Pcos hair loss problem

PCOS Hair Loss Problem

problem is the biggest trouble for women with PCOS. There are some experiences about hair loss problem. There are so many patients who have been hair loss problems. You can read these experinces.

Hello girls. I’m from Germany so sorry for my English! My worst problem from pco and the high level of testosterone and dhea is the hair loss and every hair I lose, don’t grow back 🙁 I can’t even tie it because at the front it is so light u can see the skin. What did you help to stop it or make them grow again ? I am so depressed and it still getting worser and worser .. and my doc just say you have to live with it… hello ?? Soon I am without any hair on my head..

Pcos hair loss problem
loss problem
  • Don’t shampoo as often, take the vitamin Biotin, go easy with any heat hair tools, when you put it up don’t put it up as tight. 🙂
  • Hi ash ! Thank u. I have to wash them every day because they get oily so fast ! I tried to don’t wash them for a time and hoped it will stop but it didn’t. If I Don’t wash them everyday it start to itch. I don’t use any hair tools because it makes them oily even faster 🙁 I’ll try biotin.
  • You could try the dry or spray shampoo that might be more gentle that washing everyday.
  • Yes! Dry shampoo is your best friend for this.
  • Dry shampoo would be a good substitute a couple of times per week for sure!
  • Sounds good 🙂 well I will know what to do today buy all those goodies and try them out. Thank you ladies.
  • I swear by this! I’ve tried several hairloss shampoos over the years but this one really works. It helped thicken my hair. Within a few weeks of using it, I could see a lot of regrowth, especially at the front of my head. And it’s not expensive!
  • Oh I know that. Thank you for the German link ! 🙂 I will give it a try and buy it tomorrow.
  • You’re welcome. 😃 I hope it works well for you. It will take about 6 -8 weeks to notice a difference so keep using it consistently. X
  • Okay. I am exited how it will work to me.
  • May i ask what this is ? And what it does ? My hair has really thinned over the yrs of having pcos.
  • Sure. It’s a shampoo made up of caffeine, niacin and zinc. It’s been around for years, aimed at males with hereditary hair loss. They have many products, so it would be best to have.
  • Okay thank you so much 🙂 I’d like to have thicker longer hair again . When i was little i had hair down to my butt ! Then i had it cut and ever since then it grows just past my shoulders and stops .
  • Ps the two I personally use are Caffeine shampoo C1 and Double effect caffeine shampoo. I totally understand that Karin. I was the same. My mum used to joke that Diana Ross was my real mom as my hair was so thick. 😃 When I got to my twenties, my hair got so thin and the condition was terrible. Now my hair is back down at my bum and I don’t lose half as much as I used to. Give it a try. It’s worth it even if it just give you a bit of regrowth or stops it falling out. X
  • Yes ! Exactly ! All i have to do is run my fingers threw my hair and hair comes out
  • It’s soul-destroying, isn’t it? Especially when you’re used to having beautiful hair and then it’s gone. 😔 I really hope you get your gorgeous, thick hair back. X
  • Yes it is soul destroying ! Its crushing .
  • I can feel you. I have the same and it makes me so sad everytime I look in the mirror. I hope those things will help us and make us feel better.
  • I use Pura d’or shampoo and conditioner. It has DHT blocker in it. DHT is causing to hair follicles to be clogged from the hormones and not grow back. I have had the same problem, my hair was so thin. Ever since I started using it, I have noticed little baby hairs and my hair is becoming thicker.
  • I will Google that and see if it is available in Germany.
  • I ordered mine from the Internet so you should be able to.
  • 60 Euro 😵😵
  • Look up these two.
  • Thanks I found it. Do you know what the difference between the blue and the gold one is ?
  • The gold one has argan oil in it. I liked that one but my hair would become oily a lot quicker so I would have to wash it more frequently.
  • But the blue one has argan oil also or? Or is it just less than in the gold one?
  • Are you sure the blue one has a dht blocker too ? I can’t find an advice on it.
  • The gold one it says it is organic and has a couple more DHT blockers in it. I think the blue one works just as well. Here is the set for a good price.
  • They both do. The shampoo and conditioner.
  • Aw thank you. Here in the pic is an advice for the blocker put at the German one not. Hmh curious. Which side is this?
  • Just to look up more information about it, go to their site. The package of the shampoo and conditioner together that is the cheapest I have found it.
  • I’ve been on spironolactone for a few years, and while it doesn’t thicken my hair (well? Maybe it has a bit?), I can go up to 3 days without washing my hair because it has gotten rid of the oil. Also good for acne! Ask your doctor if thats something that is an option for you.
  • Had it any side effects to you ?
  • You have to be careful with your electrolytes because it’s a diuretic. And you have to drink lots of water. And you pee a lot. But I also noticed that I’ve been able to lose weight a lot easier. I lost 65lbs on keto and spironolactone and I couldn’t lose anything without being on the medication. I’m a big fan of the medication because I have horrible side effects from every other medication I’ve tried. But not this one.
  • That sounds good especially because I have weight problems and I have a lot of water. I will ask my doc if she is willing to give me a receipt for it. I hope she will do. I don’t know what to do if not. It gets worser and worser each day
  • Definitely see if its good for you! Remember it takes about 6 months to see improvements in hair, skin, etc. And if you forget to take it, it could trigger a period (forgot to mention that side effect!). I’ve had a hysterectomy, so it’s not an issue for me anymore, but it was back in the days when I had a uterus.
  • I will have a doc appointment in 2 weeks can you tell me how your dosage was ? I will definitely talk about this with my doc.
  • I take 100mg/day.
  • Hi. ich komme aus der schweiz & habe das selbe problem… leider… ich habe viel viel viel recherchiert und bin bei einem bekannten haar dermatologen unter behandlung aber auch der macht nicht allzuviel…
  • Folgendes kann/wird helfen:

