a baby but every since then I have a period almost every month. Occasionally I miss a month but it’s rare, only thing is my periods change threw out the months so its never around the same time every month.
    • This sounds like how my cycle used to be, I just went almost a year without one, then started yesterday, I’m on it now :-/ it’s light to medium-ish flow like this tampon hurts kinda because of my flow *!sorry if TMI but this whole thing with the periods has totally freaked me out, I wonder if it’ll stop again or normalize..?! I was bloated, sensitive(emotionally) and having stomach pains for 2 days before I started. I literally cried at the deli in walmart because my girlfriend ordered the meat wrong, when I tried to tell her how, she had a pike in her anxiety and I could hear frustration in her voice- thats wayy sensitive !
    • Yes mine comes like clock work.
    • I was diagnosed a week ago (although I’ve had suspicions for a few years) and my cycles are anywhere from 28-41 days and I have a period lasting 3-8 days. My mum who also has PCOS before her hysterectomy would get a few periods randomly a year and they would last a couple of hours.
    • I do. 28 days like clockwork.
    • I did until I got a birth control implant
    • Me.
    • Me, but I don’t ovulate and they are heavy.
    • Me too.
    • Mine are bad too.
    • How do you know you’re not ovulating?
    • I take opk’s every month. And I’ve gotten blood work done.
    • I’ve always been regular.
    • Following.
    • Yes i don’t ovulate too. I took metformin for almost one yearmy obgyn told me the ovulation becomes normal but still i’am not able to be pregnant.
    • Ovulation and periods are controlled by different hormones. In normal people they go hand-in-hand, but with us you can have periods and not ovulate and you can ovulate and not have periods.
    • Yes but i thought once i start metformin and start ovulation i will get pregnant.
    • But i didn’t I am taking it since last june and still nothing.
    • Metformin isn’t for ovulation. It’s for insulin resistance. Yes some women may get pregnant on it, but that just a possible side effect. Clomid and femera are to help aide in ovulation.
    • What dose?
    • Yes.
    • Yes me.
    • Team 28 days.
    • 28 day clockwork never really had cysts either was diagnosed by blood work
    • I was 28 to 30 days most of my life. Lately my cycle is longer but I still haven’t missed but I am recently type 2 diagnosed so that can play into it too.
    • Me! Regular cycle every 28-30 days.
    • I get my period every month but they are long like 10 or more days and have spotting in between periods sometimes too
    • Same.
    • R u on bc pills? I really dont want to take them but i may need to if my periods dont settle down.
    • I’ve met a few friends with regular periods and still have pcos.
    • Yep and I’m going through peri too.
    • I have always had regular periods. This is one of the reasons it took me so long Robb’s diagnosed. My GYN wouldn’t even consider it. I KNEW something was wrong. Endocrinologist diagnosed through blood work.
    • Mine have been regular since the birth of my last child almost four years ago. First time it’s been normal ever.
    • Yes.
    • Mine is fairly regular. It’s only late by a day or two when I’m stressed.
    • I have normal periods. Didn’t when I was diagnosed but after I had my 3rd kid it went normal. However the cramps are horrible and I clot bad sometimes.
    • Yes.
    • Yes, I too had a regular cycle that I could count on like clockwork even with PCOS. My actual menstruation was horrible though… terribly painful, extremely heavy, and numerous large clots. There was only one time my cycle got messed up and that was after the birth of my last child. I bled for close to a year with a few days break each month, as if the cycle was backwards lol. I speak in past tense because I recently underwent a total hysterectomy, including ovaries.
    • So do you feel better pcos wise after the hysterectomy?
    • I do.
    • Yes, mine. Almost always, 28 day cycle. Been ttc for 1 &1/2 yrs.
    • Yes. Mine is always the same day of the month, never changes
    • Me.
    • I did til December now idk wtf is going on I keep getting hot flashes even when everyone is freezing.
