PCOS Experiences

I was diagnosed with PCOS about 13 years ago after having my son. As the years have gone by, my periods have gotten worse. Extremely heavy, big clots. They used to come and go with months in between, though now they just come and don’t go away. I constantly bleed. My doc said I have a swollen uterus and so it never fully empties out, hence the continued bleeding. I can’t take hormones/bc as I’ve had a bi pulmonary embolism. I’ve had 2 D&C’s. The last one 3 weeks ago and I also had the mirena put in (low dose due to the clots). (I’ve also previously tried metformin with no changes….)Β I don’t know if I’m done having kids (I only have 1) so I’m not ready for the hysterectomy that’s in my near future. Has anyone experienced anything like this? Is there hope? What can I do to delay having hysterectomy until I’m ready?

PCOS experiences
PCOS experiences
  • That’s so rough! I’m not sure what you can do but have you looked into vitamin or mineral deficiencies? Diet?
  • I’ve recently started taking all the vitamins/minerals I’m low on. I’ve gone gluten free since before Thanksgiving.
  • My personal experience is that I had the rough horrible awful painful periods that would be clots and all, it was ridiculous. When I went low carb (and this was long before I had kids or knew about pcos or anything, it was purely to try to lose weight), I noticed that a lot of hormonal issues resolved. i also tried macca in pill form and vitex and a few vitamins to try to get my hormones back on track coupled with low carb, I noticed my periods were a lot less painful and started to regulate. unfortunately with hormones it takes forever, but once it’s back on track or at least more bearable it’s much much better.

I was going on 18 months without a period when my new gyno finally gave me medicine to start one last month. Today is the first day of the first period I’ve had in YEARS without artificial hormones. I’ve never been so excited to stain my panties.

    • I had very irregular periods. In July I got medicine to bring one on and I’ve had a period every month since πŸ™‚ it’s great to feel normal and to feel like a woman πŸ™‚ Congratulations hun x
    • I know that excitement all too well. I was put on medication in October to bring one on because I had gone 12 months. I have yet to have one on my own. Woohoo for you πŸ™ŒπŸΌ
    • My story was the same till I hit my 40s. Now I get my period on the 12th every month with no help from drugs. It is weird how it happens because nothing has changed with my weight or health.

So i have a shopping horror story I want to share.
Background: genetically most of my family is over weight. Genetically my genes defintely arent the best. So even when i was little i was over weight. Now i managed to lose most of the “baby fat” for a while but now i am approaching 30 it is catching back up. I do make a conscious effort to eat health and work but as many of you know with pcosthe weight tends to hang around the middle. I went shopping to find a red dress to wear for valentines day dinner with my boy friend. I tried on at least 35 dresses. And none fit. Or they fit in all the wrong places. I left dressing rooms in tears and my mom who was with me tried cheering me up but unfortunately she is 5’9 and super thin lol so she cant relate. After finding a dress finally i needed to get a bra. The bra store lady basically told me i need to special order my bras because ” they dont make them for girls my size” . Wtf? Have any of you ever expierced horrible shopping trips? How do you raise your self esteem after one? I consider my self a strong woman but that day i wanted to go home and cry.

    • I am a bridesmaid for my best friend in June. When we were at our dress fittings the lady took my measurements and ask how much weight I would be losing between now and the wedding. I was furious.
    • Yeah been there. I have to special order my bras from Lane Bryant. They are slightly uncomfortable but I wear shapewear under all my dresses and sometimes with my jeans. I like the Maidenform Shapewear, Wear Your Own Bra line. I own several to help make things smooth.
    • Can you go to Nordstroms to get a bra? They sell all sizes and are super nice and helpful.
    • I never thought about them actually. I mean my bra size shouldnt be too hard im a 36 DDD. I usually go to Soma for bras… i will check out nordstrom.
    • You aren’t even that big πŸ™ for sure you would find a bra at nordies! I’m the same size as you!
    • I’ll keep them in mind. Thanks for the info!
    • Soma is good. But Nordstrom is the best. They carry bras upwards of U.K. Gg
    • I really wanted to buy some bras from Torrid one day but because of my big self and small boobs (44B) the girl told me that they don’t really carry those in store and to just order online. Oh well
    • Ya. I have the opposite problem. Small band size massive cup size. I can’t shop at torrid for bras either. Or Lane Bryant.
    • I feel for you – but you’re beautiful still! I went in to a shop one day, and the girl who worked there just looked at me and said – without any prior conversation – you’re to fat to wear any of our clothes…
    • I was pissed – she got fired – and I actually could fit something there (but I didn’t buy it!)
    • People are so flippen rude! Glad she got fired.
    • Omg! I cant believe that! Ugh people have no respect!
    • Girl you don’t even look big!
    • I’m about a size 16-18. But all my weight is in the middle. “Plus size ” (i hate that term btw) is awkward because usually its too big at the top. “Misses” sizes fit my boobs but are too tight every where else.
    • There’s no way you would have to special order a bra.
    • Hey…at least you were looking for a dress. I don’t do dresses…..lol

For anyone who seems to be one who forms ovarian cysts (poly fluid kind), What have you found to dissolve or shrink them that worked well? My cyst is 2-3cm and I’m trying to avoid another laparoscopy. My Obgyn will not do any bloodwork to check for hormone imbalance, so it’s frustrating me. I’ve heard to try castor oil packs, Don Quai, cutting out gluten, dairy, and caffeine…What helped you?

    • The bc pill helped
    • Did the Dr share concern regarding it? Is it causing you pain? I’m just confused because I have a hemorrhagic cycst currently that’s 2cmx2cm and my OB said it was within normal limits. Since taking inositol and vitex I haven’t had any issues with cysts. The one I have now my OB deemed it a functional cyst, meaning I ovulated, but I had loads when diagnosed.
    • Get yourself to an endocrinologist.

How do you explain PCOS to your partner?

    • My partner was there when i was dignosed but ive struggled to explain other bits.
    • Just tell him your baby maker like to be bipolar, some days it’s good, and some days it’s bad. It can cause tears, frustration, & many other emotions. But remember God will never give you more than you can handle!
    • You could also do what I did. I let my husband go with me to my OB appointment and I let the doctor explain it to him, and he had his own questions he wanted to ask. It actually helped us both! I feel like he knows what to say when I feel like giving up!
    • How long have you guys been together? As obvious as it may sound all you can do us be honest. Explain what it is and what it means and try and answer any questions they may have. It may take a while for them to process as it not only effects you but them too. I found with my partner he just had a lot of questions and wanted to support me as much as possible.
    • This helped him understand more and open up a comversation about it.
    • As an Endocrinology disorder. Dont focus on the female bits as primary because if you do it makes it hard for people to think of it as more than just bad periods and infertility. They dont understand all the other issues it causes!
    • I told my partner to google it! And then told him what I suffered with as he went through the symptoms! Plus he joined this page so he can see what others including myself go through everyday!

Ladies what do you use for your skin when it’s dry and breaking out? Almost everything I try makes it peel! I’ve been breaking out so bad the last month bc I ended a relationship, and moved. Stress!

    • I use virgin coconut oil as it locks in the moisture after I use an acne scrub.
    • I use baby oil on a cotton pad.
    • I have sensitive skin and I can only use Ponds otherwise I breakout.

I cry because of this . I always say to myself why me😒. I just want to be normal.

  • Be strong girl…
  • Thank you. It’s just like why me.
  • You are not the only one facing this.. But please be strong.. i know you can..
  • You are normal! Us psos women are strong & beautiful.
  • Me too, all the time :c It sucks… it was completely life altering for me.
  • I feel your pain girl I say the same thing but your not the only person there are tons of people dealing with the same thing some worse than others..we are all here to support one another..stay strong you got this.
  • Thanks.
  • You are not alone.. sometimes i also ask myself the same question. But then at the end of the day you will realize there others out there with the same situation. You may be far, but we are at this together.. πŸ™‚ cheer up…
  • I think we all ask that same question.. why me… and I just have to tell myself, I wouldn’t be given this life if I couldn’t face all the challenges. It will make u stronger and more proud of the goals u conquer.
  • I know how you feel.
  • Feeling you girl.

This is the first time I’ve posted in this group…just looking for some advice.

I’m 30 this year and like a lot of the ladies here I have dreams of being a mummy.

My partner wants to wait another 18mths or so to start trying (I’m currently on Yasmin BC). I’m worried about the long path that lies ahead when we start trying and want to start trying now.

Our relationship is really strong and no dramas there. With pcos I just feel a bit anxious about waiting till I’m 31-32 to start trying for our first bub. Just looking for advice if anyone has faced this too?

    • If it helps, my mom almost certainly had pcos, long story short, and had my sister at 32 and me at 35.
    • I was ready before my hubby but didn’t push him. Now he’s fully on board and it feels awesome to know he’s in it 100%. However I under you’re scared and don’t want to take away from that. That’s just my experience but everyone’s relationship is different for sure.
    • I would let him know how with pcos it can take a while and let him know ur concerns with it. Maybe he will want to start early and who knows what will happen.
    • This is my experience, but everyone is different. I had the same mentality. I expected a year of failed TTC before going to OB and needing clomid, etc. We got pregnant first month TTC and it stuck. She’s four weeks old today. So I discovered in May that I ovulate just fine despite needing birth control to regulate periods.
    • This is all excellent and positive advice. It’s really the fear of the unknown! He is awesome and has listened about my pcos concerns… I guess it’s so many unknowns. Definitely agree the best thing is to wait till we both feel ready. Can’t help but get a little crazy over all this stuff sometimes!
    • And Brandi that’s so great, congratulations on your little girl!
    • Thanks πŸ™‚ baby dust your way whenever you and your SO decide to start.
    • Yes just because you have pics does not mean problems conceiving. I got pregnant by surprise 2 times. I would voice your concern and see if maybe you can settle in the middle at like 9 months from now. That way if you do get pregnant that month it’s still 18 months from now that bub will be born.

My doctor says an IUD is the way to go and that’s what he wants to do, I haven’t agreed because I kinda don’t want it. Anyone else have it?