-spironolcaton medikament aber man muss mindestens 100mg / tag nehmen! frag mal deinen arzt dazu!
-saw palmetto tabletten (mindert dht)
-spearmint tea (mindert testosteron)
– hochkonzentrierte BC Pille (zb Diane 35)
-minoxidil tonic (Regaine in Deutschland) achtung: dies wirst du ein leben lang nehmen müssen aber was tun wir nicht alles um unser schönes haar zu behalten
(einziges bekanntes mittel dass gegen haarausfall hilft)
-saw palmetto shampoo & conditioner (foto) (mindert dht)
-keto-med shampoo (mindert dht)

  • Fish oil and prenatal. Prenatal you can take over the counter.
  • What helped me a lot was changing my diet as well as not shampooing as often as I used to. I also let it go natural instead of blow drying and straightening which causes even more loss 😓

I’m 12 weeks pregnant. “Thanks” to pcos my hair was falling out like crazy prior to falling pregnant anyway but since it has got worse. I could cry when i see big lumps after hair wash. What hair loss vitamin is safe to take in pregnancy? Most i looked up are not

PCOS hair loss problems
PCOS hair loss problems
  • Your prenatal probably has biotin in it. That’s good for skin and hair.
  • I’ve been taking it for 2 months now. Not prenatal but pregnancy vitamin. Obviously not good enough for hair
  • Its normal in the first trimester for our hair to continue to fall out due to high progesterone. If it continues, make sure you are using proper shampoo and conditioner as well as taking biotin. YUM brand vitamins have some specifically for hair health.
  • I’m in the same boat..docters have no clue! I may be bald soon lol i feel your pain
  • Have you checked your thyroid? Pregnancy can make it go wonky, and an underactive thyroid can cause hairloss
  • Not since pregnant but in the uk they wouldn’t check thyroid for a bit of hair loss….
  • I was hypo before pregnancy so I was monitored closely. I suggest looking up hypothyroidism and seeing if you have any symptoms. Joint pain is a big one and you’re 12w, so your body shouldn’t be too pained yet.
  • This is what I’m thinking I haven’t lost much more hair then normal but I’m on thyroid meds since I got pregnant

Has anyone else experienced excessive loss of hair? I feel like its coming out like crazy :/ i take vitamins already.