    • I have a regular cycle every 22 days and I ovulate every couple of months. But still not pregnant been trying 11 years know.
    • Me.
    • Yes.
    • Yes regular cycle still not pregnant.
    • I do with my Metformin.
    • On time every month!
    • 30 days like clockwork.
    • Yes i do.
    • Me. I have a 28 day cycle.
    • Yes, pretty much the only symptom I don’t have is irregular periods x
    • Same, I’ve got facial hair and weight gain πŸ˜₯xx
    • Yes i have regular period.
    • Yes, me too.
    • Without use of birth control I have a Regular cycle about 35 days but no ovulation. With the use of mini pill progesterone only birth control I spot 7-15 days of the month and my cycle doesn’t follow the pill weeks and I still don’t ovulate.
    • Same problem so what meds did u take.
    • I never took medicine to help me ovulate I am still on birth control now and I take metformin but it is not for ovulation or fertility.
    • I m a TTC so my doc said no meds just improve my diet nd control my wait.
    • Yes.
    • I do, and i always have.
    • I do.
    • Mine are but I usually don’t ovulate.
    • Me.
    • I do. I was blessed with the other symptoms though.
    • Me.
    • Yes. Regular but vary a couple days occasionally.
    • Yeah me they are very light but as regular as clockwork.
    • Yep had one every month for as long as I can remember minus when I waited after miscarriage but that wasn’t too long.
    • Me.. 30-32 days… I was diagnosed with PCOS (left) when I was planning for pregnancy and took a wellness checkup randomly. Currently put me on metformin & femilon(a contraceptive for pcos I believe). need to take a scanning after 3 months before trying to conceive. Any one with similar cases, let me know.
    • I do.
    • Me.
    • I have pcos, been having period after my daughter was born three months ago, November, December, January.
    • Somewhat and I have 2 kids as well! There are different variations of it. That’s why Doctors didn’t realize I had PCOS until this past year.
    • Yes.
    • Yes! I’ve always gotten mine, only completely skipped a handful of times. But it never consistently falls the same time of month.
    • Hey do you ladies with regular periods too find it difficult to lose weight?
    • Yes, I look at cake and gain weight. I’ve been eating low carb and calorie tracking which has helped tremendously. If you don’t want to do a restrictive diet cut out bread, pasta, fast food, soda, limit sugar and dairy little steps at a time.
    • Metformin and cutting out carbs and sugar are the only ways I’ve been able to do it.
    • MeπŸ™‹πŸΌ you can pm me.
    • Yes.. It has only been delayed, if I stopped on the pill..
    • I do.
    • Me but only while taking birth control pills!
    • Ja, me.
    • Yep I do as well.
    • Me.
    • I do but I have everywhere symptom that goes with it.
    • Yes, me..like clock work!
    • I used to. When I worked out 6 days a week. I just dont have the motivation or time any more. Gained a ton of weight and I am super Irregular ive been spotting since August.
    • I have” periods” with bleeding of lining but not ovulation everytime. My testosterone is fine, my progesterone is low. I also have iron deficient anemia and poor iron storage (genetic? ) when I get iron through an IV, and b12 shots, it makes everything work better.
    • Yes have one every month (unless a cyst happens),but light
    • Mine are usually always regular. Certain medications make them regular for me but when I stop them my period goes haywire. Not birth control either. Talking bout pain medication
    • Me.
    • My pcos is seemingly managed at the moment. I lost 55lbs this past year. Got my period every 29-32 days. I really don’t care if I ovulate b/c I dont want any more kids (I have 2…ages 17 and 11), and I refuse to take birth control. Lol I’m 37.
    • Me.
    • I did for years… Maybe 4 or 5 years got my period on time and it slowly started not being there.
    • Regular, heavy and lots of clots.
    • Mine is pretty regular but that wasn’t until I started using progessence plus… before my daughter they were not regular then I had her, breastfed got my period a year after she was born and started using the Progessence plus, now it’s almost down to the day…but its extremely hard for me to lose weight and i have dark hair everywhere, and when I do get my period it’s real heavy for 2 days.
    • Me.