    • I have the IUD.
    • If you don’t want it, don’t get it. I’ve had it and got pregnant on it. After miscarrying I kept having pain/pressure in my abdomen. Which didn’t leave until it got removed. I’d never take it again. I had a Mirena.
    • I did the mirana and nexplanon.. It was terrible. Irregular bleeding, cramping/ spasms. I won’t ever do them again.
    • What is IUD?
    • Intrauterine device… Its placed in the cervix releasing constant contraception and hormones.
    • I have the IUD ! I love it ! No problems at all !
    • I have an IUD but it’s non-hormonal. I love not having to worry about if I take my pill late – I had hoped to stop using hormonal BC, but when I stopped taking it my PCOS symptoms exploded lol. So now I’m a cyborg with a copper IUD still taking birth control πŸ˜› I do love IUD. It burns to get put in because foreign object, and it can trigger bad cramping and bleeding for a month or two, but getting one installed isn’t as scary as it sounds in the end.
    • HAD one. I loved mine.
    • I will never get one. I’ve heard way too many horror stories about it migrating, perforating the uterus, or embedding in the uterus.
    • I love my iud no problems at all.

So despite pcos and a couple of large cysts I’ve always had a normal sex life. However yesterday I experienced extreme pain to where I couldn’t sit down, walk properly, use the bathroom or even just move in general without awful pain.. I’m wondering if it’s endometriosis and I’ve just never experienced major symptoms? Or can rupturing a cyst cause vaginal pain as well? (I’ve ruptured cysts before but it’s never hurt anywhere else but my lower belly)

  • I am not sure of your question… But i do know using Turmeric and detoxing hormones decreased my PCOS drastically , Hope you find the awnser your looking for though.
  • In my personal experience my PCOS has changed as I’ve gotten older. I went to the ER for pain I was having and it didn’t feel like the normal pain I have with PCOS, and I was checked out to find it was a cyst rupture, which I’ve had many times, but this pain was very different. PCOS changes in life. Hope this helps.
  • Thanks ladies. I’m overdue for my yearly so maybe this is my sign to just go in and get it over with. Gotta love PCOS, there’s always something new going wrong.

I feel like giving up.. all I ever hear of people is “it’ll happen when it’s suppose too. You have to be patient” it’s been 18 months.. why does it take medication (btw I haven’t even started yet, I don’t even know if it’s a option..) .. I need to come to the realisation that it may never happen..

  • It will happen. Never give upπŸ’“ medication is an option, but there’s always hope. we will all get our miracle at some pointπŸ˜‡xo
  • 😭😭 I’m having a bad day today and have work in a hour.
  • I’m here if you need a talk!! Bad days are okay, there’s always better days coming! Just gotta keep positive and remember that it’s okay xo.
  • I know your miracle will happen πŸ’• I was feeling just like you yesterday, I know it’s hard try to stay as positive as you can, we will both get our miracle babies πŸ’• I just got diagnosed a couple days ago and I’m still struggling with hearing that I have this, I’m trying to take it one day at a time, we will start ttc soon, I’m just trying to stay as positive as I can.
  • Yeah that’s me, my partners so reassuring he tells me if we can’t have one then we’ll go travelling & have the nice things in life & my response is we can have all that with a baby but he’s trying to just make me feel better πŸ’• hope you get your baby real soon xx
  • My husband and I had been trying for nearly 4.5 years. Finally, I looked at him and told him I couldn’t do this any more and I just wanted to focus on school. (Doctorate) that was end of nov 2014. St pattys day 2015 I got pregnant. Dec 2015 I had my baby girl. My point is… I sat where you have. It will happen πŸ’œ
  • That’s so amazing xxx
  • It took me over 10 yrs
  • 18 months May seem like forever but keep trying and don’t give up
  • Yeah gonna just think of things that distract me from pregnancy like my qualification in my job & then hopefully it’ll just happen.
  • I tried for 18 months and it didn’t happen so I gave up and started the lchf diet (I wasn’t over weight just wanted to lose 10lbs ish and I decided to consentrate on myself and my work and then 6 weeks into this new diet I had my first period is 2 years and then 4 weeks later (now 10 weeks in to my new diet) I found out I was pregnant I had also lost the weight I wanted to lose
    I believe that lchf diet is what helped me get pregnant and I believe that lchf helps regulate our cycles
    I now have two beautiful little girls after being told at 20 I had 0% chance of having children they were both conceived naturally 4 and a half years between them but they are both here healthy and happy
    Don’t lose hope try to focus on something other than trying for a baby and hopefully your dream will come true soon x
  • What’s that diet could u explain x
  • It took me almost 10 years to get pregnant, first time was because I took steroids for a chest infection, second time was naturally. Sadly lost both pregnancies, but if I hadn’t of taken those steroids I wouldn’t of gotten anywhere, especially since I’ve only recently realised that I start the ovulation process as my period is ending. I’m 30 years old, I don’t have any kids, I’ve been in the same relationship for 10 years and I want to make my fiancΓ© a dad so much, but it’s been a really long and slow agonising process.
  • That’s so heartbreaking πŸ’”
  • Keep your head up hun… We all have felt this way. I went through alot of fertility medications, an ectopic and 10.5 years later I finally am getting my miracle. It’s hard to not get depressed about it but you got this!
  • I’m gonna stop thinking about it so much x
  • See an RE asap! (And make sure to get your partner checked too). It’s so hard to try and try and try but there are other things you can do besides FAM. Don’t cut yourself short before you’ve explored all your options.
  • Infertility is sooooo hard but as you can see, we’re all here for you!
  • Something that really helped me is that my husband​ and I started saving money for a big European trip. Our goal was $10k. When I felt really bad, I’d work on planning our trip. If we saved to 10k before getting pregnant, we’d go on our trip. if we got pregnant we’d use the savings to pay for our baby’s birth. We ended up with our little miracle a few months after we started seeing an RE (after months of working with 3 different obs).

What’s the longest you’ve gone without your period with PCOS?
So far I’m on about month 10 :/ I have never gone this long before, it’s always been irregular, but only by a month or so. My doctor had me do an ultrasound, and hormone tests, and the hormone tests came back normal I believe. On the ultrasound the tech of course said that my ovaries look polycystic (I’ve known that for Atleast 7 years now, I don’t think that will change) but 10 months… should I be scared?

  • I didn’t get mine for 8 months I then got it because I had an ectopic, then four weeks later I got it again.
  • Ow wow… interesting…
  • Before that I bled for 3 months straight so it went from one extreme to the other.
  • :/ it’s always extremes! I had extremely heavy periods and then bam nothing.
  • Yeh i was the same I went on progesterone only bc and it stopped them and it never came back.
  • That’s really good to know as well, thank you so much for sharing
  • Following, very similar situation
  • 3.5 years in college
  • Wow… what eventually made you get it?
  • Less stress (I went to a military school) and I got off the BC pills, started natural remedies and cleaned up what I was eating.
  • That’s what I’m noticing is a common thread here, the cleaner eating. I’m not on BC pills, that’s what doctors keep asking me :/
  • Sara avoid if you can!
  • That’s what they are trying to figure out now, there next course of action. I guess depending on the measurement of my uterine lining they may have to do a withdraw bleed? I think that’s what they called or she said put me on birth control which doesn’t completely make sense. I’m going to try and avoid taking the brith control if I fcan!
  • Totally 6 years
  • Wow.. what eventually made it come back?
  • It came after i lost 20 pounds.
  • That’s what doctors are telling me is that it is a combination of being obese and PCOS… so I’m wondering if I lose weigh if it will trigger it to start again… just weird because I’ve been this weight before and I was still getting my periods.. ugh so frustrating!
  • My first period was at 13 then no period until I was 19/20 (6yrs) i lost 20 pounds and period came back. After that period is whenever it feels like. To keep me regular it has to be birth control or Metformin. Now at 42 yrs of age if im not on those 2 medications I spot constantly. This disease is frustrating πŸ˜–
  • 16 months. Drinking tea daily helped me get my period back.
  • That is interesting… Any tea in particular?
  • 16 months.
  • Wow… what made it come back?
  • 7 years also and then comes back very very aggressive periods stops for some months then back again nightmare.
  • Oh no Tracy I’m sorry πŸ™
  • Its a horrible thing to live but we struggle by x
  • Oh well… except once but it was more like spotting.. I got so excited I put a Tampon in the minute I saw blood and then of course nothing else happened
  • 3/4 years
  • 2&1/2 yrs
  • Almost 2 years

PCOS & Pregnancy

Needing some thoughts/opinions on the shots for pregnancy! We’ve done 6 unsuccessful rounds of Clomid and 3 unsuccessful rounds of Femara. My body didn’t respond to either of these. My specialist says we should move to shots next and I’m worried they won’t work! Did anyone else not respond to oral medication and have success with the shots? Any info would be appreciated! Thanks!

PCOS pregnancy
PCOS pregnancy
  • I actually responded to another person last night with my story.
    Me! I did 7m of Clomid from Dec 2014-June 2015. In June 2015 I was sent to a Fertility specialist. My options based on steps & lowest cost to highest cost were to try Letrozole. Similar to Clomid, but stronger. I did 2 rounds of Letrozole (June & July). Started those at a higher dose. Did not work so we moved on to injectable hormones. Along with cycle monitoring (blood work & Ultrasounds to monitor follicles). They usually only do 4 rounds of this with either timed sex or IUI. If those do not work then next step is IVF. I did my first round of injectables with timed sex in Aug 2015. Did not succeed. We decided that next round Sept 2015 we would do injectables/cycle monitoring again & IUI. Did my IUI on Oct 3, 2015 & did the dreaded 2 week wait. Couldn’t test at home because of the possibility of a false positive. (Used ovidrel injectable to force ovulation. This is pretty much HCG) on Oct 15 I went for my blood test & low & behold I was pregnant! Successfully had a baby boy named Mason on June 27, 2016 ☺
  • This is my beautiful baby boy
  • Thank you so much for sharing your story! It most definitely gives me some guidance and hope! We see a great specialist at the Boston IVF so I’m quite hopeful all will turn out well but there is always that chance it won’t! You’re little one is adorable!! Congrats! I know how frustrating and heartbreaking his can all be at times! ❀
  • Thank you. Yes, just don’t ever lose hope. It physically & emotionally takes a toll on both you & your significant other. We were ready to call it quits if my last round didn’t work. Sending you lots of baby dust!
  • Thank you.

