PCOS Pregnancy Experiences (Pregnancy Stories)

In this post lots of PCOS pregnancy experiences and stories. Is is possible to get pregnant with PCOS? That is possible but not easy. There are some pregnancy experiences with PCOS.

So here’s my story! At 8pm on june 30th I checked into the hospital to get induced for high blood pressure and stress test not coming back the way Dr wanted. I was 38 weeks 6 days. I was dilated at a 1 and 70% thinned. At 9:45pm they put a pill up inside behind my cervix at 1:45 am they did the pill again. Started getting horrible contractions 30 seconds apart at 5am but cervix was only a 2 and 80%.. And then the pill again at 6:45 am. Contractions stayed the same. I got an epidural around 9am I believe it did not work they redid it around 10am still didn’t work redid it (and tried other ways twice after that so 4 times I had to redo it. ) So I was still dealing with the contractions and going nowhere. Then I finally dilated to a 3 and my Dr broke my water contractions got even worse after that (this was one of the times they tried getting the epidural again) and they said I wouldn’t deliver until 10pm because I wasn’t progressing. I got to 4cm dilated and after that happened I was at an 8 an hr later ( this is the last time they tried the epidural) they were gonna pit a spinal block in instead but ten minutes after being at an 8 I was at a 9 fully thinned out and They wanted me to push. And then the Dr said she was face up so I had to push while she was turning her around and that was no fun! So I ended up pushing for 1 hr and 9 minutes and she was here! Dr said if she didn’t turn her I would have been pushing for 5 hours to get her out so I’m glad that wasn’t the case! The nurse I had was very rude made me feel like complete garbage and worthless! She was horrible! Only person in the room that wasn’t about encouragement! I was crying at one point and she told me to stop crying, this is labor if I didn’t want to feel this pain I shouldnt of had sex and I need to be a woman…. She was very rude! I had a few complications during labor and after delivery but all is well! Baby girl is healthy! And even though what I wanted got ruined because my body rejected it, and it hurt like hell lol, I’m kinda happy I got to experience vaginal birth with no pain meds…I probably wouldnt do it again though lol. And I’m the first person in my family to deliver vaginally! So that was exciting!

  • Congrats Hun, she is adorable.
    As regards to the nurse – I would 100% put in a complaint with the hospital. I would try and have a witness to go along with what was said.
    She is working with women and men who had sex, and are having a baby – that should not be said at all.
    Good luck Mumma ❀️
  • Thank you!
  • Agreed. I would have told her to leave the room! Seriously.
  • Congrats on the little one. I would absolutely put in a complaint about that nurse though!!! That is absolutely uncalled for and unnecessary!!!! Labor hurts. There is nothing wrong with crying. Also, just because baby is face up doesn’t mean it would have taken that long to push her out. My first was face up and was born face up after less than 15 minutes of pushing.
  • I’m glad you and baby are ok! She’s gorgeous! ❀️
    As for that nurse, definitely file a complaint with the hospital. I curse like a sailor and the choice words I would have had for her would have been fairly extreme under those circumstances. My mother in law was a labor and delivery nurse and I’m sure she would have a few choice words for her as well which is one of the main reasons I want her present at the birth. Absolutely unacceptable.
  • That’s when people like you and I wish this was us in her shoes just to give that nurse a taste of how we are. I dare a nurse to treat me like that. Oh lord help her lol
  • Congratulations.
  • Congrats and definitely do put through a complaint, giving labor really hurts and everyone tolerates that pain differently, I didnt cry but my cousins did, absolutely nothing wrong with it! She shouldnt be a labour and delivery nurse if she cant sympathise with you and understand why you may be crying. Your girl is gorgeous!!
  • 1) congratulations and INCREDIBLE JOB!
    2) wtf is wrong with people?! She needs to be fired… and slapped in the face lol
  • Congratulations, she is beautiful! πŸ’–πŸ‘ΆπŸΌπŸ’– and well done you for doing it the natural way WITH no pain meds!
    Sorry you had such a cow of a nurse! I’d have been telling her to get out if she spoke to me like that! How rude! I would definitely speak to someone about it at the hospital because that’s just so wrong! X
  • I outright swore at my nurses twice & they were still completely supportive, encouraging & attentive. Definitely lay a complaint, someone treating you like that in such a moment is completely out of line.
  • Congrats and report that bitch they have no right to speak to you like that.

