PCOS high blood pressure

PCOS & High Blood Pressure

Is it possible to get high blood pressure due to ? Any of you ladies have it?
The last couple visits to the doctor’s office, I’ve had high blood pressure. I am only 23 years old and feel that I’m to young to start on treatment.

PCOS high blood pressure
  • I used to have high blood pressure growing up. Now, I have the opposite problem. At sixteen, after being diagnosed with PCOS, I started passing out. It grew to be more regular. Turns out, my blood pressure is generally right where it should be, but it’ll randomly drop. So, now, I HAVE to choke down so much salt and water to keep it higher… Also facing medication for life if that doesn’t work. I’m 21… so, I know that feeling…
  • PCOS can definitely cause high blood pressure, unfortunately. I got it at 26. When I was first diagnosed with hypertension, my doctor had me spend 2 months trying to get it down naturally before committing me to drugs and thankfully that worked. At this point, I’m able to manage my blood pressure with healthy eating and light exercise. But I have to keep up on it or it shoots right back up.


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