Ranting and I apologize. A little bit of tmi too. I feel like such a failure. My husband (29) and I (23) are newlyweds. We got married on 10/09/16. But have been TTC for over a year (no judgement please). We found out exactly 10 days after we got married that I have PCOS. My OBGYN put me on Metformin and I have been on it since,10/19/16. I had a AF 2 weeks after that (10/30/16), which lasted a week of extremely heavy, clotting, and some painful cramps. I was so exited when 2 weeks ago my OPK was finally positive. I TRIED SO HARD not to get my hopes up but I did (darn AF and pregnancy symptoms being the same). I took a HTC test yesterday morning which was negative. I am so frustrated that another month has gone by with no positive HTC. We have been TTC for over a year now. When will this end?

  • It happens when you stop worrying about it and when you least expect it to happen. Enjoy your marriage and try not to stress about it. Nothing can grow in a stressful environment. πŸ™‚ I was the same way. I, in some ways, gave up on trying to conceive and when I stopped stressing and worrying and testing I found out I was pregnant. I’m now 35 weeks pregnant with a girl. It can happen, just relax, enjoy the practice of conception.
  • And no I was not on any medication for pcos. I got pregnant naturally.
  • Idk. I conceived my daughter naturally but we’ve been trying for 26 months now with no luck. Baby dust. Eventually you just expect the negatives and keep going with your life. When you stop worrying about it it’ll happen they say. Idk 😐 but I guess for me it’s different cuz I already have a kid we worked so hard for in the first place. She’s our miracle. But it’s a lot harder this time around. Emotionally. I can’t even look at my daughters past baby photos without crying my eyes out. Baby dust to you. Hoping you get a little miracle as well
  • Been trying with my husband since we got married in August 2012, so it’s been about 4 years and 4 months now for us. I was on bc and metformin for a year and just went off both in July. My doctor said give it 6 months and if I’m not pregnant to come back. January will be 6 months so I’m seeing some sort of fertility aid in the near future. Stay strong and be positive though. It may be an uphill battle but have hope.
  • Hubby and I have been trying for 2 and a half years, just started metformin this cycle.
  • 8 Years here and still trying to be hopeful but it is so hard. Just started on metformin and found out I had PCOS about a month ago 😭 it will happen for you
  • I’m sorry but I absolutely hate when people just say “relax” and it will happen. Because that is not necessarily true for everyone. It is possible that you could need more intervention with meds to be able to conceive. Bur just give it a little more time and if nothing happens try the next option. It took us 9 rounds of meds, 6 failed iuis, and 3 years before our first round of ivf was successful. I’m not telling you that to discourage you but just relaxing is not always enough and you could need more help from the doctors. Just don’t give up. I’m 37 weeks tomorrow and There was a point I thought it was hopeless. Good luck!
  • Why hate some advice that did not work for you? It may or may not work for her,if she needs further treatment or whatever it takes, then by all means do what you have to do. I’m happy for people being able to conceive that want to conceive no matter the measures they take to do so.
  • Because usually with an underlying medical condition like pcos, endo, sperm issues what ever it may be, medical treatment is necessary and telling someone they just need to relax and let it happen is misleading and not usually effective.
  • It worked for
    Me and I indeed have pcos. But whatever. Sorry it didn’t work for you and you seem upset that you had to take extra measures. Not my fault. Good day ma’am.
  • And I also mentioned that IF other measures had to be taken then by all means take them because that’s what I would do to become a mom. I guess you missed that part though.
  • Please get tested for insulin issues before continuing metformin. It’s only INTENDED as an insulin sensitizer NOT a fertility medicine.
  • As Emily said, if you were just given Metformin without proper testing, nothing good will come of it. You’ll get the side effects (which btw are not fun), but no benefits. And it’s dangerous to take a drug you aren’t needing.
    The only reason it helps with PCOS patients is because a lot of us — not all, but a lot — have insulin resistance. So if you DO have IR, and take it, it may help with your PCOS symptoms because insulin tends to take lead with hormones. If it’s out of whack, other hormones will be, too. Get your insulin under control, your other hormones may balance out.
    It is not intended as a fertility drug. It’s not a cure-all for PCOS. So please make sure your doctor isn’t putting you at risk by taking something you may not need.
  • What Emily and Brandi said πŸ‘†πŸ»πŸ‘†πŸ»Also, OPKs aren’t the most reliable for those of us with PCOS (I believe it says so on the box) — maybe try BBT, you may have better luck with that.
  • Get a Clear Plan Easy Fertility Monitor and test sticks off Amazon and stop using worthless ovulation tests. Better for us gals with PCOS…much more accurate!!!!
  • My ex husband and i tried before we got married in 2005. We went through fertility treatments and was told I’d never have a child on my own. We miscarried in January 2006. Found out i was pregnant in April 2009 after being on Metformin and losing weight. He’s now 7. Then in 2015 i had my last son. There is hope! Don’t feel discouraged.
  • I needed the inspirational stories as well to continue to have hope. Thank you ladies.
  • it took me and my husband 3 years of actively trying (though many years before that of not preventing) and 2 miscarriages until we got our miracle baby this year in feb.. shes now 10months old and im currently 15 weeks pregnant. hang in there hun try not to let it consume you (easier said then done) xx
  • 14yrs trying here an still not giving up! Oh i want to but i want my baby in my arms so much more.
  • Feeling the same way today and am also 23. Nothing to do but keep your head up and keep working towards our goal.

When I will get pregnant? So embarrassingΒ 

  • I’m trying for 3 years… Same here sis.
  • My first one is 12 yrs and my second one is 1 don’t lose hope miracles do exist. β™‘
  • Count me hear 7 yers and i have soo much hope in the lord so just cntnue waiting the lord.

Anyone else’s jealsouly just gone way past that now and all you feel is just hurt and heart broken and a little bit angry when you hear someone else is pregnant. Is that just me? A friend is 2 months pregnant after a month of having a “clean out” as they had to end the pregnancy cause it was in her tube. Don’t get me wrong I am so so Damn happy for her, she deserves this. Just sent me a vid of the babies heart beat and I’m broke .. I just can’t no more. I have no home of my own no more, no job ..litrally no hope. 😭 hurting so bad as I have to pay for the ivf or IUI anyways due to me being with a girl. NO IDEA HOW I AM GONNA GET THOUGH TONIGHT.

  • I went through a spurt where every time I logged on to Facebook I swear there was a new pregnancy announcement. I would just burst into tears and start yelling at my husband about how they weren’t even trying and they didn’t deserve it like we did. But I just started thinking about how I would feel if people were like that to me. Not legitimately happy for me.. I would be heartbroken.
    I did renew my faith and I did learn to actually be happy for people. I started feeling such joy as if I had found out my sister was pregnant or something.
    Well, I feel like that was the turning point for me.
    I am now 5 weeks 4 days along. πŸ€—πŸ’•

I’m curious if any of you who are not pregnant ever feel random fluttering in your abdomen? I feel like I’m going crazy since I’ve felt it a lot lately. Can anyone share some insight?

    • Like gas?
    • Not like gas at all
    • Mine are like muscle spasms or sonething. They can ve felt by others and some times seen. Its soooo creepy
    • I agree with you! Almost like little kick or thumping. It’s hard to describe but I know you’ve felt it too.
    • I’ve had that happen and it’s a pretty cool feeling. Nothing like those first flutters of a new baby, though.
    • I have no kids but i feel it all the time, i cant wait til its a baby in there moving around
    • Me! I feel it these past few days. It felt like a quick sharp or like small pinching in my abdomen. My period will be on Dec 13
    • Yes I get this a lot. Definitely not pregnant but at times it feels like I’m being kicked!

Update I’m 12 weeks one day pregnant. Yesterday I was in the emergency room due to dizziness and nausea and almost vomiting had a really bad headache that was lasting for nearly 24 hours and wouldn’t go away with Tylenol. When they first took my vitals my blood pressure was 139/80 which was a little high then they made me pee in a cup and my pee was a dark yellow. They hooked me up to an IV and had me lie down then they took my blood pressure again and it dropped to 113/65 my issue was dehydration and pregnant. But me and baby are fine we are both doing well.

  • Carry around a big water bottle to keep track of your water in take. I have a 24 oz bottle I carry with me to keep hydrated.
  • It really helped me and reduced my headaches I was getting a lot at work.
  • Ginger tea in the morning for headaches gas nausea.
  • Its pretty common for women to get dehydrated especially when they didn’t know they were pregnant. just make sure you drink lots of water and gatorade!

When you log onto Facebook and you see 3 post of couples that have just had a baby and then you see 2 new post of couples that’s have announced that they are pregnant, and then you have people who are posting about their baby bumps or gender reveals….and here I am just sitting here feeling sorry for my self and jealous of all the people who have or are having children. I know that it is not up to me but up to God…but I still feel like I have failed to be a woman. Sorry for just a depressing comment…I just had to vent. Feel free to delete if admin wants.