  • Yup I prob loose enough to make a wig daily lol
  • Omg lol anything help?
  • Nope lol it has gotten worse the more kids I’ve had, and after you have baby it’s definitely worse
  • Mine did the first coupe months but it’s gotten lots better lately and is starting to thicken back up. I’m 36 weeks
  •  Do you know what your having
  • I hope so, i may be bald soon lol
  • I said the same thing, I even cried quiet a bit
  • I’m pregnant and still lose my hair like it’s nothing. The doctor told me that’s not normal but says nothing is wrong. Other than its bc of my pcos and crohn’s.
  • Me! I lost more than two hairbrush lots a day! From about 7 weeks until 17! It’s stopped but it definitely thinned out 😩
  •  Are you PP?
  • Pp?
  • Postpartum
  • No…im 6 wks pregnant

Does anyone still deal with hair loss and acne in their pregnancy? My hair has still been falling out and I keep breaking out worse then before.

  •  I’m having hardcore acme
  • Acne
  • So am I. Ugh lol. I only had it with my son. With both my girls I cleared up and myhair stopped falling out. Totally opposite with my son lol.
  • Not much acne here but my hair is falling out like crazy!
  •  Yes to both 😕
  • It’s frustrating! I’m 6 weeks tomorrow. Nothing helps with the acne and I get more stressed with myhair falling out.
  • Yes my leg hair is growing fast. loosing head hair and pimples just like pms. thought it was suppose to be better haha.
  • My hair and skin have actually gotten better since I got pregnant. One of the old wives tales is that if you’re having a girl she steals your beauty. If you’re having a boy he makes you look younger.
    Well its not true because I’m having a girl.
  • Yea I have the worst acne I have ever had since pregnant. But the hair part no I actually have way more body hair since pregnant.

I’m just wondering if anyone else has noticed hair loss with pregnancy . I have long hair so I’m always losing a little bit , but since being pregnant I’ve noticed I’m losing a lot more in the shower or after brushing my hair. When I was younger I would have to have my hair thinned out but in the last three years in feels thinner.

  • My hair is getting thicker where normally i loose cause of pcos but – my nails however are weaker than my previous 2 pregnancies.
  • With my last pregnancy my hair got thicker also but this time it’s staying the same besides the hair loss. I’m not sure about my nails cause I have my nails done every 2 weeks .
  •  I also feel that I’m losing more hair than before pregnancy. My nails break easily too. What’s up with that? Lol
  • I was looking forward to the pretty flowing locks of hair lol. Doesn’t look like I’m going to get it this time
  •  Me too…well mainly the nice nails finally! I’m a short hair girl but having nice nails that I could paint would be fun. Not happening tho!
  • Im having hair issues too. But i have thyroid issues.
  •  I also deal with hairloss when having thyroid problems. Dr said it (thyroid) can change during pregnancy.

Just like sugar🎂 feeds cancer😷 in the body it also feeds PCOS. We need to take our lives back by eating healthy🍌🍓 daily minerals daily vitamins, supplements and excercise! 🏋This is critical! Just by following these steps will make a world of difference!😊 I am totally into holistic, 100%natural🌱 ways of restructuring and healing the body… sometimes our bodies need or seems as though we need the “man made”, “genetically modified” medications to get us started… but I assure you if you change your bad habits you will see results that are out of this world! I was 327 lbs obese, over weight, back pain, facial hair, ovary pain, hair loss, boils, acne, chub rub, no ,irregular ,heavy , monthly daily cramp and pain! 4-4.5 months of hardcore excercise🏋 2 hours a day, 1,500 calorie intake, protein shake, multivitamins, and lost 54 lbs.. less back pain, slim to none ovary pain, are regular, ovulation every month… less acne, some hair growth on head… I feel better, I look better, We need to do all that we can do! Doctors👴 and medication💊 for the rest of your life is not the answer! Medications only mask the existing effects of PCOS! Make a change! Have PCOS by the neck! Don’t let PCOS have you! 😉🤗❤🕆

