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(GD)? PCOS with experiences.

Is developing gestational diabetes inevitable when you have an insulin resistance and were already borderline diabetic before conceiving? I’m really worried about it 😞

  • I’m 9 weeks pregnant
  • No it is not a guarantee. It is more likely to happen than to those without IR. But it doesn’t mean it will happen no matter what. They will probably want you to do an early test as well as the regular one.
  • Yes, dr mentioned doing one at my appt on the 28th! He said he would call and let me know by the 20th… I’m just worried about it
  • I have IR been pregnant twice, once with twins never had gestational diabetes.
  • I also took the test several times each pregnancy.
  • Gestational diabetes is not the same as getting diabetes. It’s the placenta that create and issue for insulin in the body not the pancreas or the receptors With IR it’s the receptors and or the pancreas that make the problem.
  • Ah!!! Thank you for that. This is my first so I’m still learning πŸ™‚
  • No. I’m 25 weeks and have passed three GD tests ( I requested an extra one between the early and mid one my docs already do)
  • My numbers were great each time ( in the 70’s when the range is 70-139) So just eat as well as you can to help manage your sugar like you usually would with insulin resistance and see how it goes. Gestational diabetesΒ is often managed through diet anyhow so use it as a stepping stone to prevent it as well even though sometimes it happens anyway despite your best efforts.
  • I have insulin resistance and no gestational diabetes.
Example: Eating plan for gestational diabetes with pcos
An example: Eating plan for

I need help… I can’t stop crying I’m so scared.. I’ve always been a very healthy eater, I absolutely love every kind of veggie. Since being pregnant I can’t eat any of them or hardly any meat besides ground beef, for a while I could eat fish but now I can’t even stomach that… I did my about a month ago & they told me to be careful because I was getting up there but not there yet… I’ve tried everything I can think of & just CAN’T stomach anything healthy, lately its been iffy to eat anything without feeling absolutely sick to my stomach .. I was horrendously sick with my first child but I was young & didn’t care about the junk I consumed let alone had the gestational diabetes hanging over my head.. Has anyone gone through this or is going through this?

  • Before becoming pregnant i was strictly low carb high protein and veggies…now all i can stomach is bland carbs, so your not alone…im afraid i may gain a ton of weight and im only 12 wks πŸ˜‘
  • Thankfully I haven’t gained hardly anything & he’s weighing more than he should for how far along I am but knowing that g.d cloud is hanging over me I’m so scared
  • Sounds like you need some nausea meds to me. I couldn’t eat anything until I got something from my doctor.
  • I have an appt next Tuesday Imma talk to him then about it… My SIL is a nutritionist so she told me to try ensure or boost, one of her patients drank like 4 a day while prego because that’s all she could stomach.
  • Yes I had to do that as well for about 3 months but you need to look into the ones that are or diabetics cuz the others have a lot of sugar and are just like eating candy in some cases.
  • Ok! She has coupons for me so I’ll definitely do that.
  • But you do need real food with protein or you body will start to react to not eating. This is not a long term solution you should still talk to your doctor about nausea meds.
  • I was on 2 different ones and an antacid just so I could keep food down.
  • That made is so I could eat some food and drink 2 shakes. 4 shakes alone would put you on a liquid diet and it wouldn’t be enough for your body and baby. Your body would start to show negative signs.
  • Yea that was my first concern because I’m all about protein so I bought a protein shake made for prego women & even that I was like ugh
  • I definitely can’t handle a liquid diet, I’d be so weak.
  • If that shake did it too then I would go the meds route. I was sick the whole way through with this last pregnancy.
  • Yea my son I was too even the smell of cookies made me sick
  • How far along are you? I was the same way my entire first trimester
  • Its at the point where I don’t like pickles anymore which I ate tons of first trimester & I bought one of my favorite candies that targets always sold out of, took one bite & handed the rest to fiance
  • I agree with the boost. That was really helpful when the thought of chewing disgusted me.
  • I also did smoothies with protein in them. It’s possible to hide veggies in them as well.
  • I couldn’t stand chicken or dairy or anything really with protein but then at 20weeks it’s all I wanted. Now I eat chicken and cheese around the clock…no joke
  • I’m the exact way but haven’t gotten to the point of wanting it.
  • I thought it would never come. Then one night I had a weird craving for chicken so I ordered…that was it.
  • A lot of the time I crave something & when I get it it still makes me sick
  • Yeah that would happen with me too. It was really frustrating. I ended up losing weight because of that.
  • I’m a high risk gestational diabetic since 3 months pregnant, my numbers are still high even with 2 types of insulin plus nutritionist. My numbers are high and I try but I’m ok I only complain about the sourness the syringe leaves, as long as ur not high risk don’t stress yourself because that adds to u. 8 months 2 morrow and looking at the positive.