  • Right there with you.
  • Same! your not alone !!!
  • My best friend face timed me to tell me her and her husband are pregnant and I couldn’t even hide how sad I was. Everyone has their bundle of happiness brought to them on a silver platter of good genetics and we are here working against odds in hopes of being that happy. I’m sorry but if we have to diet and do all sorts of crazy things they should have to atleast take a “fit parent” test.
  • My sister did the same thing to me after she lied and told me they weren’t trying. I cried for 6 weeks.
  • This is why I’ve unfollowed almost everyone on Facebook with babies and/or a uterus. Would delete Facebook if I didn’t need this group to help me cope and also so I can be around other people that know what I’m going through. Sigh.
  • I’m not trying . But my friend is do pregnant from some guy she hooked up with her dating site. She said to me a few months it’s not the end of the world if you don’t have kids s. Thinking about ending the friendship. Can’t deal with her shit no more . And she’s not divorced yet. My party girl cousin I like to call her a hoodrat is pregnant too. I literally had to comment on one of her posts with her and her baby daddy fighting. Told them they need to grow the fuck up and deal with it or get fixed .
  • It piss me off caues I will most likely have a a hard time too .
  • When I want to start trying for kids.
  • I go through phases with fb because sometimes all the families and babies and pregnancy pictures just make me cry. Thank God for groups like this.
  • Same here.
  • Tell me about it i feel the same xx
  • You are right dear. It’s all up to God. It will happen some day. I was right where you are some years back. God surprised me. I wish you strength. It’s not easy waiting.
  • Loose weight…eat healthy…n u wii sure become pregnant soon…best of luck…be positive.
  • Jealously is a natural feeling. It’s a process youre going to go through. I love hearing others falling pregnant, however when I see females pregnant with kids already, and they haven’t the care of those kids. For whatever reason, that boils me. It’s stupid because they have their reasons but it’s sad because they are so infertile! I wish you all the best Hun.
  • This is me every day 😞 I have broken down in the middle of stores just at the sight of little babies.
  • I know how you feel, your not alone, I have wanted to be a mom at age 13, no luck got the best husband going on 16 years but only have my furry baby I love him so much he is my baby. The bad thing is that I have not had a menstrual cycle in going on 13 years so I don’t ovulate so my dreams of being a mother will not come true, the only thing they have found so far out of everything we tried to make me have a cycle and ovulation it actually stops my ovulation but it makes me have a menstrual cycle is birth control everything else was my Dr has trying has not even work so I’m at a loss here but I do send lots of baby dust to everybody and my God be with each and everyone of us on our TTC Journey.
  • You are far from alone on feeling that way! I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 27, and my husband at the time left me a year and a half afterwards. We hadn’t done any fertility treatments yet, but after we got divorced obviously I wasn’t ttc anymore πŸ™ Then a few months after our divorce was final my ex got his 20 year old girlfriend pregnant. To say I was completely devastated was an understatement! Now I’m 38 and engaged to be married and very happy, but I still cry after I leave baby showers. I am happy for my friends when they tell me they’re expecting, but deep inside I wish it was me. It’s totally normal to feel the way you do
  • My ex husbands wife is pregnant. The other week I picked up Mr 5 and Mr 5 gave the wife a cuddle, then her tummy a kiss and a cuddle saying ‘bye Rosie (bubs alleged name) I love you’
  • Cut like a knife.
  • Facebook posts aren’t a true picture on life though. I had a baby this year and I don’t put up the parts about all the tough things that come with being a parent. I only post about the positive. You could spend your life wishing it away thinking someone else has it better than you when they might think you have it better than them.
  • Comparison is the killer of joy.
  • Yes you are not alone.

34 weeks pregnant with PCOS – please also note I’m in Australia so medicine names are different and so are brands.
I have had a cold since Monday, it started with a sore throat, which then led to the blocked an runny nose, now I’m at the chesty cough and I can’t deal with it. My chest is burning, everytime I cough I pee myself a little, I’m also throwing up from the phlegm in my chest.
Can someone please help me get rid of this cough/phlegm situation. I honestly feel like this is death and I can’t breathe properly.
How have you guys gotten rid of your coughs while pregnant.?

  • I’m not sure if safe while pregnant. I think so but i would defiently check first.
    But i would simmer a little eucalyptus in mostly water. Or same thing in a diffuser if you had one.
  • Eucalyptus is safe while pregnant (the last 5 weeks at work I’ve been cleaning sticky stuff off shelves with it) but I don’t own any. I’ll have to go and buy some.
    Thanks for the suggestion. I don’t have a diffuser.
  • I often use a pot to simmer as i said. Works well πŸ™‚
  • Steam & vicks!
  • I second this
  • If your coughing up phlegm maybe go to your doctor because it could be a chest infection. I’m in NZ & had a damn chest infection for my own wedding last weekend! Try Vicks on your chest, or on your feet & put socks on. You can use Sudafed but not the PE version too 😊 I haven’t tried this but apparently cutting an onion in half & putting it on your bedside drawer while you sleep helps too 😊
  • Β I think it’s just all the extra snot that’s now in my chest. The lady who gave me the cold from work went through this 3 days ago. She told me the pattern and I’ve stuck to it, so I know I’m at the tail end of the sickness. I just can’t breathe properly and it’s making me throw up – that’s what I’m concerned about. Bubs doesn’t like me being sick at all. I know how you feel! I could handle feeling like there were razor blades in my throat, but when I couldn’t breathe properly my husband took me to the hospital – I was so worried about bubs so they used a doppler & all was fine, bubs was the same as yours! Didn’t like it a single bit
  • Tegan Storey I just called the maternity ward and spoke to a midwife and asked what I should do and she basically fobbed me off and said panadol and sleep. I said “when is it too much and I need to come in” and she replied with “it’s a GP situation not a hospital situation” I then followed with “even if I’m constantly throwing up, can’t breathe, my temperature is raised I’m still not to come in” and she said “no, not even for raised temperatures and shakes” which I think is a load of shit because a raised temperature is so harmful to a baby and if I have the shakes I’m getting worse. I’m asking because I feel like death and I’m trying to seek help instead of ignoring it. Yes I understand it’s a cold, but when is it too much that I need to see someone.?
  • If you need to go to hospital, then I say do it! I can’t believe your midwife! Mine ignored me, after 2 calls & 2 texts so I took myself in, then got in trouble because I should’ve told her! πŸ™„. If you have a raised temp, go in! They can’t turn you away, that could potentially be bad news for bubs & if your shaking that’s your body saying that you need help. Your midwife sounds like she’s trying to shake you off. It may just be a cold, but remember your a mumma & you need all the rest you can get for bubs & yourself! xx
  • Tegan Storey that’s the thing – I’m almost 35 weeks and was told at my last appointment that bubs is in position and ready to come out so expect it at anytime. Now I know they say that too a lot of people but to say to a heavily pregnant woman to not come in with a raised temp, that’s ridiculous.! I’m not a doctor but that’s putting bubs and myself at risk.
    I’m going to take my temperature, jump in the shower and then take it again. Try and get some sleep and see how I feel when I wake up.
    Bubs isn’t liking me being sick at all and doesn’t like me showering either which I find funny πŸ˜‚ as hubby and I both love showers.
    Thanks for all your help, I’ll keep you updated πŸ™‚
  • I hope your temp drops a little so you get some relief! Being sick & pregnant is awful, it takes your body so long to get back up to 100%! Keep me updated!
  • Tegan I’m from NZ too 😊
  • Another NZer! Hey Sarah 😊
  • Β Haha yes 😊 are you pregnant?
  • I am! 20+2 😊 are you?
  • Yup. 33 weeks 2 days. Is this your first? And do you know what you’re having?
  • Call your obgy hun, they would have something to give you If it’s this bad.
    My obgy would always tell me if I get really sick to call.
    Also up your vitamin C and zinc intake to help your immune
    Shit weather so I hope you get well soon ( Sydney)
  • I’m in Perth and it’s been sunny 20 degree days but the house is constantly cold as we have tiles and I’m just over it. Normally I take cold and flu tablets and 3 days later I’m fine. It’s been 6 days and I’m dying.
  • Options are pretty limited but obgy can give you antibiotics if your really bad, they’ll give you a lower dose for a shorter time so see your obgy sooner rather than later
  • Marcela Montenegro I just called the MFAU (maternity) unit at my hospital (I’m going public so I don’t have a OBGYN) and she basically just said to see my GP and take panadol. I even coughed and threw up while on the phone to her.
    She said even being pregnant and being sick with a cold – even if it’s the flu doesn’t require a trip to the hospital even if the shakes and burning up are present. Which honestly I would go into for, especially being pregnant.
  • Sleep and panadol is what she said and something called limsip.
    I thought you can’t take limsip and Panadol together, if you buy it ask the chemist
  • Says see your doctor if pregnant.
  • Do you have a good gp you can see?
    Or wait a little and try calling back and hopefully a different midwife answers the phone and is more helpful.
  • Marcela Montenegro my GP only works mon/wed/fri and I don’t feel well enough to drive to see someone else. Hubby is at work and well in laws around me don’t have a licence, or a car or will even bother to help me because they are too concerned with their own lives and helping others when all we do is help them (haha a little rant)
    And my parents and family are an hour drive away and that’s a bit too far to call to go to a chemist.
    I might have a warm shower, try and sleep and see how I feel when I wake up.
    Thanks for all your help.
  • My OBGYN hasme taking Mucinex (Guaifenesin) 1200mg Extended Release. I’ve had a terrible cough for over a month. It’s an extectorant, so its helping me cough up the phelgm. Also, Flonase has helped the nasal congestion.
  • Breathe steam it helps a lot!
  • Fellow aussie! Definitely try steam and a eucalyptus based lozenge/cream (like Vic’s). Also speak to the pharmacist, they’ll be able to tell you what is and isn’t safe during pregnancy. I’m pretty sure some cold and flu medications are safe but don’t quote me on that. There will at least be a cough medicine for you
  • Try putting vicks on your feet and socks over them, dont know how it works but worked for me.
  • I live in New Zealand. I’ve had pneumonia and a cold/chest/ear infection since about 19 weeks (currently 33 weeks).
    Anyway, mucinex is safe. Vic’s for your chest. Panadol. Hot lemon honey drinks. And if it’s gone on for longer than a week-week and a half or you’re having trouble breathing, go to your doctor.
  • Hi hun. i would reccomend you go to the hospital. if its affecting your breathing you may need antibiotics. if you dont believe its too bad pls go see your gp. u can usually take antibiotics while pregnant with the guidance of your doctor.

Has anyone else used the genetic test called panorama test?

  • I’ve done the harmony test which I think is almost the same? It’s genetic testing done between 10-12weeks. I’m in Australia so could just be named differently.
  • I did. All came back good for me and they told me I was having a boy. Everything was right. ☺
  • I did.

