PCOS & Low Carb Diet

Is anyone here doing a low carb diet? I am middle of week 2 and I have been doing a low to moderate carb diet. My period came with it and its been 10 days and a lot heavier than normal that I worry when I am out. On Sunday, i started feeling very fatigued now am down with a bad cold. I’m curious, might any of this be associated to the change in diet? I kept it moderate to low did not cut out carbs completely.

PCOS low carb diet
low carb diet
  • Welcome to the group make sure to check out the pinned post for the rules. You could be anemic and that’s why your feeling a tad more fatigued. It’s also impossible to cut out carbs completely as everything but meat pretty much has carbs in it. Has it been a while since your last period?
  • Thank you. My last period was November but before november i didnt have one prior for about 3 or 4 months.

I am trying so hard to stick to a relatively low-carb diet but I can’t seem to fight the cravings – especially at night! I just crossed 200 pounds and my acanthosis nigricans is worse than ever and looks to be spreading, so I am determined to make this my turn around point, but it’s very difficult. This is all not helped by the fact that I’m crazy busy, with a full-time job, full-time grad student and in a theatre production. Any strategies to share for weight management on a busy lifestyle? Or for killing those intense carb and sugar cravings? I am seeing an endocrinologist in two weeks to ask her about metformin. As a result I’ve also stopped my birth control now so it won’t mess with any blood/hormone test results and also because it was making me constantly bloated, but I can’t tell if it’s helping or hurting re: the weight.

  • I totally meal prep that way all my meals for the entire week are done. I use frozen grapes for sweet cravings and pretzels for carb craving.
  • Well, I’m currently not doing low carb as I cant afford it, but when I could a chocolate protein shake with coconut milk used to help when I was desperate. Sometimes I would blend in frozen cherries or strawberies.
  • I don’t give them up, I’ve found recipes for chocolate fat bombs, keto chocolate pancakes etc. All of them are very low in carbs and in small doses for the trick.
  • Share the recipes?? What’s the choc fat bomb??
  • What heather asked!
  • I found it, I’m trying you find the nutrition part. Think I need to be on my computer not phone. Will post tomorrow.
  • Ty!
  • These are the five ingredients for my Fat Bombs, which you stir together well:
    3/4 cup melted coconut oil
    9.5 Tbs. (150g) almond butter
    60 drops (about 3/8 tsp.) liquid Stevia
    3 Tbs. cocoa
    9 Tbs. melted salted butter
    Pour a scant 2 Tbs. into each of 24 candy or mini muffin molds. I use a silicone candy mold that I bought at Michael’s Crafts. If you prefer, you can use those little paper mini muffin cups, lined up on a cookie sheet.
    I place my candy mold on a small cookie sheet first, and then fill it, then put it in the freezer. If you try to put it in the freezer without first putting it on a cookie sheet, you’ll be sorry.
  • Freeze for at least 30 minutes, then pop out the Fat Bombs and store them in a bag or other container in the freezer. You can keep them in the fridge, but as soon as you hold one with your hot little fingers, it will melt really fast. Frozen, it melts slower.
    Nutritional info for one Fat Bomb:
    145 calories
    14.7g fat (91.2%)
    1.53g protein (4.2%)
    1.67g carbs (4.6%)
  • I’ve started to substitute any recipes that need sugar with Monk Fruit sweetener which has no carbs and is supposedly low GI as well. I’ve found I prefer this over the taste of stevia. I’ve replaced regular flour usage with almond and coconut flour. Still getting used to baking low carb!

So… I’m trying to start back into low carb/Atkins/some form of keto.
But my biggest issue is breakfast. I’m not the biggest fan of eggs. Or bacon. I mean, I don’t despise them but MEH. I mean, I can eat them 2 times a week or so but it’s more of something I have to force myself to do.
Anyone have any recommendations for breakfast that don’t include eggs? Cookbook recs? Website recs? Facebook group recs? For recipes.

  • I eat 100g of greak yoghurt 10% fat. 25g Almonds and 30g of fruit/berry.
  • http://thenourishedcaveman.com/30-best-keto-breakfast…/ here’s a link to 30 different recipies. some have eggs and some don’t.
  • I also saw this really lovely cheese danish recipe. haven’t tried it yet but i’m definetly going to when i get the chance https://lowcarbyum.com/cloud-bread-cheese-danish-egg-fast/
  • If you’re going to delve into keto, don’t think of it as breakfast, think of it as your first meal. After doing some research I have found that some of the healthiest people eat what we would consider dinner leftovers for breakfast. I guess think chicken and hamburger patties and veg… cheese sticks are good in the morning with sausage links. Just a few ideas
  • Thanks! 😊
    Teşekkürler! 😊
  • I make a chocolate protein shake (premier protein, low carb and cal) with a half banana and a tablespoon of cashew butter. It’s fast, so good and keeps me full for hours.
  • You ladies are mentioning dairy, PCOS ladies are supposed to stay away from dairy because of the hormones.
  • Have a low carb piece of toast. Costco sells these low carb rice cakes. A co-worker gave me one to try and it was actually pretty good, i was shocked. Sausage, ham, bacon. Look in the frozen section for breakfast items. I heard Jimmy Dean makes something.


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