Doesn’t gestational diabetes usually cause weight gain? I’m doing the week long blood sugar testing because I failed my one hour and I refused to drink that shit once let alone three times. But I’ve noticed I’m losing weight again. I started at 158, went up to 170 at my last appointment and I’m back down to 165 now. So my question is can you lose weight and still possibly have gd?

  • I never took the drink but poked my finger I had GD for all 5 pregnancies and always lost 25-35 lbs.
  • I had GD (gestational diabetes) during my pregnancy, and lost 15 lbs total throughout it.
  • I also lost weight during pregnancy due to GD… Mine was diet controlled which caused me to lose weight because I was taking in less carbs/sugars.
  • I haven’t even started a gd diet yet though lol. My diet hasn’t really changed in the last few weeks.
  • I never went on any diet I still ate what I always did just smaller portions.
  • I’ve lost weight. Still eat what I want just in portion control as long as my numbers were below the recommendation.
  • Yes. Lost 20 pounds with my first and has GD.
  • A common symptom of diabetes is weight loss. I didn’t have that problem and put on 20kgs+ with GD.
  • Yes after I started limiting carbs per the doctor’s instructions.
  • I lost 10 pounds in 1st trimester still got GD.
  • Just so you know it’s not your weight… it’s the ability to break down sugars.
  • I do know but I was responding to her question asking if anyone lost weight and got GD
  • Oh I think she meant after being diagnosed.
  • Losing weight actually does help reduce your risk.
  • I lost 100 lbs… so maybe not for everyone. My O.B. and specialist said that weight has very little to do with it lol?
  • My specialists say it does.
  • That’s from the American Diabetes Association.
  • I’m not going to argue with you and the knowledge you were given by your specialist vs mine. Really?!
  • I’m not arguing lol, I was simply stating what mine said. Geez haha.
  • I find it interesting how doctors have such different views. Was just sharing info.
  • Well I guess my info and what I’m going through proves it for me. Like I said, I lost 100lbs… and as far as I was told gestational diabetes is different then type 2 and is also very common when carrying multiples, like I am. Did they tell you that placentas especially having more then 1 make it more difficult to break down sugars?
  • Yes, I’ve heard that too. Multiple risk factors probably impact how much or little the weight loss lowers risks.
  • Hunny I lost the weight before falling pregnant with twins. See you’re stuck on weight loss regardless… and I’m trying to tell you, that it may not work for everyone because it very obviously didn’t work for me haha can we please agree to disagree lol.
  • She is not even disagreeing with you. I think yoyo obviously a confrontational person. No need to reply any further.
  • Wow, okay. I’m not disagreeing with you. I said multiple factors change how risks are reduced. Calm down. I’m not stuck on anything sweetheart.
  • I am acknowledging it appears to have not worked for you. But that doesn’t change that it can be a valid way to reduce risk.
  • I’m calm lol and thank you for acknowledging that.
  • I had 6 factors against me
  • I can’t believe being over 25 hurt me!
  • Wow that one surprises me!
  • Prediabetic, African-American, family history, PCOS, over 25, unexplained miscarriage.
  • Mine are PCOS and overweight.
  • I had gd and my daughter weighed 4 pounds 6 ounces at birth at 37 weeks.
  • One of the doctors said it can also cause baby to be small???
  • Interesting!