15-4 DAYS.
I BROKE NEWS 2 CLOSEST FAMILY THAT WE ARE HAVING A BABY BOY. AND MY SO JUST TOLD ME HE DON’T WANT 2 GET 2 EXCITED… πŸ™ I SEE HIS HAPPY EVERYTIME WE CHECK ON . BABY… BUT I just asked him … your sister is asking me what we going 2 name baby and his response is I think it’s 2 soon …fpr us 2 think about that .we never know what it will happen 😭

  • Honey we all react differently.
    Has he lost before?
    Tell him how you feel. Men get scared too.
    I’ve lost before and we named him. We all handle things differently.
  • No lost. This is our first pregnancy .
    And hoping and praying .
    That doesn’t happan
    Yes I talked 2 him about it .
    And how I feel 2.
    How far along was you when you lost your baby sorry 2 hear that πŸ™
    13w3d last year.
  • Sounds like me. I can’t get too happy after my miscarriage in Jan. I feel it’s going to go south anytime. I’m taking it day by day. No name chosen yet. I keep on praying for strength both physically & spiritually. I pray every day to St. Gerard. I hope to get over this fear soon & start enjoying my pregnancy. We are just starting off, we are 7w4d. Our 1st child is 15yrs old and our Angel who I lost at 11w in Jan. I would say, give him time. I need time.
  • Yes definitely is very hard .
    Specially after suffering miscarriages. I am very sorry for your loss and will be praying for you .(: πŸ™‡β€β™‚οΈ
  • I was exactly like this with my son. It’s because I was scared and nervous. It’s true you never know what could go wrong but even when you try not to think that way it can be hard..he may just be really nervous.
  • Yes is very nerve racking you didn’t suffer any losses ? I just hope and pray everything it turns out perfect and healthy little one!
  • I had a loss but that was very very early on like 5 weeks. I had that loss in December of 2015. Then conceived my son and he was born December 2016 and now I’m due with a baby girl in November of 2017 and everything looks good with her.
  • My husband was the same way. Now I’m 23 weeks and he is over the moon. We also had had 7 losses prior to this so he wanted to be extra careful
  • Oh my 7 looses i am very sorry .
    Was it and early pregnancy, did doctor figure out what was happening? Congrats on your bundle this is it for you.
  • I was the same way. 10 yrs ttc. And 2 miscarriages im 26 weeks now and barely at a point where im excited and we named our lil man. The anxiety of what may happen will never go away untill he is actually here safe and sound.
  • Yes hoping and praying for you but I know you made it girl . No worries enjoy rest of your pregnancy. I remember you told me you had a blood clot disorder which it was cause of your miscarriages. I promise you will have your baby in your arms healthy little one.
    Also where you misccary was it early miscarriage on first trimester . Or second trimester. What was your systems when that occur.
    So far I need 2 be on pelvic rest . And and have 2 be careful with my Placenta Previa.
  • My husband had gotten like that too after several losses…you have to teach him… No matter… No matter how many weeks… days… months… You celebrate your blessing… That is something I had to teach myself… Every day brings you closer… wishing you a beautiful pregnancy and birth

15-4 DAYS.
I BROKE NEWS 2 CLOSEST FAMILY THAT WE ARE HAVING A BABY BOY. AND MY SO JUST TOLD ME HE DON’T WANT 2 GET 2 EXCITED… πŸ™ I SEE HIS HAPPY EVERYTIME WE CHECK ON . BABY… BUT I just asked him … your sister is asking me what we going 2 name baby and his response is I think it’s 2 soon… Fpr us 2 think about that. We never know what it will happen 😭

  • Honey we all react differently.
    Has he lost before? Tell him how you feel. Men get scared too.
    I’ve lost before and we named him. We all handle things differently.
  • No lost. This is our first pregnancy. And hoping and praying. That doesn’t happen. Yes I talked 2 him about it. And how I feel 2. How far along was you when you lost your baby sorry 2 hear that:(
  • 13w3d last year
  • Sounds like me. I can’t get too happy after my miscarriage in Jan. I feel it’s going to go south anytime. I’m taking it day by day. No name chosen yet. I keep on praying for strength both physically & spiritually. I pray every day to St. Gerard. I hope to get over this fear soon & start enjoying my pregnancy. We are just starting off, we are 7w4d. Our 1st child is 15yrs old and our Angel who I lost at 11w in Jan. I would say, give him time. I need time.
  • Yes definitely is very hard. Specially after suffering miscarriages. I am very sorry for your loss and will be praying for you .(: πŸ™‡β€β™‚οΈ
  • I was exactly like this with my son. It’s because I was scared and nervous. It’s true you never know what could go wrong but even when you try not to think that way it can be hard..he may just be really nervous.
  • Yes is very nerve racking you didn’t suffer any losses ? I just hope and pray everything it turns out perfect and healthy little one!
  • I had a loss but that was very very early on like 5 weeks. I had that loss in December of 2015. Then conceived my son and he was born December 2016 and now I’m due with a baby girl in November of 2017 and everything looks good with her.
  • My husband was the same way. Now I’m 23 weeks and he is over the moon. We also had had 7 losses prior to this so he wanted to be extra careful.
  • Oh myy 7 looses i am very sorry. Was it and early pregnancy, did doctor figure out what was happening? Congrats on your bundle this is it for you.
  • Thank you. It was due to a thyroid issue as well as a clotting disorder and PCOS. All which my OBGYN refused to check me for when I brought up all the symptoms to him. All except the last were very early on. As soon as the line would turn blue I would start to bleed it felt like. Finally after the final loss and holding my baby in my hands I begged my doctor to send me to an infertility specialist. He did 47 viles of blood and and ran all these insane tests and found out the causes. I was put on metformin, and Lovenox and baby aspirin and I am now 23 weeks with my son.
    My husband said to me at one point after my last mc that the sound of heartbreak and devastation that I made when it happened is a sound that will haunt him as long as he lives. It is never something he ever want to hear again because it shattered him to pieces. So this pregnancy he was very cautious. We wouldn’t talk about the baby, tell anyone about the baby not even have sex until I was 12 weeks. As soon as I reached that point he started to come around. But it wasn’t really until we found out what we were having at 17 weeks that he completely opened up.
  • I was the same way. 10 yrs ttc. And 2 miscarriages im 26 weeks now and barely at a point where im excited and we named our lil man. The anxiety of what may happen will never go away untill he is actually here safe and sound.
  • Yes hoping and praying for you but I know you made it girl . No worries enjoy rest of your pregnancy. I remember you told me you had a blood clot disorder which it was cause of your miscarriages. I promise you will have your baby in your arms healthy little one.
    Also where you misccary was it early miscarriage on first trimester . Or second trimester. What was your systems when that occur.
    So far I need 2 be on pelvic rest . And and have 2 be careful with my Placenta Previa.
  • My husband had gotten like that too after several losses…you have to teach him…no matter..no matter how many weeks…days..months…you celebrate your blessing……that is something I had to teach myself… Every day brings you closer… Wishing you a beautiful pregnancy and birth.

Had my final OB appointment today before baby is born. They said my bp is slowly rising. I had preeclampsia w my son. I also am gbs positive. I have a migraine something awful and has been hurting me all day long. Can I take Tylenol or is it a no no?

  • Tylenol is okay
  • I had migraine, felt like a panic attack and BP was getting high…. preeclampsia
  • Totally take Tylenol. If it doesn’t go away go into L&D.
  • Molly Calvo thanks ladies. I will take some Tylenol and hope it helps. My nose has been running all day and one eye has been running also. I need some relief. I’m 38w2d btw if you were wondering. I have 6 more days til baby will be here (csection) so I’m praying she stays in there until then because idk if they will stop my labor.
  • Hospitals won’t stop labor once you reach 36 weeks.
  • That’s why I’m hoping this Tylenol works because I do not want to have her right now.
  • If you’re only 38 wks why was this your last appointment?
  • Nevermind I just read why.
  • Hehe!
  • It’s been a long day my 5 year old is now home from school all day for the summer (I’m not sure if he’ll survive till school starts again) he’s testing all my buttons and I have a 6, almost 7, month old that now has 2 teeth but all he wants is boob in his mouth and won’t sleep except if I’m holding him. My brain has stopped reading full comments and post apparently and I have to go back and reread thing a few times to get what they say….. I think I need sleep.
  • Anne-Marie Bridger been there!! My 4 yr old does that to me. Idk about the boob in mouth thing. When he got teeth that had to stop lmao!! Bless your heart! May the force be with us all πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  • Β My first didn’t get teeth till 9 months and I dried up at 5.5 months (I am IR and I didn’t know it so I wasn’t treating myself. Now I am so I have lots of milk). He’s bit me twice and I’m starting to think how am I going to make it another 6 months and how do i get this kid to take a bottle.
  • Careful migraines are linked to pre-eclampsia… if your vision changes call the dr!
  • So far so good. If my vision changes I’m gonna be nervous coz I’m a 4 eyes anyway πŸ‘“
  • Goodness lol good luck mama!
  • Thanks mama!

Does any one take four 1mg folic acid tablets a day?

  • My midwife recommended that on top of my prenatal vitamin, that I take four extra folic acid or folate pills.
  • I got scared for a minute four pills shocked me when I picked up my medicine.
  • Haha. It’s a water soluble pill so whatever you don’t need your body will get rid of.
  • I think that’s the correct term.
  • I took 5mg for 12wks for this pregnancy as my son has spina bifidia occulta.
  • I was told by my OB and high risk doctor that the next time i want to get pregnant I need to take 4 folic acid pills on top of prenatals 3-4 months before I get pregnant and through my pregnancy as My daughter I’m pregnant with has anencephaly

I had my 20 week scan today with my 3rd baby. Doc said he thought everything looked good but couldn’t get good pictures fue to busy baby and still being really low. He is sending me for a 2nd level scan to get clearer pictures with a high risk OB. Has anyone else had to do this but everything be ok?

