PCOS & Gallbladder Problems

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How many of you suffer with PCOS and had their gallbladder removed? Just curious, I have had mine removed and obviously suffer with PCOS. I feel the side effects with both of these is even crazier! Please share!

  • Gallbladder removed in college. And found out I had pcos soon after graduation.
  • Mine was opposite found out I had PCOS then had it out 3 years later lol
  • Yes in my 30’s.
  • How was recovery? I had mine out in my teens, any strange side effects since you had it out?
  • Yes I still feel like it’s in… like have pain there
  • Me to! I get attacks in the middle of the night running for an anti gas pill. And I’m going on 10 years with it gone.
  • Gained weight too
  • And horrible bowel and gerd issues
  • My mom had hers out and recently stopped all caffeine, she swears that this has stopped all attacks and pains. I need to try this
  • Yes weight gain and bathroom issues as well! So not fun 🙁
  • Mine right out of high school!
  • Me too! Lol
  • I never thought there would be a connection.
  • Katie Martin me either! The more I read in these support groups the more women I see who had it removed! Must mean something!
  • Pcos has nothing to do with gallbladder…gallbladder is connected to bile tract of liver …it’s main function is to store and concentrate bile, a yellow-brown digestive enzyme produced by the liver….when the gallbladder is removed …this function stops hence a person without gallbladder is adviced to have roughage everyday…so don’t worry..most of us are without gallbladder..
  • Good to know! Thanks for sharing!
  • I feel as though because of obesity from pcos that it can affect other parts of body
  • Agree!
  • Yes my gallbladder removed 4 years ago.
  • No but I had gallstones while pregnant. Every now and then I get pain but it SUCKS.
  • I’m having mine removed sometime in August. My consult appointment is next Thursday.
  • Not me.

Not really PCOS related but I went to the Dr today to get an ultrasound of my gallbladder and liver and as the tech was looking at my liver he asked if I’ve ever had my liver function tested.. I’m absolutely terrified something is wrong with my liver now. Anyone else ever deal with something similar?

  • I’ve have elevated liver enzymes…just watch your diet and drink lots of water…mine went back to normal range
  • Why did you have the ultrasound done?
  • Possible gallbladder issues.

Hello and thanks for the add! Last year was a tough year for me as I had my gallbladder removed in June and was diagnosed with PCOS in December. I’m still dealing with medication changes and blood work as we try to get my hormones within range. Currently taking (1000mg daily) and Spironolactone (100mg daily). I tried to change to oral birth control but that seemed to cause worse hormone imbalances such as elevated prolactin which was incredibly painful. I’ve lost 35 pounds but not feeling much better and still have zero energy. I also have hirsutism and currently waiting for my testosterone levels to drop before going for electrolysis. I have to say the hirsutism is one of the harder things to deal with emotionally. I’m still learning about PCOS and glad I found a group for support and to find others who understand what I’m going through.


I’m at the end of my rope! My first (confirmed) cyst was found in April measuring 6cm on my right ovary. Things were made worse by multiple gallstones and a kidney stone on the right also. I had lap. surgery May 26th to remove my gallbladder & dr drained the cyst. Everything was fine for two weeks (probably started ovulating as I got progesterone induced period may 25th) and since have had horrible cramping and pain. My ob/gyno was no help as he insisted cysts don’t cause pain unless there’s torsion or rupture & wouldn’t even do an ultrasound. I’m seeing my gp Friday but i can’t handle this & last er visit was treated like a drug seeker. What can I do? Alternating Tylenol & 800mg ibuprofen isn’t helping!


Any of you ladies ever had your gallbladder removed? I’m scheduled for surgery on Monday and I’m quite nervous! Any positive stories would help tremendously. Thanks.

