PCOS Symptoms

Does anyone else have a lot of symptoms, like excessive hair, male pattern balding, irregular , insulin resistant, and weight gain? Reason I am asking is because I have recently learned that if you have an adrenal tumor, it can cause the same symptoms. So…now I am sitting here wondering if I have been misdiagnosed for the past 12 years. I am definitely going to make an appointment to be screened, I was just wondering if anyone else is familiar with this.

PCOS Symptoms
  •  I had all of that I wondered if I was even a real woman it was heartbreaking it can get better with diet and exercise.
  • Yes, some of my symptoms have gotten better with diet and exercise. I have lost 60 lbs, but still have some of these symptoms.
  • Yes and mine have not completely gone away either but they have improved I’m so happy the anxiety is that a minimal now and the depression has lifted try your best to exercise every day and start really educating yourself on what you’re eating a lot of what we eat is so chemical filled that we arent getting the nutrients we need in our bodies and hormones are out of whack.
  • I do follow a strict diet and have also noticed an improvement. I was just wondering if anyone was familiar with these same symptoms being known for an adrenal tumor. They are seriously the exact same, so someone could easily be misdiagnosed.
  • The adrenals are tied in to our hormones! so if our hormones arent in sync it affects them too! hence all the cravings we get & anxiety etc… there is a book i read that helped me a lot i think u can get it on amazon called the woman code – alyssa vitti she breaks down the science of it it made a lot of sense.
  • Thanks.
  • I know I have pcos. I get cysts alot different places.

Ok, so I’ve learnt this evening some more of the symptoms that can happen in men with pcos! My dad has heart disease….he has angina and had a stent inserted due to having a heart attack, but he smokes about 40 a day and has done for many years! Early onset balding too… So I’m guessing I inherited it from him! His Nan, my great grandma had diabetes… So I’m guessing that passed down To my dad somehow in the form of pcos? Can someone in your family have diabetes which could then cause relatives down the line to have pcos? I dunno, it’s all very confusing! But I guess it has a link somewhere….his mother never suffered with it, nor did his aunts! Who knows! 🙄

  • are two different things. Someone can be diabetic and not carry the pcos trait or have it. You Insulin issues like insulin resistance or diabetes are just one of many symptoms of pcos.
  • But yes. Having diabetes is a symptom and it’s possible she had pcos. And yes your dad can pass it on to you as well. And yes he can have the same messed up endocrine system (he just won’t have the female reproductive symptoms obviously)
  • Men have PCOS?
  • Yup it’s a endocrine disorder so it doesn’t discriminate.
  • What kind of med do they give men.
  • All depends on what symptoms they are trying to control. There is no one magic pill for pcos.
  • I don’t think my great nan suffered with any of the side effects from pcos tbh! I don’t think she had it all, so wondering where my dad got it from! I take after him in so many different ways, whereas my sisters take after my mum!
  • You could look at your aunts and uncles also. I rmeber my dad mentioning some great aunt of mine had the same symptoms I do, but I feel like my dad has a lot of the symptoms as well as my grandma.
  • Tbh none of them have anything like that either, nor do my cousins! I’ve always looked at family to figure out where it started but at a loss because my dad had to get it from somewhere if it’s only generic, which convinces me it could also be environmental too…


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