I have a doctor’s appointment in the morning but I wanted to see if anyone has gone through the same thing and give me an idea of what might be happening. I have been on my period for 2 weeks straight today. Not crazy heavy but not light either. I have never had a period last longer than 7 days.
Back story: Diagnosed with PCOS at 17 after irregular and almost non-existent periods. I had one once maybe twice a year. They lasted between 2-4 days and were very light. I started the NuvaRing over 2 years ago and my periods have been consistent and normal ever since. Normal flow lasting between 4-6 days. Until now. I started on my normal schedule, it started slowing as usual, then kicked back up and hasn’t quit since.
Thanks for any insight.

    • My ended up doing the same this after my miscarriage. The doctor told me I was fine as long as it wasn’t heavy bleed.
    • Reason why I got on BC.
    • I am on birth control. Lol
    • Lmao wrong posy sorry.
    • Lol. That’s okay. It happens.
    • Update: I went to the doctor and she’s referring me to someone else to get a transvaginal ultrasound on Wednesday. I just don’t know if I can wait that long. I am still bleeding and now I’m crying constantly. I can’t stop. I feel so alone.

So I have forced period. Im on it and its heavy. Im also throwing up, shaky and cant eat. My blood pressure is sky high. Is this normal?

  • I read an article last week that stated during a period a woman’s BP goes much higher than normal. But if it’s sky high, I would speak to a medical professional about it, as soon as you can. What is your BP currently at? X
  • 188/96. Its lower than it was. It keeps bouncing back and fourth?
  • That really is incredibly high. Try to stay as relaxed and calm as possible…and if it won’t go down in the next half hour, I’d speak to a Dr urgently. Especially as you’re feeling ill. X
  • That top number is high, bottom number is ok but still a bit high. I’d maybe try and get an appointment with a doctor. In the U.K. we have a number we can call who give advice / can arrange out of hours appointments (NHS Direct), not sure if you have anything similar but is phone them if I were you. Your blood pressure isn’t abnormal for me, but I have very high blood pressure all the time. If it’s unusual for you I’d definitely get seen xx
  • Get it checked out you could be losing too much blood
  • What’s a forced period
  • Its a forced period with pills. Your body cant do it on its own so you have to have pills.
  • I had an experience with heavy prolonged bleeding which drove my BP high and I felt horrible. I’d make an appointment ASAP with your doctor.
  • With pcos it is 😧 Still if it gets really bad don’t hesitate to call an ambulance or go to hospital.

Not really PCOS related: Especially for wavy/curly haired girls, what’s the longest period you stood without brushing/detangling your hair?