  • Β Can I ask what kind of placenta you have? I’m thinking this will happen to me too next week.
  • He didn’t say. He just said placenta looked really good. It was really visible.
  • Β Oh okay. I have my gender scan on Monday so hopefully everything looks good! I bet you will be fine and same with baby they may just need a clear picture of certain things since being so low.
  • He said he couldn’t get good pictures of brain because of baby being so low
  • Oh I had that happen with my daughter. When she was flipping around, I have to get another 2d scan and everything was just fine πŸ™‚
  • Thank you Christina Soule. πŸ™‚ I think that is what will happen. Just nervous.
  • No I totally get it. Right now I’m nervous because everything is in front of baby so I can feel much movement. Scares the daylight of me. Totally understand and I’m on my 3rd too! πŸ™‚
  • That’s how my second was. I hardly felt her up until my third trimester. Her daddy never felt her at all.
  • Yeah this one I can’t feel much. And it’s like every other time.
  • With my second. She was always non stop. We also had a high chance of having a trisomy 18 baby so they paid closer attention to all her vital organs. We actually didn’t know if her fingers were going to be fused together till she was born because she was so stubborn. But everything looked good at the second ultrasound. She’s 2 years old now and was born at 38 weeks. She was small other then that she’s been healthy.
  • Chances are baby was bouncing around. Avoid sugar all day before your scan if possible.
  • Thanks girls. I am sure it will be nothing but I am just not used to him sending me to someone new. With my second baby, she didn’t want to give good pictures. He just waited a few weeks and looked again. This time he is sending me to a high risk OB.
  • That’s what happened with our second because my OB didn’t have the proper ultrasound machine. This time the midwife did the same. He probably just wants to make sure.
  • He has mentioned in the past that he didn’t have a qaulity ultrasound machine so this crossed my mind. Thank you πŸ™‚
  • I feel my baby is still low too so i hope in 2 wks they will give is some good shots….
  • I feel every movement way close to my pelvis. It is so odd.
  • Yup and i feel like i have to pee constantly
  • Oh me too! I can actually feel baby kicking my bladder. I hope your pictures are clearer.
  • Currently going through something similar. Have had two ultrasounds already for the anatomy scan. After two tries, they’re now sending me to a high risk OB center to see about getting clearer pictures. They’ve told me that they want to have better images of her heart chambers and to see blood flow. They’ve assured me again and again that they have no reason to believe anything is wrong and that they just aren’t getting clear enough pictures with the tech that they currently have. So I’m simply believing that everything is fine. Haven’t had my appt with the high risk OB just yet.
  • He assured me too. I trust him and don’t think he would hide anything. I am hoping everything is good for you and I both.
  • Yes I just went through this. Had to go for a second scan an he is so low and very busy. All turned out great. No issues.
  • Did you still see the babys gender?
  • He told me he thought baby was a girl but not to go with that until next scan.
  • I had to do this too last week due to the baby being low and me being overweight I had to go to a high risk ob for ultrasound
  • I am also overweight, by quite a bit. This makes sense to me.
  • Unfortunately I have to go back when the baby is bigger since they couldn’t get all the measurements either.
  • We waited with my second to see more as we couldn’t get good measurements with her either.
  • That’s what confused me this time. Instead of waiting, he wanted me to go on to the high risk doctor to have another scan.
  • Sounds odd to me my boy was deep in my pelvis and crazy active we still got this pic i was 110kg not a small woman everything looks good with my boy maybe their ultrasound machine isnt very good.

    PCOS pregnancy ultrasound
    PCOS pregnancy ultrasound
  • He has told me in a previous pregnancy that his ultrasound machine wasn’t a stronger machine.
  • A level 2 ultrasound is just a long amount of time. It’s giving the techs the time to do what they need to do and to look more closely at baby. I have had them done because our first son was born with a hole in his heart and that runs in my family. The OB knowing that the techs need more time to investigate that section she just sends me for a level 2 then a regular one so the tech has the time to get to see what they need to see.
  • Just an update: this ultrasound was a much more detailed ultrasound than my regular doctor’s ultrasound machine is capable of. I enjoyed all the pictures. Everything looked good but the high risk doctor has decided to keep me as a patient for a bit longer just to keep an eye on baby’s growth as I have high blood pressure issues.

Ladies, I’m just curious… What are your thoughts on caffeine during pregnancy?

  • I can’t drink coffee due to it making me sick so I usually have a small 8oz glass of coke or pepsi If I get a caffeine headache. My DR seems fine with it.
  • I’ve heard a small amount is okay but I try to avoid it all together. I’m very paranoid lol.
  • Studies have proven that 2 cups a day is safe.
  • Under 200mg
  • No.
  • Limited amounts
    For instance chocolate has some and I wouldn’t go out of my way to avoid it. Though I wouldn’t just go have multiple cups of coffee everyday.
  • I’ve read that the American pregnancy association says 200mg or less a day is safe.
  • Under 200mg but follow what your doc says.
  • I drink coffee. Have with all my pregnancies. My babies are just fine😊
  • Doctor said I’m better off drinking my coffee then having Tylenol…I do a cup more like sips in the morning and I’m good.
  • I’m not pregnant, but obviously I’m trying lol. I was just wondering. I know there are mixed opinions out there! Thanks for the input ladies!!!!!!!
  • I def want to drink coffee.
  • I give up coffee while TTC. For my son, it was our 9th IUI and I gave it up cold turkey after drinking 1/2 caf and I got pregnant. So I like to think it was keeping me from falling pregnant sooner.
  • I couldn’t have had it if I wanted to. It made me soooooo sick.
  • 1 can of coke per day is just fine. And if you are unfortunate enough to have migraines throughout, it is encouraged.
  • I drank coffee everyday during my pregnancy. I stayed under the recommended 200mg which my dr said was okay.
  • In moderation πŸ™‚ I can’t function without it most days.
  • I’m not planning to stop drinking it. I have one cup of coffee in the morning and that’s all I need. It’s under the recommended mg per day, so I’m not gonna sweat it, and I’d get a monster headache without it.
  • I quit drinking soda but I do have 1 cup of coffee in the morning and when I get preggo I don’t plan on stopping that unless it makes me sick. Lol.
  • Definitely stick to under 200mg.
  • So long as it’s limited your fine.
  • I wait until my third trimester. And even then, it’s sparingly.
  • Thanks so much for the input and help ladies!!!!
  • No for me it’s just another drug.
  • I’ve given it up and switched to decaf (but has to be done with the Swiss water method) and only one cup a day. Today is day 3.
  • I give it up in the first trimester and stick to one cup of coffee a day max the rest of the time. I don’t drink soda so coffee is the only place I would get caffine.
  • I couldn’t stomach anything until my third trimester but at that point I was ok with one cup a day. I usually drink more than that but not while I was pregnant.
  • I allowed myself only a small cup of coffee once a day. I drank water exclusively. Sometimes juice.

Are digital pregnancy tests reliable?

  • They are reliable but for example the clear blue digital you have to have 50miu for it to show positive so you can get a false negative if your testing before you have enough hcg for it to pick up.
    First response digital is 18miu so if you want to test early with a digital then they are the best.
  • Β Thank you❀
  • I just know avoid blue dye at all costs.
  • Β I like blue dye! Lol. Only clearblue blue dye not the store brand blue dyes. But first responose does require less hcg so they do work better early on

Another pregnancy announcement at church and it isn’t mine. 😭😭😭

  • A friend Just announced a few min ago and all I wanna do is Cry! This will be her 2nd her first is still in diapers.
  • I know how you feel. Friends of mine at church got to bring their baby home today. All I could do was cry.
  • My friend came to church for the first time with her baby on the day I was sharing a testimony about my miscarriage. Needless to say, it made an already tough situation a bit tougher. It’s so hard when you’re happy for them but still working through things for yourself.
  • Sometimes we have to rejoice in others even when we feel pity on ourselves.
  • Awww. Don’t worry. Your time will come. πŸ™πŸ½
  • Ex co-worker that already has 1 kid & intentionally seduced a married co-worker to leave his wife is now pregnant by him. She used to complain about how much she hated her post pregnant body & how much she hated pregnancy & that she’d never have another kid…..can’t stand her.
  • My cousins baby that she had with a boy she was with only 2months is turning 1 soon & wouldn’t you know his bday the exact day between mine & hubbys. She just posted about him saying momma the first time πŸ˜–πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­
  • My baby sister just told me she was expecting her third.
  • I mean, I’m SO happy for people who can have babies, I just really want it to be me.
  • Sticky baby dust to u all.
  • I know 3 people who had a baby last week, 2 of them the same day. 😩
  • Hang in there darlin! It’s so hard another girl from our church just announced her pregnancy this week too and found the need to announce it to me before she ever told anyone else. I am excited for her, still wishing I could join her this month or next or anytime soon really, lol. But bless their family and praise God in advance for yours!
  • I feel ur pain…just saw in one of my groups a women who is upset because she is pregnant and her husband had a vasectomy the other day so they wouldnt get pregnant again but yet she is already a few weeks along and hasnt told him.
  • I mean, I’ll taje her kid πŸ˜‚πŸ˜’
  • no kidding like wtf!

Is it possible to get faint positive pregnancy test then negative blood test ? 😭😭😭😭

  • Yeah… cause it could have been an indent line. That’s what happened to me.
  • It was positive on 3 tests yestarday and today.
  • Do you have pictures??
  • Yes this happened to me last year!
  • What were your actual blood test levels?
  • They don’t tell us 😞
  • Don’t you have an online portal to log in and see test results?
  • Can’t remember anything since it’s been a year, so I just emailed them.
  • Following.
  • I did, but it was because I’d lost the baby.
  • I did but I had a chemical pregnancy. Did they do a hcg quantity? Which would tell you levels of hcg of a quanative which just says yes or no. If it’s under like 50 hcg/miu it will say negative so I’d ask if there was a number.
  • They did hcg 😭 I’m doing a test in the morning and if it’s not darker then I know for sure what’s going on.
  • Fingers crossed.
  • So my test that I just took looks to be darker, praying for the morning to be darker 🀞🏻🀞🏻🀞🏻
  • OMG praying for you! How many dpo are you?
  • Yes especially if you use a frer and don’t wait 3-4 days to go to the dr. You can also have a chemical.
  • I had the same in March but unfortunately it was chemical pregnancy πŸ™
  • Yes. Just wish you’re not pregnant at all than to have chemical pregnancy cause it hurts so much.
  • Well my test didn’t get any darker the morning 😭😭😭😭 and I would be 10 dpo today

PCOS pregnancy test

  • 10 dpo is really early girl… Test again tomorrow.
  • You should just wait until you miss your period. I didn’t see a line on your other tests from yesterday either, but it could just be too early! The line should be clearly pink if you are pregnant, I think that’s the danger with testing so early.