  • Hi there. I had my gallbladder out about three years ago. It was not a problem at all, even eating afterwards was good to go. Put neosporin on the cuts. Mine are super ugly now! You’re gonna be great! It truly was easy! And I really don’t have any side affects afterwards!
  • Was the best decision of my life.
  • Had mine out in 2012 no issues. Only took half a pain pill after surgery. My cuts looked awful right away. I was bruised up really bad, but now you can barely even see my scars. I had an issue eating fat for awhile, but I’m good now. Make sure you take a pillow for the ride home to hold against your tummy. You can also use it when you sneeze or cough. No one gave me this advice, I wish they would’ve!
  • I had mine removed in 2007. I went home the same day. Mine went well with no problems. I barely see my scars.
  • In India, specially in eastern side of India 90% women has to remove their gallbladder due to stone. I had my surgery in Nov 2016. Now a days gallbladder removal is very easy, just keep in mind after the surgery eat light, do not stress your liver, avoid oily food on regular basis. The day u have oily food try to have good portion of salad. Rest you can always ask your doctor…about food ….
  • Had mine out in 2014 right after my wedding. The surgery was easy and pain was minimal. Don’t fret about it, it will be over sooner than later. The only issue I have had with it out is I cannot handle certain food.
  • Had mine out in 2010. Surgery was easy. Minimal pain. Take it easy on the fatty greasy food until you know how it affects you. I had surgery on Thursday and went to a birthday party on Saturday and ate greasy pizza. Almost 💩 myself on the way home 😂😂😂. Some food still bothers me but not like that, lol. I can Barely see my scars now. And definitely take the pillow advice above, car rides and sneezes are a little rough. Overall it wasn’t a bad and the surgery is NOTHING compared to a gallbladder attack. Best of luck to you!
  • I had mine out a year and a half ago, surgery was fine. Not much pain. Greasy foods still set me off sometimes but I’ve continued to get the same type of pain like a gallbladder Attack since, still haven’t figure out what the problem is 😩
  • Had mine removed in November of 2013. Same day surgery. Hurt a little getting up from a lying down position but other than that I was fine.
  • Had mine out 10 years ago and it was the best thing I ever did. No more pain or puking. The surgery went very smooth and i only have a couple of small scars. The pain was minimal and I didn’t need all of the pain meds they gave me. The only draw back from the surgery is that I had the runs for a while as my body adjusted to not having a gallbladder anymore but it cleared up and Im great now.
  • About a yr ago had it done. No problems recovery was great still no problems
  • Yea, had mine removed in 2009. Greasy foods and alcohol still trigger go issues
  • I did, but I was diagnosed with IBS on my two week check up.
  • I had mine out 21 years ago. 6 weeks after having my daughter. I had terrible gas pains.. and was sore about a week thats it!! Well worth it the pains i had before were unbearable
  • I work in surgery. This is a operation that is very routine. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. The thought of surgery can be very overwhelming. It would be wonderful for you if they are able to do it Laparoscopically 🙂
  • Thank you ladies so much for your kind words and support. I’m happy to see all of the positive. 🙂
  • I’ve had mine out but didn’t take it easy as was made to go back to work so took me about a month to fully recover. Just be careful with greasy/fatty food, even the smallest amount irritates my bowel haha (it’s only great when you are constipated and can fix it by having macas hehe)
  • Seems like most who’ve had the surgery deals with the irratated bowel part of it. My Dr did tell me there’s meds that can help with that.
  • Loperamide is awesome but it actually is helpful as you watch your diet a lot better as it’s just not worth nearly pooping your pants on the way home from dinner 🙂
  • Kicked mine out last October! I was super nervous too but I giggle thinking about how quickly I was out and just woke up like from a nap. Definitely not as bad as i feared. I struggle to be taken care of most times and the dr literally wrote down to let my husband do things for me and to stay rested; I had a great team before, during, and after. A lot of people I know had foods they had to adjust or eliminate, so just take it slow when you can have solids again. Things will go great and you’ll feel so much better afterwards! 👏🏻
  • Had mine out over 12 years ago. I was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery. No problems during recovery.
    Good luck. Wishing you a speedy recovery.
  • I got mine taken out when I was 14 (I was on the recalled bc yaz that caused so many problems). It went good, there’s discomfort with any surgery & it’s understandable to be a little scared. There where no issues & after you get over the discomfort of surgery your gonna feel so much better! Like your life is gonna be way more normalized & the pain will all go away. I went to a green day concert 3 days later (it was stadium seating so I didn’t get bumped into) & was only off of school for a week 😂. Maybe the concert wasn’t the smartest thing to do but the surgery wasnt as painful & healing time want as long as I thought it would be. Good luck to you!
  • I had mine taken out almost 12 years ago. Even with it being really infected, I had zero complications. I was sore for a couple of days like I had done a ton of crunches, but that was it. I didn’t even take any pain medicine. Prayers and best of luck.
  • ***Update: I had surgery at 8 am this morning and was home by noon. The pain is pretty bad. Hurts to cough, laugh, sneeze, move or pee. It’s pretty rough. I’m hoping I’m better very soon. Thanks for all of your kind words.

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