PCOS Ketogenic Diet – PCOS Keto Diet

Anyone think the ketogenic diet is any good for pcos?

  • Yes, I got pregnant after 6 months of ketogenic diet. Just about to start again.
  • What were your main factors of that diet that helped you? Like certain recipes or rules!?
  • This probably goes in the weight loss group.
  • It’s pcos related and people should know and hear about it.
  •  But there’s a sister group to this one that’s specifically for weight loss…
  • This is about pcos and weightloss? And what happens if someone doesn’t know about keto because they are not apart of that group? This could really help them
  • This is a pcos & trying to convince group. Read the comments and you’ll see it helped people convince. 🙂
  •  I’m not bothered by her post I just wanted to let her know it belongs in the other group before someone reports her post.
  • Like I said. It’s related to pcos and trying to convince. This helped lots of people get pregnant, Sure it can go in another group. But it can also be mentioned here.
  • I honestly don’t see why anyone would report this. Lol people can be so strange. 🤪
  • Yes it’s pcos related but this group has rules that’s why people would report it.
  • And what rule is it exactly breaking? 😐
  • She’s literally asking is keto is good for pcos
  • 😮 what a rule breaker.
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  •  Defo! X
  •  Hi babes, do you do the ketosis diet? X
  • e I go on and off it. But carbs defo react negatively with me and keto is excellent for pcos. You gonna try it? X
  •  Yes! Made my period shorter and not as heavy. No more cramps either. But my favorite thing is that I’m 50 lbs down in 11 weeks and feeling so so much better 😭👏 No more hot flashes, no more acid reflux, my skin is glowing, dark spots gone or greatly reduced,no migraines in sight. Keto has made my life worth living after 2 years of PCOS misery.
  •  50lbs! Holy smokes- congrats!!! I’m only down about 20 but feeling SO much better 🙂
  •  Yes it’s the best!
  • Yes!!! It took away a lot of my symptoms I went from having one period a year to one each month, from never ovulating to finally ovulating on my own once but it got me pregnant, also I had a lot of acne on my face and it all cleared up. Annnnd I went from weighing 234 lbs to 160 lbs in 9 months.
  • Yes!!! I started a little under 3 months ago and finally ovulated- I’m convinced it was the keto. Also, its the only thing I’ve found that lets me lose weight.
  • Absolutely! But incredibly hard for me to stick to. I stopped because it made my liver enzymes worse than they were before.
  •  Oh this is fantastic to hear, anyone got any food lists they can recommend?
    Can’t believe I can eat full fat cream and cheese bad peanut butter 😍
  •  Yeah started it and drs put me on metaformin to help me with my periods and weight x
  • Yes, I got pregnant after 3 months of being on it.
  •  I went from 236 to 214 in a little under a month.
  • Both of my friends who did it under doctor supervision ended up hospitalized from complications and my brother sees a ton of Keto gone wrong patients as an OR nurse.
  •  Keto has brought me closer to my goal in being able to have a baby with pcos 🙂 if you don’t do it right, it can definitely cause problems! Always stay hydrated and do your research:) defiantly recommend it for pcos 🙂
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