  • Also: I’ve been said it’s gross to wash them less than once a week, I’ve always been doing it: after washing my hair they stay clean for, like 10 days. It’s super dry.
  • Do you use leave in conditioner? Over washing can cause breakage, but underwashing can clog your pores and cause dandruff from a build up of oil. I wash mine every 3-4 days, or if I do a really intense work out that makes me sweat a lot. You could probably skip shampoo sometimes.
  • I have dandruff πŸ™ and use co-washing. I don’t love leave in conditioner… maybe I use it wrong, I should use it only on the end and not on top of my head…It makes my hair oily.
  • I have short hair now, but even when I had long hair I never brushed it and only detangled it in the shower when I was conditioning it. I haven’t owned a brush in like ten years.
  • Every week or less?
  • Btw I like your hair a lot! *.*
  • Well I wash my hair about every three or four days. My pcos has caused some hair loss so my hair is not nearly as thick as it once was. I detangled it with my fingers or a very wide toothed comb every time I conditioned it.
  • Thank you! ❀
  • I usually wash mine anywhere between 5 – 8 days
  • Six months….:D but my hair is not that curl as yours
  • Six months!!! Did you have to cut them!? Cause I think I would have to if I did this to mine…too many tangles o.O
  • I have too short hair now….and it’s too thin…I don’t used to brush my hair even I had too bulky hair….surprisingly I never get tangles ….even today I brush my hair only when I reach parlour for hair cut πŸ˜€ lucky me…
  • My hair is really thick and wavy and long I just usually throw it up mostly every day instead of brushing it. When I do decide to brush it in like 2 weeks it’s terrible! I can also go 2 weeks without washing it but even when I do that I let it air dry down then throw it right back up in a messy bun! I’ve threaten to get it chopped off but hubby won’t allow that lol!
  • I brush it in the shower, so everyday. It’s not the best but I feel clean when I do 😊
  • Do you use shampoo everyday?
  • Yes I do. I use head&shoulders and then a conditioner from dove β˜€οΈ
  • Your hair looks amazing but don’t you get split ends washing them everyday? Sorry for the too many questions.
  • No I don’t think so. I put either coconut oil or argan oil in it after I wash it πŸ™‚
  • Thanks. I don’t consider washing them everyday but more often than this for sure. Hairdresser told me it’s normal to get dandruff washing hair every 2 weeks and this made me feel like crap “-.-
  • I wash at least once a week, sometimes twice if it’s been hot.
    But I only brush it when it’s being dried, if I let it dry naturally then I just run my fingers through it. My hair is to the bottom of my back when straightened and Tina Turner frizzy when brushed and not straightened so I know exactly what you’re going through.
  • I try to get away with 4 days, but it’s been more like 3 since summer. I mostly wear it in a bun so usually only brush after showering. But they say you should brush often bc it distributes the oils in your hair instead of them just sitting at your scalp.
  • I should brush daily bc it’s usually a rats nest from sleeping and what not. But you can’t tell by looking at it 😷
  • How about going to sleep with a braid? I found it useful.
  • And I love using hair masks and deep conditioning but I only apply to the bottom half of my hair cause I get oily quick as it is 😭
  • I’m incapable of doing braids for whatever reason 😭 they’re always super uncomfortable to me like I can’t make them lay against my head 😭
  • I know they’re not very comfortable. You could also cover your hair with a silky scarf before going to sleep but maybe it’s too hot on summer.
  • Otherwise there’s also the chignon, although for me personally it’s impossible to go to sleep with it. Having so many hair it’s like something huge between my head and the pillow. So very uncomfortable.
  • Curly hair! I Never brush it. If it’s really soaking wet I can get a comb through it sometimes but I don’t usually bother and just let nature take it’s course. Only condition your ends – don’t go anywhere near your scalp. My scalp gets oily quickly so I wash my hair twice a week. Hairdressers daughter and she taught me all that.
  • So everytime you wash them you get a wide tooth comb through it?
  • (Sorry for my english. I am Romanian and live in Italy so…:D)
  • No, not even close. Like maybe once every 2 weeks or once a month I don’t towel dry it after the shower so it’s completely soaking dripping wet then I try to just comb the ends with a wide tooth comb.
  • Your English is excellent.
  • So envious. After 2 weeks of not combing/brushing (I do it only when they are wet too) mine looks just terrible.
  • Your curls look a little tighter than mine. I’m seeing my mom today so I’ll ask what she thinks. She’s a hairdresser.
  • Thanks a lot!

PCOS Experiences

I was diagnosed with PCOS about 13 years ago after having my son. As the years have gone by, my periods have gotten worse. Extremely heavy, big clots. They used to come and go with months in between, though now they just come and don’t go away. I constantly bleed. My doc said I have a swollen uterus and so it never fully empties out, hence the continued bleeding. I can’t take hormones/bc as I’ve had a bi pulmonary embolism. I’ve had 2 D&C’s. The last one 3 weeks ago and I also had the mirena put in (low dose due to the clots). (I’ve also previously tried metformin with no changes….)Β I don’t know if I’m done having kids (I only have 1) so I’m not ready for the hysterectomy that’s in my near future. Has anyone experienced anything like this? Is there hope? What can I do to delay having hysterectomy until I’m ready?

PCOS experiences
PCOS experiences
  • That’s so rough! I’m not sure what you can do but have you looked into vitamin or mineral deficiencies? Diet?
  • I’ve recently started taking all the vitamins/minerals I’m low on. I’ve gone gluten free since before Thanksgiving.
  • My personal experience is that I had the rough horrible awful painful periods that would be clots and all, it was ridiculous. When I went low carb (and this was long before I had kids or knew about pcos or anything, it was purely to try to lose weight), I noticed that a lot of hormonal issues resolved. i also tried macca in pill form and vitex and a few vitamins to try to get my hormones back on track coupled with low carb, I noticed my periods were a lot less painful and started to regulate. unfortunately with hormones it takes forever, but once it’s back on track or at least more bearable it’s much much better.

I was going on 18 months without a period when my new gyno finally gave me medicine to start one last month. Today is the first day of the first period I’ve had in YEARS without artificial hormones. I’ve never been so excited to stain my panties.