Anyone have a false Home pregnancy test? But was still pregnant ..

  • I tested a week in a half before I went to the dr nd it was negative πŸ‘ŽπŸ½. I told the dr i was having stomach pain he did a blood test nd it was positive.
  • How far along were you (or dpo if you know that!) when the doctor got the positive?
  • I think I was about 3 weeks but i had a miscarriage at 6week.
  • I’m sorry for your loss. I’ve been there. I only ask because my last pregnancy (which I ended up mc) I tested at 12 dpo and it was negative. Went on vacation and spotting the entire time which was odd. Came back at 17dpo and got a positive. I mc at 5w2d. I wonder why our levels didn’t climb?
  • I took two different tests that were very faint and my friend swore a digital was the best, but it came back negative and confused me even more. I ended up getting a blood test which was positive and ended up miscarrying the very next day.
  • Β I got 2 at home negative test when i was pregnant. Ended up in the ER where i took a negative test yet again. They ended up doing a CT scan and figured out that I had an ectopic pregnancy.
  • Β Yes just showed up and I’m about 8 weeks.
  • Β Do you have any pictures of your first test? I am only 4 days late but that is so weird for me! Took one test, negative.
  • My mom never tested positive with urine tests. Always had to be blood pregnancy tests. She had 4 kids. Also had PCOS.
    She had super irregular periods and didn’t find out she was pregnant with my older sister until she went to the doctors at 3 months pregnant. My dad was actually the one to suspect it and that’s why they went in.

PCOS & Insulin Resistance

Any natural remedies for insulin resistance instead of metformin?

  • My doctor said eating healthy, cutting out carbs and exercising would help a lot. She kept stressing carbs.
  • Don’t eat carbs.
  • It’s impossible not to eat carbs as everything but meat has carbs.
    How long have you been on metformin?
    Inositol kinda works in the same way but it doesn’t work for everyone.
  • Meat and green veggies. That is all i eat.
  • I had to eat healthy and lose weight.

Does anyone else get really sick from taking metformin? If so what helps to calm that? I work with food and it’s so hard to take the metformin and smell that food I cook without getting sick πŸ™ and I keep getting off the meds cuz I can’t handle it.

  • Are you taking extended release? It makes a difference. I had to avoid carbs to keep from having issues.
  • Me too! I took mine with protein of some sort in the morning. I usually had a carnation instant breakfast and whatever I had time for. That helped me a lot.
  • Are you just starting metformin?
  • Yeah it’s the extended release. And I take it before bed but I still wake up really sick
  • It will take some time for your body to adjust. How many mg did you start with.
  • 500
  • Take it before you begin eating your dinner so it can filter through dinner. I’m not a doctor, but it seems like your blood sugar might be dropping.
  • I’ve started and stopped a few times in the last year. But I’ve stayed on it for 2 months and the side effects never decreased.
  • Try taking it at dinner time. Yes extended release can be taken at bedtime but it’s still recommended to take with food.
  • Yeah I usually take it within half hr of eating dinner.
  • What’s your diet like?
  • Trying low carb but some days don’t go so well. I really don’t eat much though.
  • Is there anything I can eat to try to calm it? I don’t always eat supper so not sure what to do those nights.
  • Take b12 with it, and try really really hard to eat regularly. That’s a lot of the reason why you’re feeling so sick. Especially if you’re insulin resistant.
  • I’ve been on it for 3 weeks, the nausea has subsided but still have diarrhoea- I’m working up to 1500mg current on 1000mg… it’s important to start off low and then slowly work your way up to higher dosage.
  • I been taking it for 5 years and still have days im feeling sick and being sick. You just have to be careful what you eat and when you eat.
PCOS insulin resistance
PCOS insulin resistance

Y’all….metormin is bout to kill my ass. Literally. An good nausea/dia remedies y’all swear by?

    • Mint gum for the nausea.
    • Cutting carbs is the only thing that helps me.
    • I took a probiotic with it and that REALLY helped!
    • Cutting carbs helps me a lot!
    • It legit kills me!
    • How much are you taking at one time? When I took too much – bad news… cut down – no probs.
    • You need to go slow at first, I was supposed to take 500mg once a day at first then twice a day and then 1000mg in the morning and 500mg in the evenings and then finally 1000mg mornings and evenings.
    • I have the 500 mg/day – dr told me to do 2000 mg/day … I decided to do 2-500 at one time – chills, fever, aches, diarrhea- I went back to 2-500 per day.
    • It took me almost a year to get up to 2000 a day. Start with smaller doses. Definitely eat half your meal, take it, then finish.
    • I was thinking about doing them through out the day – I chickened out after that one time … it took me 24 hrs to bounce back.
    • If you eat cleaner. You won’t have the side effects. Cut back on carbs..grease..etc and you’ll be fine.
    • Try chai tea with honey or ginger tea with honey.
    • Lower carbs and time for your body to adjust.
    • Take it with food and it will last for couple of weeks only.
    • You need to work up slowly. 500 a day for a week. Then 1000 a day for a week etc. it will suck! Preggie pops help the nausea and I like dollar generals gel capsule anti diarrheal’s. They work wonders.
    • Nauzeen tabs are a must. And limit your carbs and sugar for sure.
    • Gravol.
    • Peppermint tea.
    • Thank you so much ladies! I’ve started to cut back on carbs, which sucks because both me and my bf LOVE cooking and eating eheh. But yes, I will totally take y’alls recommendations!
    • If I eat bread at all, I end up in the bathroom. I’m learning what I can’t have on Metformin. You will too.
    • Sadly eating no carbs or sugar. I don’t know how long you’ve been on it but after a while your body will adjust and you’ll be able to tolerate sugar and carbs eventually, just not a lot.

PCOS & Insulin Resistance. I really need some help with trying to loss weight. HELP please.