I consider myself lucky because I’m 11 weeks and haven’t gotten sick at all moments of nausea here and there but that’s it a lot of times I just don’t want to eat or forget to eat and when I do eat all I want is five year old.
Food lol PBandJ grilled cheese sandwiches mac and cheese fruit no veggies apple sauce yogurt etc. before I got pregnant I lost 30 pounds eating really well and now I just feeling like I’m screwing that all up but I know it’s better to eat then not to.Anyone else have a five year old diet? Lol

  • I seriously have been surviving off fruits and pasta. Today I was able to stomache homemade nachos. I lost about 40 lbs before this pregnancy. I am feeling the same way.
  • Me!! lol I lost 70 pounds before I got prego, now all I want to do is eat everything I didn’t eat before 😭😭
  • Omg I’m so glad I’m not alone lol πŸ˜‚ I felt so weird all I can handle is carbs and sugar which is the antithesis of what I need to be eating:$ trying to eat fruit instead of sugar (at least it’s natural sugar lol)
  • Chocolate and i dont even like chocolate 😭😭
  • Same!! I never eat chocolate haha until now.
  • I get so grossed out everytime I eat it. I asked my partner to get me chocolate and he was like whaaat you dont even like it. And he’s right. I can’t stomach it most of the time but I want it.
  • How interesting!! I said I wanted egg salad the other day which I HATE luckily
    I came to my senses before my hubs made it lol.
  • I’ve been wanting so many things. For example chicken tacos, my mouth was watering just thinking about them and as soon as I started boiling the chicken and could smell it I got so sick.
  • I was the same today with tuna. I wanted a tuna sandwich so so so bad and then as soon as I opened it I couldn’t handle it so I threw it away haha.
  • Chicken and eggs are the WORST for me.
  • My oldest wanted hard boiled eggs yesterday. I couldn’t get rid of the smell.
  • Eggs, peanut butter and bananas are all no no’s for me haha
  • Yuck :$
  • I have been craving pineapple and Mac n cheese!! But I have morning sickness…had it sense about 7w. I’m currently 11w2d!
  • Omg I’m Sorry! I have had such bad stomach issues the past I was positive I would get it but I was wrong so far!
  • I’m the same way. Last year I was 278 pounds and when I found out I was pregnant I was 212 but all I can stomach is Mac and cheese and pb and j too everything else sounds just nauseating. I try to eat as healthy as possible and I don’t throw up but the nausea is crazy I just can’t stomach them.
  • It makes me feel better to know I’m not alone lol even sometimes with the five year. Old food half way through I’m like 🀒 done
  • Im the exact same way haha before I could easily eat a bowl of Mac and cheese and a whole sandwich but now I’m lucky if I can eat half of either. I get full so easily now!!! But you definitely aren’t alone here.
  • And I’m 9 weeks.
  • My midwife likes to refer to the first part of pregnancy as the survival stage. Eat what you can, when you can. Baby is getting everything they need from you.
  • I love that! Makes me feel a lot better.
  • It made me feel so so much better when all i was eating was cereal and fruit.
  • My dr said I need to up my iron in my food intake so my husbands like oh there’s a lot of iron in cereal and I’m like HALLELUJAH I’ve missed cereal.
  • For me it’s pastas (spaghetti-ohs), bread, fruit, mash potatoes, water, juice, cereal, cottage cheese, salads, granola bars, pudding, jello, bagels with cream cheese, & tuna. That’s all I eat…. I haven’t had any sickness at all….I’m very lucky no symptoms.. other than a couple headaches these past couple days. 10wks 3days
  • Most days I can do cottage cheese too at least it’s protein lol.
  • I’m barely 5 weeks, and all I want is carbs! 😣
  • It doesn’t get better lol❀️ I’m eating frozen grapes right now so I don’t whip up some biscuits.
  • I was like this from like 4-7 weeks! Thank God that has passed!
  • This is sooo normal and typically goes away later. However my whole pregnancy I could only do meat with a starch. I decided to not stress too much and I was fine.
  • Oh how interesting I’m glad it’s normal! I was really beating myself up for eating like this when I worked so hard before!
  • I did too and then I said screw it. Unless I started putting on a ridiculous amt I was just going to enjoy my pregnancy

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Has anyone conceived naturally and successful had baby #2?