I had to share this lady’s this is my miracle baby she was born at 32 weeks and almost passed away in the first week of life I tried many years to conceive without success when I had given up I fell pregnant my pregnancy was a very hard for me with health issues like gestational diabetes where I had to use insulin my placenta stop working Skylar suffered from growth restrictions the dopplers weren’t working right and other things as well on top of that after the birth I suffered from postnatal depression Skyla was in the nicu and special nursery for a month where she suffered several health issues there’s still some to this day so it’s been a hard 2 year for both of as but these pictures just shows to me what its was all worth they wore taken one year apart on her due date and 1 year corrected I can’t believe how much she has grown and learnt in such a short time on this earth and I thank God everyday that I have her and that he gave her the strength to pull through everything she went through
I hope that you lady’s get your little miracle and that it is save and healthy for all


Hi ladies just had a phone call to say I’ve got gestational diabetes I’m in the U.K. I’ve got an appointment tomorrow. Advice anyone? Xx

  • I highly recommend taking inositol with PCOS, it reduces your insulin resistance. I had GD last preg and I’m just waiting to find out if I have it this time, I’m 27wks but so far spot tests have all been norm. I managed with diet and inositol alone.
  • I’ve requested to join thankyou xx
  • I should get more info tomorrow at the hospital I hope xx
  • I have been diagnosed with GD as well. Right now my doctor has not put me on any medications but has put me on a lower carb diet and watching my sugar intake. Wants a lot of my carbs to be from veggies and all my breads to be whole wheat. So far it has been manageable without meds. I eat 3 meals a day plus 3 snacks a day. I would try not to get to worried at first your doctor may come up with a plan to suit you and your baby.
  • First thing my Dr told me was no juice or soda ever! They should give you a meal plan to follow.
  • I live in the uk and got diagnosed last week. Mine was 10.1 i am not on any medication or diet at the moment but the hospital gave me a machine to check my sugar levels 6 times a day then after 3 weeks i have to go back to decuse the results.
  • Ah maybe that’s what I will have im not sure on my results yet x
  • Just been to the appointment in the same as you Donna I don’t have any specifics just check my levels I go back next week my result level was 8.8 x

So after the 3 hour glucose test it appears I have gestational diabetes. What now? Is baby at risk of anything. I’m worried now.