  • I made the change. I lost over 60 pounds. I went gluten free cut out caffeine lived off organic foods like kale smoothies. I got my body healthier than it had ever been. I still needed “man made” “genetically modified” medications to be able to conceive. Medications do not mask PCOS they help treat it for those of us who truly need them. I’m glad the lifestyle change helped you it didn’t do much for me.
  • Congratulations and I made the changes to with my life I lost 50 pounds I had cut out lots of sugar like no pops or beards and metformin help me as well .
  • I agree with the poster, I did the ketogenic diet, it took 5 months for my body to heal and start ovulating naturally, when previously I wasn’t ovulating for 6 years on a high carb vegan diet. With keto all my Pcos symptoms went away, facial hair, acne, cyst, irregular periods, and now my hormone levels are all normal. I am so happy I found away to heal my body, no amount of sugar or carbs are worth feeling the way I did when my Pcos was out of control.
  • Cassie I have a question when u lost weight in the beginning would u get ur period two times a month… light or heavy.
  • No, only once a month and day 1 starts out light, then day 2,3,4,5 heavy… I also added vitamin D3 to the mix and instead of getting my periods every 35 days I started getting them at 32 sometimes 29 and also ovulated earlier 🤗
  •  Where can I buy vitamin D3.. I think i have a problems I lost about (30 + pounds) n I been getting my periodsl every month two times….
  • Walmart, CVS, target, Kroger, Walgreens exc….
  • Thanks
  • I did Paleo diet, helped lose weight (30#) and feel better, but I still have to take my thyroid meds. And I had to use Clomid one round. Not all meds are evil, but diet is a MAJOR player in your fertility level and health
  • Clomid caused a mass on my ovary, synthroid eventually makes the thyroid dependant on it and will stop working properly without the medication.. been there still there…

Any of you ladies experience hair loss while preggo? I’m 24 weeks and the last week have been experiencing pretty heavy fall out. I am taking my prenatals.

  • But it’s never been this way before pregnancy
  • Pregnancy does a lot of things to your body. My symptoms never got really bad until I was pregnant with my first son. Then things exploded and were out of control.
  • My 2nd trimester was bad. Every day I showered or brushed my hair it was like clumps falling out. I seriously thought I would be bald lol. Once I started the 3rd trimester it stopped and now only lose a couple hairs a day if that. It’s the damn hormones!
  • Makes me feel better I hope it stops.
  • I am to and I did before I was pregnant. I took magnisuem to stop it but my Dr told me to stop taking it for now.
  • Mine never fell out it just stopped growing on top of wich used to be all silky and flowy now is like a Brillo pad! Totally discussed 😕

Has anyone had hair loss from taking letrozole? What did you take to help your hair stop falling out as much? This is just from washing my hair, I brush my hair twice daily and get about the same amount each time. I’m scared of loosing all my hair.

Hair loss with PCOS
Hair loss with PCOS
  • Hair skin and nails vitamins
  • I did have a look at those, will have to have a better look into them and see which are the best. Thank you.
  • My dear i am facing similar problem… You can use the juice of onion n it is quite helping me to cope with this situation… Not totally control bit it is a bit helpfull because of Arginine in onion.
  • Thanks Hun, I’ll give anything a go at the moment.
  • Try to have oil mustard oil or olive oil twice in a week…followed by warm shower…i hope it will help you.
  • I only wash my hair once a week so maybe if I alternate the oils I use each week 🙂 thank you for your help x
  • I have a lot of hair loss too. I also have hypothyroidism. This was from after one shower 😣
PCOS hair loss problem
  • I’m not on letrozole though
  • My mum has hypothyroidism and has hair loss like you as well. Defiantly not nice seeing it all come out.
  • Nope.. thankfully I have a lot of hair.
  • Oh lucky. Thankfully so does my mum and myself. I can see it thinning around my temple area tho.
  • It’s no fun.
  • Looks like after my showers 🙁 I bought some hair regrowth product today. Hoping it retains/regrows my hair 🤞🏼
  • Good luck, I hope it helps.
  • That’s my wall I’m the shower.. I HATE IT!!!!
  • That was on the wall of the shower, not a great feeling at all.
  • Nope. It sucks. It’s definitely not fun having pcos.
  • I hate washing my hair just BC I know that what I will have.
  • I only wash my hair once a week, I’m changing the shampoo I use to see if that will help at all.
  • I then brushed my hair and all this came out 😫 My hair has never fallen out to this extent before. I started letrozole at the start of June so that’s all I can put it down to. I did get my hair dyes a couple weeks ago th