  • Me! This baby was an absolute surprise. We weren’t trying. I’m now 26 weeks.
  • Congrats how long after your first did it take? I’m not currently trying but not preventing. I see quite a few ladies conceived naturally but not successful with baby #2
  • Well since we were preventing it took just over 3 years. But we were avoiding.
  • My oldest was also conceived naturally, took 6 months.
  • After I had my daughter I’m lucky to get it in twice a month sometimes it’s only once a month
  • Me πŸ™‚
  • I have conceived 4 children naturally. I’m pregnant with number 4 now it took us a little over a year and a half but it did happen
  • Me, 31 weeks now.. my other daughter just turned 2!
  • I have a 7 month old hoping for a another in the near future hopefully not too long from now.
  • Yes! Got my nexplanon out in Feb. Started a bootcamp, lost 20lbs, cut out carbs and we’re now 11w5d! πŸ™‚
  • And it’s baby #2. Daughter will be 3 in July πŸ™‚
  • That’s how I seem to get pregnant losing a few pounds, that’s how I got pregnant in 2015 but mc then I did it again in 2016 and had my daughter. Ima try and do low carb again but I’m a bf mom so it’s hard
  • Yep. First baby was clomid baby. This baby all natural
  • I conceived baby number 2 no problem apparently lol. My kids will be 11 months apart.
  • Twins!
  • I’ve conceived naturally for baby #3! I’m 9week1day and my youngest is 3. Drs refused to give me anything after having 3 miscarriages last year but it’s taken us a year to conceive #3
  • Congrats.
  • Thanks hun, I told my partner after this cycle I was starting birth control and bam I have a sticky baby!
  • Aww.
  • I did both time i was taking merformin for my insulin resistance.I wasnt tttc either time i got pregnant.
  • I did take metformin here and there but after pregnancy was told to stop hoping I doubt need it now. I would like for my babies to be 2-3 years apart. But how ever God see fit. Im having baby fever now tho 😣
  • Mine are 7 1/2 yrs apart.My olest is adopted at 3 1/2 He was 18 when Colin was born.my kids are 19,9 and 2 now.I was 36 and 43 when i had my last 2 bio babies
  • O my! And I’m feeling like I late on having one let alone two
  • Yup and 3 and 4 and 5 lol
  • They are 11 6,5,14 months and 4 months.
  • I did and had them 18months apart.
  • Me and now im on #3
  • Me! currently 28 Weeks! It took 10 years and fertility treatment to have my 2 year old son and the baby I’m currently carrying came all natural,18 months after.
  • We concieved naturally but sadly lost our first baby, we then had Clomid twins and now am currently 20weeks pregnant with a very surprise (all natural) baby no3
  • We struggled with #1 but #2 was a happy surprise
  • I struggled with baby #1 with a history of miscarriages.
  • I’ve conceived 5 completely naturally. 4 kiddos and currently 31 weeks with baby 5. There is space between them: 14, 12, 9, & 4. But no fertility treatments at all, and no metformin. It just happened.
  • Maca root powder!!
  • Yes even though I was also on metformin which only helps a little bit for me but it’s better than nothing
  • I had conceived 3 kids naturally 18, 5 and 3 months.
  • I’ve conceived twice naturally. I actually lost 20 lbs before getting pregnant with my first that I lost at 8 weeks 3 days and a month and a half later I found out I was 4 weeks pregnant with my rainbow little boy. 🌈
  • Awww, in 2015 I lost. 10 pounds and got pregnant and mc at 11 weeks, then 8 months later after losing weight again concived my miracle baby who is 7 months!
  • Β πŸ€—πŸ€—
  • Yes, 20 months apart. Both conceived naturally.
  • I conceived naturally but it did take some time. My daughter was 4 in April and although I conceived naturally I had the tubal test where they put a dye in and test it tubes, they said it was all fine and I had no problem. I think that flushed my tubes because I conceived right after that xxx I’m 12 weeks now xx
  • Me…it took four years of exersize, diet, pills but baby 1 came along then baby2 right after.
  • I’m on #3 and it was a complete surprise! I’m currently 16w and my youngest is almost 10m!
  • Yup. Both naturally after we were told IVF was our only option. They are 17 months apart.
  • My first one. I decided to call it quits when I turned 40. 5 years later…here I am pregnant. Will have my son at age 46.
  • #1 and #2 we needed treatments. #2 was actually much harder to conceive. But #3 happened naturally