  • Not related to your question – how far are you?
  • 29 weeks
  • Ok… I’m 18 weeks and was wondering when I would do that.
  • I took mine at 28 weeks (2 weeks ago) Ashley, and I have it. πŸ˜•
  • If you keep it under control from what I’ve been told baby should be fine
  • I couldn’t handle a bigger baby than 7pounds. My first son was just under 7 pounds and I didn’t have any complications like this with him so this is all new to me.
  • So I’m worried now, heard diabetes can make for bigger baby.
  • Only if it is uncontrolled.
  • I had no complications with my first except him coming early & I was super overweight before I got pregnant with him & this time around I’m getting close to GD they said…. We expect this to be a huge baby because my fiance was a huge baby.
  • Your OB didn’t want to schedule you with a diabetic specialist to teach you more about it? thats what they did with me.
  • She said one would call me to setup a class. I get the stuff to prick my finger tomorrow.
  • I was overweight with this one so maybe that doesn’t help either.
  • I’ve read they don’t really know what causes it.
  • All I can think of is runs in the family. I stayed away from sugar and ate whole grains and thought I was being healthy.
  • It’s not so much being over weight unless you have pre-existing diabetes. It’s genetic and can be caused by having a bigger baby before, especially if you had GD with a prior pregnancy. Remember that pcos also effects the way we break down sugars and our hormonal imbalance(=insulin resistance) also taken due to pcos. Those are mostly related. Just track low carb and more frequent smaller portions πŸ™‚
  • Amie Fry.. grains.. regardless of whole are still carbs when broken down is sugar.
  • Meats, eggs, butter have no carbs/sugar… I was diabetic before pregnancy and controlled with keto diet but since pregnancy, I have been having sugar and carbs abd I just failed my 1 hr (I knew I would given I’m diabetic already) and will be taking that class… after pregnancy I’m going back to my keto diet.. best of luck.
  • Every pregnancy is different. I’m pregnant with my 3rd and they say I have GD with this one. I didn’t have it with my first 2. I’ve been pricking my finger every day now.
  • Amie Fry while grains are pretty sugary. I would cut gluten completely.
  • Control is the main thing! I am insulin dependent and the risk for me are heart defects, large babies, you have a greater concern for stillborns. But my baby has seemed perfect so far. And my first was fine aside from low blood sugars at first. I did have my first early and expect this baby earlier than 39 weeks.
  • That scares me a little, the stillborn. But so far my baby seems fine, he was measuring 5 days behind and moves a lot.
  • Amie Fry stillborn risk is more so for uncontrolled diabetes. Most women have healthy, fine babies!
  • As long as it is well managed you will be fine. They should have a nutritionist get in touch with you. But the main things are making sure you eat protein any time you have a carb. The protein slows the digestion of carbs so your blood sugar doesn’t spike as quickly. He stressed exercise was important and if I indulged in more sweets or carbs a short walk after that meal will also help minimize spikes in blood sugar. It’s scary but you will learn how your body reacts to different foods and adjust accordingly. They suggested eating 5-6 small meals.
  • Thanks you, some good insight.
  • Not that you should make a habit of indulging in sweets. But the nutritionist I met with during my last pregnancy said that if I wanted dessert to skip carbs with the meal. That way whatever protein you eat with your meal helps slow the digestion of the sweets.
  • It was really scary at first but you’ll get the hang of it. As long as you keep it under control your baby should be ok. Like most people advised have a snack every 2-3 hrs and at night don’t go more than 10 hours before your night snack and breakfast. Also try to stay as cool as possible because the heat also affects your blood sugar. There’s another support group on FB for expectant mothers with GD.
  • I’m 31 weeks and have GD. I joined a group “gestational diabetes support group” and it’s been so helpful!! Be sure and listen to your dietitian and eat healthy and drink lots of water. If you need any help let me know!
  • I agree about this group! It helps A TON!
  • 5 kids all GD they were fine.
  • I found out at 7 weeks. They are now saying I was already diabetic when I got pregnant. They will medicate you first more than likely and if you are unable to control it where they want it then they will do insulin. Diabetes can lead to premature babies or big babies. The medications are not harmful to baby at all though. Do what the doctor feels is best for you and baby.

For all you pcos mama’s who have gestational diabetes…were you guys ok after you delivered? My high risk doc quadrupled my metformin dose and also added insulin. He said after I give birth I gotta buckle down and lose 20-30 lbs so I don’t get diabetes type 2 later on in life. I’m currently 27 weeks and wanna hear more experiences from other moms who have pcos plus GD… Also, happy fourth to you all!

  • Had GD with all 5 kids never done anything different or have to take anything
  • Oh wow all 5? And you didn’t get diabetes type 2 afterward? Good to hear!
  • Nope
  • PCOS and GD do put you at a much higher risk of T2. This means you have to be extra cautious about what you are putting in your body, and managing the insulin resistance. I follow a Ketogenic way of eating in order to manage my blood sugar while pregnant, and to help fix my insulin resistance while not pregnant. Read the book “Dr. Bernstein’ Diabetes Solution”.
  • I’m glad your keto diet is helping you manage your blood sugar and insulin resistance. Thanks for the book rec.
  • It sounds like your doctor is trying to make you have low sugar!
  • Technically he’s trying to lower it bc my blood sugars have been very high. Did u have GD for yours?
  • I “failed” the hour test by 4 points because I didn’t fast. I think my sugar was 134. They wanted it to be 130. I’m insulin resistant though. I refused the 3 hour one because the first one made me ill. I tested my sugars one day, they were fine and I even had chocolate. One dr was a complete bitch towards me about the whole thing. At 34 weeks my baby was 5lbs 4oz, exactly where she should be. Tom at 39 weeks I have another ultrasound scheduled.
  • Oh wow, well congrats on being at 39 weeks!!! That’s a huge milestone. I’ve never actually taken the glucose test. My firstborn came out at 26 weeks on the day I was supposed to test, and for this pregnancy I was always high for the hemoglobin a1c blood test and then they made me take my blood sugars by pricking my finger for two weeks. It was really high so he said it was pointless for me to take that nasty drink, which I’m sure I would’ve thrown up anyway! I’m glad your levels were good. Sorry u had to deal with a mean doc tho, that’s annoying.