    • I had very irregular periods. In July I got medicine to bring one on and I’ve had a period every month since πŸ™‚ it’s great to feel normal and to feel like a woman πŸ™‚ Congratulations hun x
    • I know that excitement all too well. I was put on medication in October to bring one on because I had gone 12 months. I have yet to have one on my own. Woohoo for you πŸ™ŒπŸΌ
    • My story was the same till I hit my 40s. Now I get my period on the 12th every month with no help from drugs. It is weird how it happens because nothing has changed with my weight or health.

So i have a shopping horror story I want to share.
Background: genetically most of my family is over weight. Genetically my genes defintely arent the best. So even when i was little i was over weight. Now i managed to lose most of the “baby fat” for a while but now i am approaching 30 it is catching back up. I do make a conscious effort to eat health and work but as many of you know with pcosthe weight tends to hang around the middle. I went shopping to find a red dress to wear for valentines day dinner with my boy friend. I tried on at least 35 dresses. And none fit. Or they fit in all the wrong places. I left dressing rooms in tears and my mom who was with me tried cheering me up but unfortunately she is 5’9 and super thin lol so she cant relate. After finding a dress finally i needed to get a bra. The bra store lady basically told me i need to special order my bras because ” they dont make them for girls my size” . Wtf? Have any of you ever expierced horrible shopping trips? How do you raise your self esteem after one? I consider my self a strong woman but that day i wanted to go home and cry.

    • I am a bridesmaid for my best friend in June. When we were at our dress fittings the lady took my measurements and ask how much weight I would be losing between now and the wedding. I was furious.
    • Yeah been there. I have to special order my bras from Lane Bryant. They are slightly uncomfortable but I wear shapewear under all my dresses and sometimes with my jeans. I like the Maidenform Shapewear, Wear Your Own Bra line. I own several to help make things smooth.
    • Can you go to Nordstroms to get a bra? They sell all sizes and are super nice and helpful.
    • I never thought about them actually. I mean my bra size shouldnt be too hard im a 36 DDD. I usually go to Soma for bras… i will check out nordstrom.
    • You aren’t even that big πŸ™ for sure you would find a bra at nordies! I’m the same size as you!
    • I’ll keep them in mind. Thanks for the info!
    • Soma is good. But Nordstrom is the best. They carry bras upwards of U.K. Gg
    • I really wanted to buy some bras from Torrid one day but because of my big self and small boobs (44B) the girl told me that they don’t really carry those in store and to just order online. Oh well
    • Ya. I have the opposite problem. Small band size massive cup size. I can’t shop at torrid for bras either. Or Lane Bryant.
    • I feel for you – but you’re beautiful still! I went in to a shop one day, and the girl who worked there just looked at me and said – without any prior conversation – you’re to fat to wear any of our clothes…
    • I was pissed – she got fired – and I actually could fit something there (but I didn’t buy it!)
    • People are so flippen rude! Glad she got fired.
    • Omg! I cant believe that! Ugh people have no respect!
    • Girl you don’t even look big!
    • I’m about a size 16-18. But all my weight is in the middle. “Plus size ” (i hate that term btw) is awkward because usually its too big at the top. “Misses” sizes fit my boobs but are too tight every where else.
    • There’s no way you would have to special order a bra.
    • Hey…at least you were looking for a dress. I don’t do dresses…..lol

For anyone who seems to be one who forms ovarian cysts (poly fluid kind), What have you found to dissolve or shrink them that worked well? My cyst is 2-3cm and I’m trying to avoid another laparoscopy. My Obgyn will not do any bloodwork to check for hormone imbalance, so it’s frustrating me. I’ve heard to try castor oil packs, Don Quai, cutting out gluten, dairy, and caffeine…What helped you?

    • The bc pill helped
    • Did the Dr share concern regarding it? Is it causing you pain? I’m just confused because I have a hemorrhagic cycst currently that’s 2cmx2cm and my OB said it was within normal limits. Since taking inositol and vitex I haven’t had any issues with cysts. The one I have now my OB deemed it a functional cyst, meaning I ovulated, but I had loads when diagnosed.
    • Get yourself to an endocrinologist.

How do you explain PCOS to your partner?