    PCOS hair loss
    PCOS hair loss
  • When I used myo inositol it got a lot better. Still have some hair that falls out but the amount decreased a lot.
  • Thank you, I will look into it. I’m in Australia, so hopefully I can find it somewhere
  • I also struggled to find it in South Africa, doctor prescribed InoFolic which has it in. Also some prenatal vitamins has inositol in them.
  • Might book in with my doctor next week and see what he says.
  • I don’t take it and get this or more.
  • I had a little hair loss before but It’s only just started like this for me, so I don’t think my PCOS is what’s causing it. It’s either the letrozole or I had my hair done about two weeks ago.
  • Same here 😞
  • Is horrible 😕
  • They say it’s normal to lose about 35 – 40 strands of hair a day apparently. Don’t like it or completely know why hair has to fall out to refresh itself. But that’s the body too hey
  • I know up to 100 strands a day is normal. I’m loosing a lot more than 100 strands tho, I can really notice the hair loss around my temple area.
  • Oooohh… do you dye your hair often? Do you stress out a lot? Dye is NOT GOOD AT ALL.! Thins your hair out.
  • I hadn’t had my hair dyed in over a year, had it done a few weeks ago to treat myself. I don’t stress much either, I’m a very calm person. It either has to be from the letrozole (I took it for 5 days in June, had a miscarriage in July so didn’t take it that month, and just finished this months round) or from getting my hair dyed which I highly doubt it was from that. I’ve never had much hair loss before now.
  • Oh god.! Have you told your doctor? Maybe he can check stuff out or tell you what may be going on. Hope it’s nothing serious.
  • Nah not yet, my specialist who gave me the medication I can’t get ahold of and my normal doctor I don’t think will know about it.
  • Well, something has to come up and give answers hey.

  • Hay Bianca! Danke für deine Antwort. Sind ja schon viele tolle Sachen dabei :)! Das mit dem Medikament spironolcaton werde ich definitiv ansprechen, hast du auch schon damit Erfahrungen?
    Saw palmetto habe ich mir bereits gekauft und werde ich jetzt mal eine Zeit lang ausprobieren.
    Spearmint tea hab ich auch schon gelesen und geordert 🙂
    Die Pille kann ich leider nicht mehr nehmen weil die mich total depressiv machen. Hatte die diane z.b. Schon und mir ging es echt schlecht 🙁
    Regaine und eine estradiol / melatonin Lösung habe ich bereits probiert und hat alles nur schlimmer gemacht. Viel viel schlimmer.
    Das mit dem Shampoo hat weiter oben ( aber ein anderes ) auch schon vorgeschlagen da werde ich mich definitiv mal einlesen und schauen welches für mich das beste ist.
    Was hat dir denn bisher geholfen ?
  • Hey bianca wie viel mcg hast du von dem spironolactone genommen ? Hab in 2 Wochen einen Termin und will das mit meinem doc klären
  • Habe noch kein spiro habe am 16.2 den termin und möchte dann 100mg nehmen
  • Okay ohhhh ich bin gespannt was der Arzt sagt. War gestern in der Uni Klinik in erlangen zum Blut nehmen und bin gespannt wie es weiter geht
  • Viel glück 🙂 halte mich auf dem laufenden! ich habe auch blut genommen und am montag muss ich nochmals.
  • Mach ich. Die Ärztin meinte dass sie denkt dass mit den Nebennieren was nicht stimmt. Aber wer weiß …
  • Genau wie bei mir! morgen habe ich den nebennieren check! hast du auch zysten an den eierstöcken?
  • Wie hat regaine es bei dir verschlimmert?
  • Nein zum Glück keine einzige. Ja ich hatte schon einen Speicheltest Anfang 2016 gemacht da sah ich die Nebenniere schon schwach aus aber noch nicht so schlimm. Evtl wurde es schlimmer . Man vermutet dass ich abends einen hohen cortisol Spiegel habe und unter dem tag dann zu wenig.
  • Ich hab viel mehr Haarausfall bekommen. Soll am Anfang ja erstmal normal sein aber es wurde noch nach 2 Monaten schlimmer … Dann hab ich es gelassen
  • Das sind alles dinge die helfen! es ist schwierig die haare in den griff zu bekommen.. aber möglich 🙂 bzw hinaus schiebbar! und ich denke immer so: so früh wie möglich beginnen & so weit hinauszögern wie möglich & in 5 jahren ist die medizin wieder schlauer 🙂 viel glück dir! wenn du fragen hast – hit me up! ich helfe gerne, ich weiss wie schlimm es ist 🙁 lass dir deine lebensfreude nicht nehmen 💕 es gibt für alles eine lösung! es gibt für den letzten part wenn garnichtsmehr geht viele natur-haarteile die permanent ins eigenhaar eingenäht werden! habe ich mal angeschaut & sieht noch gut aus merkt man auch nicht 🙂 also nicht aufgeben!!!:)
  • Noch wichtig:

minoxidil täglich anwenden
saw palmetto tablette täglich
spearmint tea täglich 1L (man gwöhnt sich daran haha)
hab noch vergessen: Vitex tablette regelt hormone (täglich nehmen)