Anyone else here diagnosed with gestational diabetes? My whole maternal side of the family and husband’s paternal have it. I was borderline but now at risk. Does anyone whom currently has or had in their past pregnancies dealing/dealt with this? Any good recipes? I am trying to beat this. Would love all your tips and tricks. Thank you, ladies.

  • I have it…4th time having it. There is no way around to beat gestational diabetes. You’ll either get it or won’t get it. But most women who have pcos are at a higher risk of getting it. If you do end up with getting it during pregnancy or even just to start eating healthier definitely check out Pinterest . They have a ton of recipes for GD.
  • I was diagnosed with it at 24 weeks and I am currently 36. I was living a very similar lifestyle prior to getting pregnant in order to control my PCOS. Luckily I have been able to control my numbers through diet and haven’t needed insulin. Did you go to a diabetes clinic? Did they give you an information packet? My doctor sent me one before I went into the clinic and I’d be happy to share it with you. It was basically everything I was already doing however they wanted me to add in a few more carbs and dairy for baby as well as a bedtime snack to help with fasting numbers.
    If be happy to answer any questions you have.
  • Had it with 4/5 kids I still at the same stuff but not so much of it, it’s a lot of trial in error to see what your body likes and doesn’t.

Sitting here at the OB’s office to take my glucose test for gestational diabetes at 17 weeks. I was on Metformin until just 2 weeks ago at my last appointment when the OB insisted on taking me off of it. Since then I feel a slight dizziness after eating, and I wanted to be tested. Hoping and praying I don’t have it!

– _ –

I’m 31 weeks today, I just found out I have gestational diabetes! 😒😭 I’ve lost two babies, have two living, I’m scared and HATE PCOS….so I got my levels
1. I was 96 and needed to be under 95
2. I was 220 and needed to be under 180
3. I was 172 and needed to be under 155
4. I was 67 and needed to be under 140
Maybe its not as bad as they made me think?

  • There’s nothing to be scared up you will be fine
  • You’ll be fine, I’ve known I had GD since 28 weeks and I’m now 32 today. Just check your blood sugar as often as they tell you (if that’s what they asked you to do, it was the scariest thing for me but now I’ve been doing it this long lol) and everything will be fine.
  • Thanks Ladies just scared of needles, scared for baby, and pray it goes away after delivery. Already was insulin resistant so I guess Im overwhelmed.
  • I’ve had it with all 5 kids I personally didn’t need insulin and I’m guilty of not always following a diet and his came out fine and not “big”
  • You give me hope! I’m 35 weeks and it’s hard for me to stick to a diet. I’ve been eating what I want just haven’t been eating as horribly as I was.
  • With my last one I really didn’t follow a diet I was so done with everything lol
  • The best thing my dr told me last week (im newly diagnosed too) was that my baby is in no harm from the GD right now. She went over why it’s so important to get it under control and why they are aggressive about it and its simply a time issue. The finger sticks aren’t too bad you kinda get use to them. Keep your head up momma I have seen so many women on here with GD too they have great tips and advice.
  • The finger sticks..omg. 😭 I was scared to do them at first but then I realized it was just the noise that I hated. Now it’s the actual stick of the needle. People say it gets easier and less painful but it’s only getting more and more painful 😭 (I’ve been doing it a month on the 7th)
  • I cant poke my index finger lol i get like crazy anxiety and it seems to hurt worse then the others haha
  • I use all of my fingers (except thumb and pinky) on both hands so I’m never using the same place until like a week later but I literally cried last night because it hurt worse than any piercing or tattoo I’ve gotten 😭
  • Well see that all scares me 😒
  • Β It feels different for everybody, I was terrified to even prick my own finger but I’ve been doing it (my mom did the first one and I didn’t feel it at all) but I think the reason it hurt so bad yesterday was because I did it in the same spot I did it in earlier that day. Lol. But don’t be scared! You have to do it for the baby. ☺️
  • Yeah i know i have to and i will after all I’ve been thru already for him….
  • If you have someone who can help you it’ll make doing it so much better. My mom was gonna do mine 3 times out of the day but I would have to do it after dinner so I just said screw it and started doing it on my own haha.
  • My husband is amazing but i may just need to do it so i know its coming lol
  • Knowing it’s coming is the worst part! πŸ˜‚ for me it is at least. I’m fine with needles, I have multiple piercings and tattoos, I’m fine with getting blood takin and I’m fine with iVs, but pricking my finger/getting it pricked and shots are my worst fear. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  • Β I have to watch them draw my blood, do IVs, shots, of not it seems to hurt more… we’ll see lol.
  • I have to watch when I get a tattoo, get an IV, or get blood taken. But shots.. I just can’t. πŸ˜‚