    • My partner was there when i was dignosed but ive struggled to explain other bits.
    • Just tell him your baby maker like to be bipolar, some days it’s good, and some days it’s bad. It can cause tears, frustration, & many other emotions. But remember God will never give you more than you can handle!
    • You could also do what I did. I let my husband go with me to my OB appointment and I let the doctor explain it to him, and he had his own questions he wanted to ask. It actually helped us both! I feel like he knows what to say when I feel like giving up!
    • How long have you guys been together? As obvious as it may sound all you can do us be honest. Explain what it is and what it means and try and answer any questions they may have. It may take a while for them to process as it not only effects you but them too. I found with my partner he just had a lot of questions and wanted to support me as much as possible.
    • This helped him understand more and open up a comversation about it.
    • As an Endocrinology disorder. Dont focus on the female bits as primary because if you do it makes it hard for people to think of it as more than just bad periods and infertility. They dont understand all the other issues it causes!
    • I told my partner to google it! And then told him what I suffered with as he went through the symptoms! Plus he joined this page so he can see what others including myself go through everyday!

Ladies what do you use for your skin when it’s dry and breaking out? Almost everything I try makes it peel! I’ve been breaking out so bad the last month bc I ended a relationship, and moved. Stress!

    • I use virgin coconut oil as it locks in the moisture after I use an acne scrub.
    • I use baby oil on a cotton pad.
    • I have sensitive skin and I can only use Ponds otherwise I breakout.

I cry because of this . I always say to myself why me😒. I just want to be normal.

  • Be strong girl…
  • Thank you. It’s just like why me.
  • You are not the only one facing this.. But please be strong.. i know you can..
  • You are normal! Us psos women are strong & beautiful.
  • Me too, all the time :c It sucks… it was completely life altering for me.
  • I feel your pain girl I say the same thing but your not the only person there are tons of people dealing with the same thing some worse than others..we are all here to support one another..stay strong you got this.
  • Thanks.
  • You are not alone.. sometimes i also ask myself the same question. But then at the end of the day you will realize there others out there with the same situation. You may be far, but we are at this together.. πŸ™‚ cheer up…
  • I think we all ask that same question.. why me… and I just have to tell myself, I wouldn’t be given this life if I couldn’t face all the challenges. It will make u stronger and more proud of the goals u conquer.
  • I know how you feel.
  • Feeling you girl.

This is the first time I’ve posted in this group…just looking for some advice.

I’m 30 this year and like a lot of the ladies here I have dreams of being a mummy.

My partner wants to wait another 18mths or so to start trying (I’m currently on Yasmin BC). I’m worried about the long path that lies ahead when we start trying and want to start trying now.

Our relationship is really strong and no dramas there. With pcos I just feel a bit anxious about waiting till I’m 31-32 to start trying for our first bub. Just looking for advice if anyone has faced this too?

    • If it helps, my mom almost certainly had pcos, long story short, and had my sister at 32 and me at 35.
    • I was ready before my hubby but didn’t push him. Now he’s fully on board and it feels awesome to know he’s in it 100%. However I under you’re scared and don’t want to take away from that. That’s just my experience but everyone’s relationship is different for sure.
    • I would let him know how with pcos it can take a while and let him know ur concerns with it. Maybe he will want to start early and who knows what will happen.
    • This is my experience, but everyone is different. I had the same mentality. I expected a year of failed TTC before going to OB and needing clomid, etc. We got pregnant first month TTC and it stuck. She’s four weeks old today. So I discovered in May that I ovulate just fine despite needing birth control to regulate periods.
    • This is all excellent and positive advice. It’s really the fear of the unknown! He is awesome and has listened about my pcos concerns… I guess it’s so many unknowns. Definitely agree the best thing is to wait till we both feel ready. Can’t help but get a little crazy over all this stuff sometimes!
    • And Brandi that’s so great, congratulations on your little girl!
    • Thanks πŸ™‚ baby dust your way whenever you and your SO decide to start.
    • Yes just because you have pics does not mean problems conceiving. I got pregnant by surprise 2 times. I would voice your concern and see if maybe you can settle in the middle at like 9 months from now. That way if you do get pregnant that month it’s still 18 months from now that bub will be born.

My doctor says an IUD is the way to go and that’s what he wants to do, I haven’t agreed because I kinda don’t want it. Anyone else have it?