  • Low carb high fat of some form works well for most of us.
  • IS there a specific name I can follow or examples?
  • Ketogenic diet, 20 pounds down in a month and such nice food that you don’t feel deprived.
  • Keto, Atkins. Paleo can be adapted to be low carb. If you search google or Pinterest for low carb recipes all sorts of results will pop up
  • Basically with low carb you try to avoid: Grains, so breads, pasta, rice, corn, etc. Fruits of all kinds. If you crave fruit berries are best in moderation. Root veggies, so potatoes, carrots, turnips, sweet potatoes. You eat lots of meat, above ground veggies, cheese, butter, olives, nuts, olive oil. Etc
  • Are root veggies good or no?
  • If your doing low carb, they are a no no. They tend to be higher on carbs
  • You should to have diet made with a nutritionist and go in for sports with a suitable pulse πŸ™‚ I think so.
  • Sadly most nutritionist have all the old information where carbs are good and fat is bad. They also may not understand insulin resistance. For those of us who are insulin resistant it’s the opposite. Carbs are bad and fat is good.
  • Even after all I know, it is still hard to accept that fat is good since we have been trained for so long that fat is bad. It’s like being raised in a cult religion and being finally set free but being unable to unlearn the old ways. πŸ˜‚
  • Lol that’s a good way to put that.
  • There are nutritionist who specialize in diets for PCOS. I’ve found a couple in my area.
  • I said most. Not all.
  • Yesssss. I find that they don’t even understand PCOS let alone Insulin Resistance. So I figured I would seek some additional help and support from people who truly understand.
  • Here’s a site filled with all kinds of information.
  • Have a look at the book “the period manual” it’s fantastic x
  • I have been on Keto since October and already lost 60lbs. I am insulin resistant, I have PCOS, & an under-active thyroid. Just make sure you do it right. Make sure you are educated. Make sure you take a daily vitamin. There’s a few awesome low carb groups on Facebook.
  • I love keto-adaption group
  • I’m not in that will. I will have to look it up. πŸ™‚ my main is Low Carb and losing it.
  • I’m not to educated on this stuff but been looking into dieting as well! Did you cut out dairy too?
  • I did personally because it stalled me and I later found out I was allergic.
  • High fat high protien diet.
  • I heard doing low carb, high fat, & high protein “doesn’t work.” What have your results been Bonnie Ann because I’m very interested. On the weeks that I do higher protein, high fat, & low carbs, I lose more than I would doing moderate protein.
  • I drink soy milk with protien shake… they say soy is bad but i started my period for the first time in god knows how long! I also make half my plate cooked veggies! Cooked kale is my fav… i eat dark chocolate 70% or higher… for my sweet craving… i try to make better choices more protien… the first two werks i lost ten lbs but when i got my period…. i got off track… im sure u can understand lol… put on a new pair of pants… which i wear by waist measurement well im down two inches but during my period i gained back 4lbs! But still down two inches in my waist… protien ive noticed helps me feel fuller and curbs my carb craving… i believe u said u were insulin resistant which i am too… i found that the high protien helped me regulate!
  • Awesome. Thank you for your advice. I will stick to the higher protein and see how that goes. I love higher protein. I feel so much better.
  • I drink that $14 protien powder and soy milk… a lot of pcos girls say no no no to soy… but it has something that mimics estrogen which is why its bad for men… i drank ate well two weeks later it was like christmas! I had my period!
  • Keto diet.
  • Everyone is different. You don’t know until you start plugging into your own equation. If you don’t loose weight fast don’t stress out about it. It’s a process. Education is key. Read and read and try different things until you find what works. Don’t give up. It’s hard but not impossible! Low carb high fats seems to work for everyone. Nothing processed or prepackaged. Just start trying
  • If you’re hungry, eat. But be realistic. No junk. No chips, no candy, no crackers, no sweets. Eat meat, veggies. Cook with good fat like real butter and coconut oil.
  • Drink more water. Cut out soda. Baby steps. Exercise helps.
  • The keto diet is working amazingly for me as well.
  • I went to the doctor for this yesterday and she told me to literally only eat grass fed meats and vegetables. Also only drink water.
  • Nothing with sugar what so ever because it is poison to our bodies.
  • She told me to do that and you will see a huge difference.
  • I found this book really helpful, and since following it I’ve definitely felt better, had more energy, sleeping better, etc. I haven’t weighed in yet to see if I’ve lost any weight though, though I do feel less bloated.
  • I’m doing the 17 day diet and then I’m switching to keto! But I will be checking out the Insulin resistant book mentioned above!!!
  • Well basically if you can follow 160 gram carbohydrate diet you are a winner.
  • Just watch how much carbohydrate you are having for breakfast, snack, lunch, tea and dinner time.
  • This 160 gram carbohydrate should be equal for the 5 times meal. You can find tables on google of how much gram each ingredients has. Basically forget white flour made pastries, breads, rolls and have whole meal bread/roll. Forget sugar(and sweets and chocolates) and have eritrit, xilit, sucralose, stevia as sweetener. Fruit wise, you can have fruits and vegetables but not for breakfast or dinner as they fasten. Try to have 2-2.5 liter water a day! You can have meats, especially white meat ( turkey and chicken) and lots of fish, seafood etc. Forget pastas, you can have pasta once a week and try to have durum pasta. Rice wise only basmati rice and brown rice good for us. Try to get Merckformin if you can’t lose weight, my dose is 2000mg / day. I follow rules and take merck since 3 months and lost 15kg already and 3 cloth size ( I was UK 20 and I’m 14 now) It’s really hard, but try. Ah and I don’t do any gym what so ever.
  • I went to a dietician a week ago and she told me to do low fat, hi fibre and low gi but nearly everyone on here is saying the complete opposite. I’m so confused now.
  • Low glisemic index and low fat would be hard to do. Low gi means the foods that are gonna spike your blood sugar the least. Well that leaves out all the grains. So you need to get your energy source from somewhere which is fat.
  • Unfortunate I have had the same issues. I saw two nhs dietitians and I was eating clean. They told me to stop and eat pasta potatoes.they don’t look into our condition they just treat it like diebetes.I was having chicken with salad for lunch she told me to have half of a small chicken breastfeeding and add some pasta.and for tea I was having salmon with veg.she told me to cut out half the veg and have potatoes with it.they only think of a valanced diet when that doesn’t work for everyone.try things.if they don’t work for you try something else. Good luck.
  • She actually gave me a heap of information on pcos and it had that a low fat diet is the best diet. I just have no clue and I have no idea what to eat.
  • I should really check my spelling and turn the predictive spelling off lol apologies
  • That’s okay I understood!
  • Me too.
  • Insulin resistance is not diabetes! We can still have fruits ( obviously not grape) and vegetables and meats etc. We just need to be careful how much and what type of carbohydrate we are having.
  • Smaller portion 5 times a day helps you not to starve.
  • Unfortunately insulin resistance is not so common then diabetes and dietician may tell you exactly the same information what they tell to the diabetic people however that could be wrong.
  • Have you seen endocrinologist? They know exactly what your problem is.
  • Insulin resistance is a diabetes precursor. Controlling the insulin resistance to the best of your ability will prolong the journey to diabetes. Fruit are a Nono.
  • You can have fruit just not for breakfast or dinner when your insulin works the worst. Obviously fruit doesn’t mean 1 whole melon. 1 apple or 1 orange or 1 clementine for snack and you need to take something slow with it. Your food intake needs to be organized and planned. Your insulin has no sense of time. You could eat a three am snack and your insulin will still work the same way at a 5pm dinner time. Im not arguing. You say what your doctor says I say what mine here in Hungary. Have a good day
  • Keto diet.
  • Gonna follow cuz I’ve just been losing it the unhealthy way. Coffee and water all day and only eating dinner.
  • Try paleo diet.
  • Keto.. lost 42 pounds in 3 months.
  • OK, so how can we do this when my daughter (who has PCOS) is anaphylactically allergic to beef, pork, lamb, dairy, egg, tree nuts, and gluten (that’s the only one that works here). HELP!!!
  • Chicken? Fish? Olive oil, avacodo, above ground veggies.
  • Yes, we do do chicken, fish, and turkey, but there are only so many ways to prepare it. She hates avocado, squash, not a fan of leafy veggies – I can’t think of others right now to try? πŸ™ (she’s 14 – tough age!)
  • I would advise to speak to your doctor as I did the low carb high fat diet and before my bad cholesterol was normal and after it was high. Always speak to your doctor before anything as everyone is different.
  • I started KETO 4 days ago and I’ve Lost 4lbs I know I’m new to it and early days but it’s working and o feel great.
  • Your body is going through an adjustment period. Your bad cholesterol may go up but after a while it will level out and become normal.
  • Another question: I get the low carb for the insulin resistance, but why high fat? Even “healthy” fats like avocado and olives – don’t those eventually cause heart and cholesterol problems and/or pack on pounds?
  • No they don’t cause heart problems or cholesterol problems. They high carbs do that damage.
  • Fat and protein is broken down slower then carbs do so more is used for energy and less is stored as body fat.
  • Can you please explain this to me more? If it is broken down more slowly, wouldn’t it need to be stored until it can be used for energy (ie: stored as fat)?
  • Maybe he can explain that better then I can. But since it takes more time to be broken down into glucose more is used as fuel for the body. It’s like your body is on a lazy river. Blood sugar wise. When you eat carb heavy your more on a rollercoaster of blood sugar so you feel those highs and lows. Hence why you may want a nap after eating a carb heavy meal.
  • Hmmm…I recently went full-on vegan to try to support my daughter (a BIG switch from the meat-cheese eating lifestyle I’d had for years). In the process, I also cut out simple sugars and refine carbs, but went full-on with complex carbs from whole foods/plant-based meals. On my previous diet, I felt a roller coaster of blood sugars but on this vegan diet, I feel great! Even though I’m consuming a lot of carbs, they are complex carbs (not simple refined carbs) – is there a difference between the 2 for PCOS? Why does a PCOS diet lump the 2 together (ie: like sweet potatoes, onion, beets, etc as just as bad as bread, pasta, etc)?
  • To the body carbohydrates are carbohydrates.
  • Sorry to keep bugging with questions: what are some above-ground vegetables that are considered OK besides squash and leafy greens. I’m assuming beans, peas, corn, maybe tomatoes – those are all bad??
  • OK, I found some on this list (but radishes and onions are below ground – lol!)
  • Green beans are ok. Corn is a grain so that’s a no no. Tomatoes you have to be careful with as they can be carb heavy. Cucumbers, broccoli, cauliflower.
  • Yeah, I saw that on the list: several kinds of squash (cucumbers and Zucchini) = she doesn’t like squash – ugh!!!
  • You could look up the Atkins induction phase approved food list and go based off that.
  • U have to do what fits ur lifestyle best but I’m on profile by sandford. And I’ve lost almost 20 pds in less than a month! I have PCOS, insulin resistance and hypothyroidism. It’s an awesome program. It sounds expense but after you take away eating out and all the extras it’s about the same amount of money. Plus if u get ppl to sign up u BOTH get free food. I’m telling u this program is awesome πŸ‘
  • Is this available in Australia?
  • I went to my.gp yesterday about the same thing and he told me to go carb free and eat plenty of protein and fat and excersize.
  • Me as well.
  • First rule: cut down/Away ALL carbs! Always carry carrot or cucumber Sticks in your purse/bag for when that Little sugar-demon appears.
  • Carrots are high in carbs like many other root veggies.
  • Yeah but these carbs are Better Than the ones in yoghurt or other snacks- i’m studying nutrition and health so i I Know what i’m talking About.
  • Yes, this is what I want to know. From my post above: Hmmm…I recently went full-on vegan to try to support my daughter (a BIG switch from the meat-cheese eating lifestyle I’d had for years). In the process, I also cut out simple sugars and refine carbs, but went full-on with complex carbs from whole foods/plant-based meals. On my previous diet, I felt a roller coaster of blood sugars but on this vegan diet, I feel great! Even though I’m consuming a lot of carbs, they are complex carbs (not simple refined carbs) – is there a difference between the 2 for PCOS? Why does a PCOS diet lump the 2 together (ie: like sweet potatoes, onion, beets, etc as just as bad as bread, pasta, etc)?
  • Beets and onions are okay cause they have a high level of minerals and essentiel vitamins… stay Away from all kinds of potatoes! Use lots of beans(kidney, chikpeas and so on in stead of potatoes- These Will help maintaning a good bloodsugar-level… I recommend making vegetable-spaghetti instead of wholegrain- you can buy a slicing-tool for making vege-spaghetti… πŸ˜„ I dont Know whether there is a difference between the 2 types og carbs especially for pcos- just that you should try your Best to consume complex carbs if any.
  • Thank you! This is more in line with how we have been eating. I was concerned because Atkins (recommended above) discourages beans, seeds, and legumes (at least initially). Without those, we would have very few sources of protein to choose from. I would think complex carbs are better, in general, than simple ones. I’m curious about your statement to stay away from all kinds of potatoes as I’ve heard that sweet potatoes are better than white potatoes? I think I need a personal nutritionist -lol!
  • I recommend to stay Away from all potatoes because of the natural High level of starch- which in the body is transformed to simple carbs! 😣 if you want potatoes of Any kind in your daily foodintake then cook them and Eat them after they have cooled completely- this Will “turn-off” the starch’ bad carb effect.
  • I follow a plant based diet. While most people say high fat low carb mine is typically the opposite. While I did eat meat the diet that helped the most was Whole30 or following a Paleo diet. I can not stress how important some form of physical activity while eating better is. You have to move. You have to move. YOU HAVE TO MOVE. You also have to love your body, flaws and all. Write down your expectations. Set attainable short term goals to keep you going. And remember you aren’t everyone else. It might take you a year to lose 10 pounds it might take you 2 weeks but stick with it. It’s for your health. Also, drink water. Lots and lots of water. 3 liters if you can. I’m a long way from my destination and it took me more than a decade to get this mentality down. You got this!
  • I’ve been successful with a ketogenic diet. It’s the only thing that worked for me. I’m able to stay off metformin and control my blood sugar with it. I eat less than 20g of carbs per day. Which is literally NO carbs. I eat non-carby veggies (leafy greens, mostly) and meat. I eat dairy, but I don’t seem to have any issues with it.
  • For me, Paleo is the best. It really works! It helps with hair and skin issues.
  • How do you do keto diet?