Do you guys find that gestational diabetes is more common in women with pcos?

  • Yes it is. We are at a much higher risk of developing it, but not guaranteed. It has to do with being insulin resistant already.
  • It is, we do experience a higher risk of getting it. BUT, keep in mind it doesn’t mean you will get it. This is my 2nd pregnancy and I’m insulin resistant and didn’t get GD. And some of my healthiest friends have gotten GD. Sometimes it’s all a matter of luck. You can’t do anything to prevent it, you can’t do anything to cause it. It’s how the placenta processes things.
  • Thanks for the info ladies. I’m so worried about getting it. But if there is nothing to do to prevent it then all I can do it hope. I just felt like being insulin resistant how would I not get it!
  • About the only thing you can do to decrease the risk is continuing to take metformin. But even that does not guarantee you won’t get it. But it does help decrease the risk
  • Yup! This! (Assuming you’re already on it)
  • Yes I am.
  • Yup then just stay on it and hope for the best!! I’m on it too
  • Then definitely stay on it as that’s about the only thing you can really do to decrease the risk. Like others have stated, even eating 100% healthy won’t guarantee you don’t get it. And even eating nothing but junk won’t mean you for sure will get it.
  • It’s true for me! I had GD with my full term pregnancy, and I failed GTT early in my next pregnancy but I lost that one and the next one. I’m eating however it takes to control my blood glucose this time.
  • Not true for me… 2nd Bub and no GD for both! I have insulin resistance too
  • Not really sure. I tested negative for it. But my friend that is 3 weeks ahead of me doesn’t have pcos but she does have the gestational diabetes. But I also have to mention that I’ve been on the metformin my whole pregnancy. I’m 32 weeks tomorrow with a healthy little boy.
  • We are higher risk but won’t neccasily get it.
  • I haven’t gotten it in any pregnancy, this pregnancy is the first im on metformin as they only found my insulin resistance last year. Just eat healthy and have faith your body will do the rest.
  • Insulin resistance here. No GD during pregnancy #1. I’m 22 weeks tomorrow with baby #2 but we haven’t tested yet for GD
  • 32 weeks prego no GD I just kept taking metformin.
  • 3rd pregnancy didn’t have it with the first 2 and didn’t have pcos :symptoms” then .. I am not insulin resistant and I have gd with this pregnancy… the placenta controls it.
  • I still haven’t done my glucose tests yet, wanted me to at 14 weeks but i was unable to. I’m now 22 weeks & not sure when I’ll be taking it πŸ˜• this is my first pregnancy..
  • I’ve had 4 babies, haven’t had it once. But I do how ever fail the 1 hours since it takes my body longer to process.
  • I’m 27 weeks (tomorrow) non IR PCOS. Not on metformin and no GD so far. I’ve been testing my blood sugar levels with a glucose meter and everything has been great.
  • From what I understand, GD is from the placenta, which isn’t there at conception.
  • My first pregnancy I didn’t have it but this time around I do.
  • I’m with Christina – my first pregnancy I didn’t have it but I do this time.
  • I didn’t get it.