  • Ach das is so zum verzweifeln wirklich. . Es wird immer schlimmer und ich höre nur von den Ärzten ‘ ja da kann man nichts machen’ bin schon oft heulend aus der Praxis raus. Ich kann mir keinen Zopf mehr machen weil es vorne Bit zur über die Mitte vom Kopf SO Licht ist. Ich benutze schon Schütthaar weil ich mich sonst schäme :(. Und es wird immer schlimmer. Und am Kinn etc sprießen die Haare. . Die will ich alle gar net haben. Was hat dir denn am meisten geholfen ? Bei mir geht das ganze schon seit ca 10 Jahren aber so richtig schlimm ist es erst seit 2013. Ich habe so angst dass die Haare nicht mehr kommen. Ich kann nicht mal Extension tragen da man das sieht. Aaacccch. ..
  • ich kenne es sehr sehr gut 🙁
  • ich kann dir nicht sagen was mir am meisten hilft aber ich benutze alle die oben aufgeführten dinge 🙂 und es geht aufjedenfall nicht mehr so schnell mit dem verlust & neue haare kommen auch habe ganz viele ‘antennen’ oben am kopf also so abstehende neue häärchen die kommen sehr warscheinlich vom minoxidil aber ist halt schon kacke so viele sachen zu benutzen aber dann denk ich mir so:
  • schlussendlich muss ich auch 1x im monat kinn waxen & jeden abend zähne putzen & mach mir jeden abend wimpernserum drauf haha und somit ist minoxidil & all tabletten einfach 1 sache mehr die ich jeden abend mache 🙂 man gewöhnt sich dran & wie gesagt ich denke so: ich werde es sicherlich nicht ein leben lang nehmen müssen weil die medizin wird immer besser & die finden ja für alles neue sachen
  • oh ich beginne nun noch Ovasitol das sollte auch gut sein für die hormon regulierung
  • eigtl das wichtigste ist:

hormone regulieren
dht&testo blocken/mindern
(optional minoxidil für haarwachstum)

I feel like I’ve lost about half the hair on my head!! What do you guys do to combat hair loss? I seriously have like 3 handfuls when my shower or brush my hair. Its making me so sad. I’ve had super thick curly hair my whole life and now I’m almost stumped on what to do with my hair so much thinner

  • My same situation. Following for advice too.
  • I also had super thick curly hair, my prenatals help a lot. while i have massive amount of “shedding” instead of going bald the stands literally just got thinner. once i started with the vitamins its healthier and thicker than its been in years.
  • I certainly agree.. I don’t have dramatic hair loss in particular but prenatals sprouted baby hair all over my scalp! And my hair is feeling fuller all of sudden.
  • Have you had your thyroid checked? The first symptom of my thyroid going wacky was hair loss. I was shedding quite a bit.
  • Yes I did. And my thyroid is fine.
  • Good to hear!
  • Same here! 😑😑
  •  I take biotin. It has helped.
  • I have the exact same situation. I used to have thick curly hair.. and now its thin and straight and lifeless. What helps is a scalp mask, try argan oil/keratin masks. They are like a conditioner after shampoo, it makes hair fuller and healthier. Also oil the hair 2 times a week. Its anlot to do, but it helps.
  • I at one point had thick hair now it sheds so bad I want to cry and my hair is so thin.
PCOS hair loss problem
PCOS hair loss problem

For those of you who have had PCOS for a long time, and have had hair loss, I have a question. When did the outrageous hair loss start? I thought I skipped that symptom, but now I’m not so sure. For the past month or so, I’ve noticed my hair being less full. I’ve always had thick, curly hair. Lately, I’ve been noticing just how much hair I’m losing in the shower and when I brush it. The below pic isn’t even a fifth of what I lose in the shower, and it’s about triple that when I brush it. It’s not been normal for me to lose that much, and I’m desperately hoping this isn’t the start of the PCOS hair loss.