Trigger warning (idk)

Since we all are dealing with pregnancy/infertility ect, I thought I would share this. After i was married It took me five years of trying to get pregnant, I had Three miscarriages until they diagnosed me with PCOS, and two clotting factors… then I got my PCOS under control and had a baby, a boy, then unexpectedly another, a girl, fast forward a few years and DH and i started ttc again, I fell pregnant, at 9 weeks i woke up one night with blood in my underwear and on my legs, passing small clots, i freaked and at 4am took both kids and headed to the ER thinking that i was having a Miscarriage. I didnt, i had a SCH or a Subchorionic Hemorage/Bleed. It sucks, they said basically sometimes this develops in pregnancy and that i would basically bleed for a while until it resolved. The baby looked fine. I am 11 weeks today and our little bean is still kicking. And i am still bleeding but its getting better. Sometimes bleeding happens in pregnancy, and IF it does ALWAYS get it checked out, and remain calm, just because there are clots and blood doesn’t always mean Miscarriage. Anyway I thought this story might give someone a little hope.

My mom bled all thru her pregnancy with my sister too. I’m glad you were able to get your PCOS under control. I was ttc for a year with no luck and had suffered one miscarriage the year before ttc. Yet they diagnosed me with PCOS. How did you manage to get it under control? Diet?
I’m 34w pregnant now with my rainbow and letrozole baby. We would like another and I’m hoping that one we can conceive naturally.

  • Yea a really Intense diet. No sugar no grain no processed foods, no condiments. Basically if it doesn’t have a mother or come from the ground i don’t eat it, it sucks but i dropped ALL my weight FAST and got pregnant naturally within 3 months. I allow myself one item a day not on the list in a small portion size and once a week i am allowed an additional treat as a reward fro not cheating, it really helped me and i was able to stay focused by saying “do i want a baby or this food,” this worked for me and After over five years of trying diet and working out i couldn’t lose a thing because they all wanted me to eat carbs and sugary stuff which didn’t allow me to lose the weight that way so it was super worth it to do. I also use several essential oils and blends to help regulate my hormones, for cysts/pain, and to help with my cycle.
  • As a note when pregnant and breastfeeding you cannot follow this diet. So i go off of it during those times and then re-introduce it as soon as i am done nursing/being pregnant.
  • Why can’t you follow it while pregnant or breastfeeding? It sounds really healthy!
  • I really think you should clarify that while that may be the case
    (I have gushed blood unexplained 7 times and four of them being literally gushing but they can’t explain it and this has happened from 28-35 weeks and baby is fine so far but rd terrifying)
    I think you need to edit your post to say that while in your case it meant nothing and lots of cases it doesn’t mean miscarriage that if you do see fresh red blood you should always go immediately and get checked.
    People may take your post to mean there isn’t a need unless it happens more often
  • In my OP i stated that “sometimes bleeding happens in pregnancy and if it does ALWAYS get it checked out” so i think that covers your comment. But thanks.
  • Unfortunately my SCH pushed my baby out @ 13w. It was the size of a baseball (ball). When the nurse pushed it with her finger to verify it was a clot or tissue, it broke into 2 pieces. I bled for about 2 weeks before my mc. Bright red with clots. SCH’s can cause mc. Be diligent of any blood.
  • Zoris sch is actually the name for bleeding without a miscarriage.
    Bleeding can be caused by the miscarriage but it’s an abruption if it causes the miscarriage.
    I doubt that even makes sense lol.
    I’m so sorry for your loss must have been horrible I have been through three myself and it’s just the worst pain you can imagine.
    I’m so glad to be preggo with my rainbow!
    Actually the location of an SCH has a lot to do with the outcome. Not only that, but my baby implanted low. Closed to the cervix. So when the SCH tried to bleed out, it pushed out the baby.