Hi all!
I’m 14weeks along and had a question for you guys.
Have you all had the gestational Diabetes test done?
I failed the 1hour by one point and am now waiting on my results for the 3hour test.
What can I expect if I fail?

  • It’s very common to fail the 1 hour but pass a longer test
  • Β Thank you. I need some encouragement.
  • Β I did 2 1 hour tests failed 1 of them by 3 points and then did a 2 hour test and passed being in the normal range. Here our 1 hour tests we don’t have to fast only with the longer tests.
  • That was the worst part lol the stupid fasting. I was starving!
    How far along were you when you had your test.
    My Dr said that with the PCOS she wanted to do it at 14weeks but normal ppl do it at 24 weeks.
  • I did them at 11 wks, 21 wks and 22wks.
  • Ok perfect.
  • Thank you so much for your reply

Ladies I have a question?
I am 32+4 and currently 2 cm dilated and 75% effaced as of last week. Today and yesterday I have been having a major headache, left side flank pain/back pain, pelvic pressure, and some semi crampy feelings that come and go! Baby is in head down position and I have already had 2 betamethasone injections for her lungs development in case of early delivery. Should I be concerned? I just feel very uncomfortable and I am very irritable (which I know comes with the end of pregnancy) blood pressure has been fine 118/78! I do have gestational diabetes as well but sugar levels have been normal.
Thanks in advance

  • Kinda sounds like a mixture of Braxton hicks and just normal miserable end of pregnancy symptoms.
  • That’s what I was thinking. The flank pain is awful… feels like the start of a kidney infection… and the crampy feeling just has me on edge… because I’m suppose to take that medicine if contractions start… I’m afraid I’m gonna ignore it and it be too late and have to deliver.
  • I went to the hospital about a million times they probably got tired of me if your worried it’s always better to go get checked. Every time I thought something was wrong there was always trust what your feeling.
  • I have felt like going a couple of times just to be sure… but have reassured myself… I will message the dr tomorrow and just see what they say! I have an appointment Friday so I’m sure they will check me again.
    I also have had sharp vaginal pains, which I have heard is normal, but can also be dilation… so idk.
  • Sounds pretty normal. Of course things can change fast though, but I was 4 cm and 80%at 33 weeks even, he was born at 37 weeks 4 days! Yes, I stayed 4 cm dilated for over a month! Lol even my doctors couldn’t believe it though. Haha!
  • Okay good. I am a ftm so I’m a nervous wreck lol… so scared I’m gonna ignore something serious. I had pretty bad contractions last week and just ended up going to bed hoping they would stop…. then found out I was dilated and effaced the next day.
  • Did they give a shot of terb to stop them, or put you on privates to calm the uterus?
  • Procardia* stupid phone haha.
  • Lol that’s ok my phone does the same thing. They sent me home with Procardia to take if contractions come back.
  • Take it it wil help soooo much! I’m on it now at only 17 weeks due to high blood pressure, but it also helps with contractions! I’m on 30 mg a day. (Its the safest blood pressure med since I only have one kidney).
  • Yeah I have heard nothing but good things about this med… just wanted to make sure I wasn’t overreacting lol They are thinking I will have her around 34 or 35 weeks… so we will see.
  • When in doubt call the doc. Could be the start of back labor

Any of you ladies have Gestational Diabetes? I was just told I have it and am being referred to a diabetes specialist. Any words of wisdom or changes in pregnancy because of this?

