PCOS Hereditary

Just a quick question ladies, is you’re ? I’m researching my family history and so far am at my great grandparents on both sides and no one has had it on either side of my family. Everyone is at least one sibling of 3 and at most one sibling of 12?
I’m just a bit puzzled. My doctor told me that it is hereditary. How about you guys?

PCOS hereditary genetic
PCOS hereditary and genetic
  • My mother has it, so do I 🙁 My youngest sister has it as well… I hope my daughter won’t get it.
  • My doctor also told me there was a chance if I looked into it, other woman in my family would most likely have it. I have yet to find one. Which doesn’t mean they don’t have it but maybe no one got diagnosed?
  • I was told it was hereditary but I’ve not found anyone in my family who has it.
  • Yup. Both mom, grandmama and dads mom all have it.
  • I’ve also found that people didn’t know much about it that long ago, so it’s possible that people had it without even knowing they have it. I’m not stating this as a fact, just an opinion.
  • Oh yes!! My dads side has it throughout.
  • No one in my family was ever diagnosed… 😐 Doctors say it’s hereditary and people used to live without knowing they had it (but hair and infertility among other stuff never happened…)
  • I dont know any of my family that has it either but it is fairly new doctors are still exploring it. So others may have had it and didnt know they had it.
  • I’m the only one in my entire family that has it.
  • My Autie on my mums side she was told she could never have kids 30 plus years ago she ended up having 3. My brother and my sister are both very fertile. One of my cousins on my dad side has it too.
  • I found aunts on my dad side that have signs of it but no one was diagnosed
  • Yes it is genetic as your born with it. Look at the males in your family also. Pcos is not just a woman’s disorder. Males can have all the same symptoms as us expect obviously the gynecological ones.
  • Nobody in my family has been diagnosed as far as. I know…
  • Nearly every women in my family has it. I was taking birth control as soon as I started my period to try to prevent it. Needless to say that didn’t really work.
  • My mom and grandmother were never diagnosed- but the symptoms they have had fits. Both my sister and I have it. It is *very* possible for older people to have it and have no idea and just assume that they have a bad monthly cycle or whatever. Think of it like back before antidepressants and other awareness of mental health- depression, bi-polar and other disorders didn’t have a name. You were crazy, abusive or a drunk kwim?
  • Nobody in my family has it. In fact my family is a bunch of fertile mertles. I’m the only one.
  • Everyone in my family is very fertile, except my dads sister, she was always told she could never have children but there was no reason known to my knowledge. She was told this in the 70’s/80’s it’s very possible she does have PCOS but just wasn’t diagnosis. She has a lot of the outward symptoms.
  • Mine, yes. From my mother.
  • I’m the only one in my family with it.
  • My doctor told me it wont.
  • It’s very possible it was never diagnosed as its still just being recognized.
  • Yes, hereditary here!
  • I got it from just gaining weight no one in my family has had it. My doctor told me if I loss the belly fat and be more active as I was when I was younger than I should not have it anymore.
  • Losing weight does not cure PCOS, there is no cure. It can fix certain symptoms though.
  • Thank you everyone. I’m just puzzled as everyone has had loads of kids in my family. And according to older relatives etc no one struggled to have no one had problems with etc. I am as is stands at the moment the only one in my family diagnosed. X
  • My mom, maternal aunt, maternal cousin and maternal grandmother all have PCOS.
  • My half sister has it, we got it off our parent, dad. She is on child no 3 😔
  • Losing weight does not cure PCOS, there is no cure. It can fix certain symptoms though.
  • The only thing is that ever since I gained the weight four years ago I just got irregular periods and had to loss the weight. No extra hair or anything else. Don’t know why but.
  • The only reason I got diagnosed is because I stopped the pill to get pregnant and suddenly didn’t get my period and started gaining weight. Those 2 things are the only “symptoms” I have, that and the sono shows I have up to 50 cysts on my ovaries. The doctor said I was born with it but certain things like the pill help regulate it so I had no idea I had it.
  • Have you been checked for insulin resistance? I didn’t have a lot of symptoms other than irregularity until I was in my 20’s. I was never checked for IR at 29 I was diagnosed with diabetics and they said I was probably IR for a few years prior.
  • Yeah ever six months I get blood work done and I’m not.
  • It is not always hereditary – it is one of several causes.
  • U know this disease wasn’t a disease when my mother was younger or any of her six siblings. We suspect one of my aunts have it. She’s been insulin dependent since I was 4. Most of the people in my family have diabetes. Maybe it was just mistaken as diabetes?? Idk but my daughter already has dark marks around her neck. Watching her carefully.
  • I don’t think it is hereditary. If it was so, it wud have killed our stone age ancestors by making them fat and thus unable to survive by hunting gathering. I think it has more to do about eating habits of a family as a whole. So if mother has a particular eating habit, her daughter might develop the same and so their weights/bmi wud be similar. And the pcos wud be caused if both mother daughter are obese. Thus the pcos aren’t hereditary but the eating habits which lead to pcos are heredity-like. Then again this is just my personal theory.
  • PCOS has nothing to do with weight though. Normal weight ladies have pcos. Jillian Michaels for example has pcos.
  • But u can’t deny the fact that most women with pcos are overweight. This problem obviously didn’t exist historically as food didn’t used to be this processed and technology hadn’t made our lives so sedentary.
  • Hence in those times only a handful cases of pcos must have existed but now that 90% of population don’t do much physical activity it has become a huge problem. This does not point to heredity, it points to our body’s rejection of this lifestyle. If pcos was hereditary, then the women having it wudnt have given birth in early times and their bloodline wud have ended and so many women wudnt have this problem. This is why I refuse to believe it purely hereditary.
  • PCOS does have to do with weight as well, that being said just because you’re overweight doesn’t mean you get PCOS, and just because you have PCOS doesn’t mean you’re overweight.
  • Pcos has been around for thousands of years though. It has been mentioned in history. I believe it was Socrates mentions it as the women being fat and hairy.
  • And non child bearing
  • It must have existed historically but not to this extent.
  • But also think about the change in diets between then and now? We eat a hell of a lot more sugar and carbs than they did historically.
  • If pcos doesn’t have anything to do with weight then are people in this group working so hard to lose weight?
  • You said you developed pcos based on being overweight. Pcos doesn’t get triggered by weight.
  • It isn’t always hereditary it is only one of many possible causes.
  • Personally I suspect there is genetic PCOS and environmental. Genetic you can be any weight and have it- environmental would be you lose weight and symptoms subside. I know I have zero symptoms (minus anovulatory cycles) when I’m under 160 and have wicked bad ones over 200.
  • As soon as I loose a little bit of weight I get a period.
  • If it doesn’t get triggered by weight then why are women trying to lose weight in yr opinion.
  • We’ll tell that tinny body. Because once I got over 160 I started having symptoms (at 23) after having zero hair issues, no painful etc. My body obviously missed the memo when it hit 200 too 😐
  • I’m the only diagnosed one in my family every one has been quite fertile but my mother. Took here 5 years to have me (I’m an only child for that reason).
  • My doctor told me it wasn’t hereditary.
  • No one in my family got it although my doctor said it’s genetics.

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