    • I have the IUD.
    • If you don’t want it, don’t get it. I’ve had it and got pregnant on it. After miscarrying I kept having pain/pressure in my abdomen. Which didn’t leave until it got removed. I’d never take it again. I had a Mirena.
    • I did the mirana and nexplanon.. It was terrible. Irregular bleeding, cramping/ spasms. I won’t ever do them again.
    • What is IUD?
    • Intrauterine device… Its placed in the cervix releasing constant contraception and hormones.
    • I have the IUD ! I love it ! No problems at all !
    • I have an IUD but it’s non-hormonal. I love not having to worry about if I take my pill late – I had hoped to stop using hormonal BC, but when I stopped taking it my PCOS symptoms exploded lol. So now I’m a cyborg with a copper IUD still taking birth control πŸ˜› I do love IUD. It burns to get put in because foreign object, and it can trigger bad cramping and bleeding for a month or two, but getting one installed isn’t as scary as it sounds in the end.
    • HAD one. I loved mine.
    • I will never get one. I’ve heard way too many horror stories about it migrating, perforating the uterus, or embedding in the uterus.
    • I love my iud no problems at all.

So despite pcos and a couple of large cysts I’ve always had a normal sex life. However yesterday I experienced extreme pain to where I couldn’t sit down, walk properly, use the bathroom or even just move in general without awful pain.. I’m wondering if it’s endometriosis and I’ve just never experienced major symptoms? Or can rupturing a cyst cause vaginal pain as well? (I’ve ruptured cysts before but it’s never hurt anywhere else but my lower belly)

  • I am not sure of your question… But i do know using Turmeric and detoxing hormones decreased my PCOS drastically , Hope you find the awnser your looking for though.
  • In my personal experience my PCOS has changed as I’ve gotten older. I went to the ER for pain I was having and it didn’t feel like the normal pain I have with PCOS, and I was checked out to find it was a cyst rupture, which I’ve had many times, but this pain was very different. PCOS changes in life. Hope this helps.
  • Thanks ladies. I’m overdue for my yearly so maybe this is my sign to just go in and get it over with. Gotta love PCOS, there’s always something new going wrong.

I feel like giving up.. all I ever hear of people is “it’ll happen when it’s suppose too. You have to be patient” it’s been 18 months.. why does it take medication (btw I haven’t even started yet, I don’t even know if it’s a option..) .. I need to come to the realisation that it may never happen..

  • It will happen. Never give upπŸ’“ medication is an option, but there’s always hope. we will all get our miracle at some pointπŸ˜‡xo
  • 😭😭 I’m having a bad day today and have work in a hour.
  • I’m here if you need a talk!! Bad days are okay, there’s always better days coming! Just gotta keep positive and remember that it’s okay xo.
  • I know your miracle will happen πŸ’• I was feeling just like you yesterday, I know it’s hard try to stay as positive as you can, we will both get our miracle babies πŸ’• I just got diagnosed a couple days ago and I’m still struggling with hearing that I have this, I’m trying to take it one day at a time, we will start ttc soon, I’m just trying to stay as positive as I can.
  • Yeah that’s me, my partners so reassuring he tells me if we can’t have one then we’ll go travelling & have the nice things in life & my response is we can have all that with a baby but he’s trying to just make me feel better πŸ’• hope you get your baby real soon xx
  • My husband and I had been trying for nearly 4.5 years. Finally, I looked at him and told him I couldn’t do this any more and I just wanted to focus on school. (Doctorate) that was end of nov 2014. St pattys day 2015 I got pregnant. Dec 2015 I had my baby girl. My point is… I sat where you have. It will happen πŸ’œ
  • That’s so amazing xxx
  • It took me over 10 yrs
  • 18 months May seem like forever but keep trying and don’t give up
  • Yeah gonna just think of things that distract me from pregnancy like my qualification in my job & then hopefully it’ll just happen.
  • I tried for 18 months and it didn’t happen so I gave up and started the lchf diet (I wasn’t over weight just wanted to lose 10lbs ish and I decided to consentrate on myself and my work and then 6 weeks into this new diet I had my first period is 2 years and then 4 weeks later (now 10 weeks in to my new diet) I found out I was pregnant I had also lost the weight I wanted to lose
    I believe that lchf diet is what helped me get pregnant and I believe that lchf helps regulate our cycles
    I now have two beautiful little girls after being told at 20 I had 0% chance of having children they were both conceived naturally 4 and a half years between them but they are both here healthy and happy
    Don’t lose hope try to focus on something other than trying for a baby and hopefully your dream will come true soon x
  • What’s that diet could u explain x
  • It took me almost 10 years to get pregnant, first time was because I took steroids for a chest infection, second time was naturally. Sadly lost both pregnancies, but if I hadn’t of taken those steroids I wouldn’t of gotten anywhere, especially since I’ve only recently realised that I start the ovulation process as my period is ending. I’m 30 years old, I don’t have any kids, I’ve been in the same relationship for 10 years and I want to make my fiancΓ© a dad so much, but it’s been a really long and slow agonising process.
  • That’s so heartbreaking πŸ’”
  • Keep your head up hun… We all have felt this way. I went through alot of fertility medications, an ectopic and 10.5 years later I finally am getting my miracle. It’s hard to not get depressed about it but you got this!
  • I’m gonna stop thinking about it so much x
  • See an RE asap! (And make sure to get your partner checked too). It’s so hard to try and try and try but there are other things you can do besides FAM. Don’t cut yourself short before you’ve explored all your options.
  • Infertility is sooooo hard but as you can see, we’re all here for you!
  • Something that really helped me is that my husband​ and I started saving money for a big European trip. Our goal was $10k. When I felt really bad, I’d work on planning our trip. If we saved to 10k before getting pregnant, we’d go on our trip. if we got pregnant we’d use the savings to pay for our baby’s birth. We ended up with our little miracle a few months after we started seeing an RE (after months of working with 3 different obs).