  • First maybe stupid question, you haven’t dyed your hair have you?
  • Nope.
  • I have the same issue. I have thinning hair due to my pcos. And I have one spot of alopecia. I notice taking prenatal vitamins and cod liver oil helps my hair look thicker and healthier.
  • I’ve been on prenatal for about a year and a half
  • Is cod liver oil a supplement?
  •  Yeah it is. Little capsules. Pretty cheap to buy and they helped me.
  • I die my hair a lot so I figured it’s due to that.
  • I used to when I was a teenager, but I haven’t in a looooong time. I figured if it could survive all that, it would be fine. Lol.
  • Lol I’ve gotten better I use to die every 4 weeks now I do every few months or so.
  • Mine was so thick but its falling out as every time I shower.
  • The amount you have in your hand is the amount any person would loose in a normal day you loose approx 100-150 hairs a day. If you don’t wash or brush hair every day this will look like a lot more. You have between 100,000 and 140,000 on your scalp try not to stress. If you are worried get them teddy bear gummy’s from salon services/Sally’s x
  •  Yeah, I know that amount is normal, but that was just the last “sweep” through my hair before I got out. It was about 8-10 times that just for yesterday. 😳
    And, thank you! I’ll look into those.
  • My hair started falling out when I stopped birth control. Inositol helped a lot, but I’m starting to see an increase again.
  • I have lost a chunk of glob of hair in the shower as well that’s why I keep my hair up all the time because my hair gets into my food and I think it’s gross when that happens ! So I know how you feel?

PCOS hair loss for women

What do ya’ll do for hair loss? My hairline has gotten so bad. 😫😭 I literally cry over it. I’ve been taking a prenatal vitamin but haven’t noticed a difference.

  • How’s ur thyroid?
  • Cosmetix has some products that help a lot with hair loss 🙂! You should Give it a try there not expensive at all! And hand made.
  • Same. 😢😢😢
  • Biotin helps a little bit with me but not a judge change.
  • I’ve heard placenta works?
  • I wear headbands 😞 someone made a comment one time ( my sis bf ) poor dh almost came unglued.
  • My sister had really bad hair loss through hormones and she’s using watermans grow me shampoo and conditioner and it’s really working! X
  • I use Monat for hair loss and nizoral for dandruff.
  • I’m also in the same position.

Anybody on femara experience hair loss or blurry vision or really ANY side effects worth mentioning? I’m due to take it this month and worried, but I read it’s used in cancer patients so maybe the long term effects are what is worrying me?

  • I’ve been fine… it makes me super irritable when I take it but it’s short term.
  • Day four taking it, its not bad I get tired.
  • Only hot flashes that’s it but other than that no I believe it did help me ovulate because Yesterday I felt like my ovaries were getting twisted.
  • Glad I’m not the only one experiencing hot flashes!
  • Kim Clavecilla girlll lol I was like swinging that cover off of me lol I was like no I can’t deal with these hot flashes lol.
  • I get the hot flashes at the most inopportune times! I rarely have them when I’m in the privacy of my own home. Heaven forbid that! Nope. They like to come when I’m at work and am talking with my coworkers or manager. 😓
  • Awww 🙁 I hope it gets better for you I swear I was like is it working cause I really didn’t have anything crazy.
  • Thanks, girl. I hope it gets better for you too! Unfortunately, Femara hasn’t worked on me yet, so the doctor had me do a hCG trigger shot to make my ovaries release an egg or two.
  • You’re Welcome and Thank you:) hopefully I get good news in 2 weeks i did have ovulation pain and a smiley opk with days of a blank Face before so fingers crossed for the both of us 🤞🤞❤❤
  • Extreme fatigue for me.
  • I used letrozole which I read was the same thing. I never experienced anything like that. When I first took it for my first round everything I ate came out like right after I ate. But my next cycle didn’t affect me that way.
  • I’ve been and on it now some fatigue not much tho that’s all.
  • Super sensitive nipples, that’s it.
  • Fatigue, really bad body aches, & dizziness for me.
  • Nope. No side effects.
  • I had headaches my first round, second round no side effects.
  • I’ve taken 3 cycles of Femara. The only noticeable side effect is hot flashes.

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