  • I was diagnosed about 1 month ago! They just have me counting carbs! and checking my sugar before breakfast, and 1 HR after every meal! I drink tons of water, and eat lots of meats and veggies! Try to stay away from bread, rice, pasta, milk, and fruits! They are high in carbs. Carbs turn into sugar.
  • Did they say anything about being induced early because of it? I was told you do to help prevent the baby from getting it. thats from a friend not the doc yet.
  • I am 32 weeks and I am dilated to 2 cm and 75% effaced! I am looking to deliver in the next 1-3 weeks due to preterm contractions. But they never said anything about being induced because of the diabetes.
  • I am only 27+ 1 today.. just a little worried.. trying not to stress.
  • Yes, please don’t stress! Just talk to your dr about it… I’m sure everything will be fine! I have been able to keep my sugar levels under control with dietary changes and increasing water intake… you will be fine mama! You got this πŸ’›
  • Thank you.
  • I have it going on week 4…its a pain i won’t lie but its doable…im 27 weeks and counting down to baby being here!
  • I got it I’m 28 week today and I’m counting down to the weeks now and if you what to talk about this I’m happy to help if I can x.
  • I had it with my first son. You will either get insulin or they will try to let you control it with diet.
    I was given meds due my sugars being out of control. Was not that bad. I was given the pen and it was super easy. I also watched what i ate so my sugars would be more controlled.
    I was not told he could get it. I was told that if my sugar levels continued out of control they could damage his kidneys, make him ill and very large causing an emergency c section.
    He was born at 37 weeks via c section due to low fluids (my water had broke and i didnt know. Its not like on tv or in movies lol)
    Perfectly fine. 8 pounds healthy boy.
    Please do not worry.
    Manage your diet and watch the drinks (OB said that is where a lot of people get their sugar)
  • Yes, my food intake isnt horrible. most part i try 90% healthy meals such as taco’s and fajitas so any sugar would be in the wrap bread or taco.. i do drink alot of juice.. which i am now only drinking water with lemon and lime wedge for a bit of flavour. were any of you told to buy or given the glucose meter to test your levels daily?
  • I was diagnosed early with GD. My day time numbers are well under control (I test after every meal) — but we could NOT get my fasting number down in the morning, so I’m on a very, very low dose of insulin before bed.
    Eat lots of protein. And watch your carbs. The dietitian will go over all of that with you. πŸ™‚ It’s really not too bad actually. I still eat what I want, I’m just really careful and conscious about it.
    I have been told that we’ll need to do an echocardiogram at 20 weeks because sometimes early (uncontrolled) GD can cause heart issues. At 32 weeks I’ll have to go in twice a week for non-stress testing. And then if I’m still pregnant at 38 weeks, I’ll be induced.
    Being diagnosed was scary. But it’s really okay. It’s manageable, and it’s great practice for eating better since PCOS causes insulin resistance anyway.
  • Thank you ladies for your words of wisdom and help..much appreciated..i dont see doc for another week and a half and unsure how fast diabetes specialist will take to call and schedule.
  • Until then, just watch your carbs. You’ll probably be told to stick to 30-60 carbs per meal, and 15 carbs for snacks πŸ™‚
  • Were you diagnosed after the bloodwork?!
  • Went for test yersterday, got results today from doc over phone. She is having the diabetes specialist call me for an apt.
  • Ohhhhh! I did my test yesterday also but haven’t heard anything yet. I wonder how mine will come out.
  • Our tests only take 24 hours to get results back to doc..so I called this afternoon as i didnt wanna wait for them to call me lol.
  • I got ya! Idk how long it takes for them to get the results here.
  • I would check with your insurance to see if they cover the class. I took it and then got a bill for over $600 for the class and found out that it wasn’t covered and didn’t go to my deductible.
  • Because I’m being referred to a specialist it’s covered under OHIP which is the health plan provided to people in Ontario. Otherwise yes I’d have to pay. My insurance doesn’t cover much.
  • Had with second pregnancy. It can be scary when they tell you but it will be okay. Had to take a class which explained how many carbs for snacks and meals and pairing with protein.
  • Do u still have diabetes or does it go away once baby comes?
  • Should go away as soon as you’re not pregnant. πŸ™‚

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