What’s the longest you’ve gone without your period with PCOS?
So far I’m on about month 10 :/ I have never gone this long before, it’s always been irregular, but only by a month or so. My doctor had me do an ultrasound, and hormone tests, and the hormone tests came back normal I believe. On the ultrasound the tech of course said that my ovaries look polycystic (I’ve known that for Atleast 7 years now, I don’t think that will change) but 10 months… should I be scared?

  • I didn’t get mine for 8 months I then got it because I had an ectopic, then four weeks later I got it again.
  • Ow wow… interesting…
  • Before that I bled for 3 months straight so it went from one extreme to the other.
  • :/ it’s always extremes! I had extremely heavy periods and then bam nothing.
  • Yeh i was the same I went on progesterone only bc and it stopped them and it never came back.
  • That’s really good to know as well, thank you so much for sharing
  • Following, very similar situation
  • 3.5 years in college
  • Wow… what eventually made you get it?
  • Less stress (I went to a military school) and I got off the BC pills, started natural remedies and cleaned up what I was eating.
  • That’s what I’m noticing is a common thread here, the cleaner eating. I’m not on BC pills, that’s what doctors keep asking me :/
  • Sara avoid if you can!
  • That’s what they are trying to figure out now, there next course of action. I guess depending on the measurement of my uterine lining they may have to do a withdraw bleed? I think that’s what they called or she said put me on birth control which doesn’t completely make sense. I’m going to try and avoid taking the brith control if I fcan!
  • Totally 6 years
  • Wow.. what eventually made it come back?
  • It came after i lost 20 pounds.
  • That’s what doctors are telling me is that it is a combination of being obese and PCOS… so I’m wondering if I lose weigh if it will trigger it to start again… just weird because I’ve been this weight before and I was still getting my periods.. ugh so frustrating!
  • My first period was at 13 then no period until I was 19/20 (6yrs) i lost 20 pounds and period came back. After that period is whenever it feels like. To keep me regular it has to be birth control or Metformin. Now at 42 yrs of age if im not on those 2 medications I spot constantly. This disease is frustrating πŸ˜–
  • 16 months. Drinking tea daily helped me get my period back.
  • That is interesting… Any tea in particular?
  • 16 months.
  • Wow… what made it come back?
  • 7 years also and then comes back very very aggressive periods stops for some months then back again nightmare.
  • Oh no Tracy I’m sorry πŸ™
  • Its a horrible thing to live but we struggle by x
  • Oh well… except once but it was more like spotting.. I got so excited I put a Tampon in the minute I saw blood and then of course nothing else happened
  • 3/4 years
  • 2&1/2 yrs
  • Almost 2 years